• DxD Get the flatnet name.

    How to automatically find the selected net's flatnet name from QuickConnectionView file Select single net and get the flatnet name Place the tky_flatnet.vbs for example to C:\tmp Select the net and type to the D...
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  • Adding TextLabel in Expedition using script

    I'm creating a script in expedition layout to add Textlable in Layout. Can anyone please let me know how to add a Textlabel in Expedition layout using VBA script Thanks in Advance Karthik
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  • Assembly and Silkscreen Ref Des rearrange

    Hi All,   we all know that in the end of the layout we need to rearrange Assembly and Silkscreen Ref Des according the component shape, limitations, and orientation. Is there any way to sort the Assembly Ref De...
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  • Automation\scripting pdf document for Xpedition layout.

    I would like to create some script Xpedition layout using VBA. So any please share me the Automation\scripting pdf document for Xpedition layout. Thanks in advance, Karthik
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  • How to add nets, net names and links from Excel information by script?

    I would like to add nets from information written in Excel by script.   The sequence of operations i think :   1. Net information creation in Excel   2. Select Symbol in Dxdesigner   3. Run scri...
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  • How to fetch the Physical Net Name in DxD within Script

    Physical Net name is different then UID, Name and Label in case of Hierarchical designs. I have tried using below:   Net.UID Net.GetConnectedNetName(seg) Net.GetConnectedLabel(seg) Activeview.GetSelectedNetNa...
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  • Automate undock via automation

    Is there a way via the automation to undock a layout to a fixed location I would rather undock the board to a fixed location under the PCB folder. This way  Ian have the PCB designer continue on his merry way w...
    created by cgoldenbus
  • Active-X error when creating a MaskEngine

    I am using Microsoft Visual Basic 2015 to write a script for Xpedition Layout.  Whenever I attempt to create a mask engine, mskeng = CreateObject("MGCPCBEngines.MaskEngine") I get the error message that it cann...
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  • How to add wait program (Script) till user press any key on dialog box

    Hello All,   i have written below script.   Sub NCDRILL() Scripting.AddTypeLibrary("MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication") 'Dim oGerberEngine ' Set the design file name 'oGerberEngine.DesignFileName = jobNa...
  • Customization help needed for dxdesginer

    I need to integrate Oracle Agile PLM with DxDesigner and i don't know much about the customization and stuff in DxDesigner. The idea is to create an Add-On in DxDesigner or a custom button in Tools menu upon which som...
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  • How to access active PCB layer information in script file

    Hello all,   How to access active PCB layer information in script file. If anyone did this then please share me.
  • Zip Project and get log file

    Hi everyone,   I want to zip my whole project, using 7zip; Zipping works fine, but I want to get a log file from the 7zip-console-application so I can see, whether everything was OK. This is my vbs-code:  O...
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  • Exporting Gerber Automation

    Is there any possibility to create a new ".gdo" layer  and assigning a particular User defined Layer to it while exporting the Gerber Output.
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  • Close variant manager by script

    Hello    i am trying to exit the variant manager at the end of a script (vbs) the script run by the dxdesigner, opens the variant manager, load some data and need to be closed (not the designer, only the&#...
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  • Attribute Object query in DxD is not working

    I have an schematic and i would like to run the Attribute query (without any selection) to get all attributes and change it as per my requirement. But Activeview.Query for Attributes is not working.   For Each o...
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  • HowTo set xDxDatabook DBC-File Path

    Hello,   how do I set xDxDatabook dbc File (see #2 in img below) via script / automation ?     I know that I can set CentralLibrary Path *.lmc File for example like this, which is stored under (#3) ...
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  • Problem in setting Variant Manager settings - ConfigFile - if the existing ConfigFile is invalid

    I'm following an example in the Variant Manager Automation manual; under VMSettings Object, Example 2-1 Settings Example.   Among other things I'm try to set ConfigFile to a certain filename.  But I've foun...
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  • How to find the Component Pin Length (x, y) in DxD

    My purpose is to get the pin length where pin is associated with any component symbol. I am trying to get the location of pin in X, Y coordinates at both side of the pin and then by subtracting them to get the pin len...
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  • Expedition OUTPUT Files- Script

    Does anyone have a script or could they make one for me that runs all the output files for instance.   Silkscreen Generator Gerbers IPC356 netlist GenCad Drill files PDF Drawings   I would like to do ...
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  • How to Set Label Font From Available System Fonts?

    I have some automation that automatically generates annotations and labels, and I am only using the Designer fonts, right now. Specifically, the fonts available using the VdFont types (e.g., VDFONT_ROMAN). I want to m...
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