• Export CCZ/CCE from Xpedition Designer by Automation

    The attached script is only verified with EEVX.2.2 With Automation, there is no direct command to run "Export ->eDxD Schematic", which by default creates an encrypted ccz file with the extension .cce Instead, the c...
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  • How to visit each schematic sheet in DxDesigner 2007.x

    Many scripts need to perform some function on every schematic sheet in a design, whether it is searching for component properties or replacing text.   If you simply need a listing of the schematic sheets in a pr...
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  • Keep Status Bar Text Active

    So I recently posted this idea (Keep Status Bar Text Active), but I really want to hear if others have noticed and been annoyed over the freezing of the Status Bar Text during long running scripts, and even the Progre...
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  • Change specific net color in Designer using Script

    Hello All,   I want to give specific color to specific net in DxDesigner. If anyone have such script then please share it with me.
  • How to Generate IPC-D-356 through automation

    Hi All,   I have done till General Interfaces dialog to open dialog ,but how to select the IPC-D-356 is not acheived(VX 2.4). Please help me how can i select the "IPC-D-356" from attached screen shot a...
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  • Annotate Pin Numbers to a symbol file from CSV file

    For large pincount symbols, we want to annotate Pin Numbers to existing and placed pins. The Integrated Symbol Editor allows to import Pin Info, but the import will always create new and unplaced pins.    S...
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  • Access to CES .Application.Tools.ObjectDefs via C# or DotNet

    Hello,   i would liket to access the ObjectDefs - object via C#. The CES automation license is installed and i can get the Ces.Application. To get the electrical nets and net classes i need a ObjectDefs object...
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  • Can I identify power nets in a DxDesigner script?

    In a DxDesigner script I would like to identify wether or not a net is a power net (or retrieve a collection of all power nets). What I have found searching this forum is "CES.ObjectDefs.Design.GetPowerNets(0)" here &...
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  • Automation Pro license not avilable

    I have this simple script written in C# Visual Studio:         static void Main(string[] args)         {        ...
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  • Adding new menu in Expedition using script

    Hello All, I want to create new menu in Expedition ( VX2.3 ) using scripts. If any one have this script then please share with me.   Thanks in Advance       Amol
  • Pick and place in Excel

    Hi, I would like to generate the x y positions of my components in an excel. I would like to have the ref des, device, Centroid x , centroid y, rotation, mirror, SMD/thru, comment (ex: Ceramic capacitor, 1u, 0402, 1...
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  • Automation Manager

    The Automation Manager is a program created to help users customize DxDesigner, Expedition, Library Manager and Cell Editor menu systems without knowing how to write the underlying code. This benefits the user by savi...
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  • How to get all open schematic

    Hi,   I would like to perform some actions but only on the open schematics.   Something like:   Dim My_Dx_App As ViewDraw.Application Dim My_Documents As Variant Dim My_SchematicSheetDocs As ViewDraw.St...
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  • Minimize a pcb application window (ActiveX exception visible false)

    Is there a way to minimize a window of a pcb layout application via the automation?   I need to create an application that generate some files from the pcb file. My app runs some vbs in the background - each vb...
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  • script.ini viewdraw - document/project

    I have a script that needs to be executed every time the user opens project (only when it opens the projects not the software) I know expedition has special definition for this scenario - "Expedition PCB - Docum...
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  • xPCB rearrange silcscreens Ref Des on PCB

    Hello, i am trying to develop application in c#, for rearrange silcscreens on TOP and BOTTOM of PCB.   Basically it should be similair to this: Assembly and Silkscreen Ref Des rearrange   I just need i...
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  • dx automation vbs get args

    Hey   I run a vbs by a button with "run <my script>.vbs" I want to add arguments to my vbs so i could execute the script base on the arguments it gets For example if the script will get execute by "X" bu...
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  • Script file extention ".exe" not registered

    Hey   I am tring to run mgcscript with a vbs script from the command textbox in the Xpedition Designer (VX.2.4) My vbs works with arguments and i used ScriptHelper.Arguments I entered "run <path to mgc...
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  • minimize dxdesigner window automation

    Hey  Is there a way to minimize a dx designer application window (not visible false) with automation?   Regards, LJ
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  • Update Mounting Holes and Vias

    Used in Cadence Allegro library translation for EE7.9.5 and VX.0. ONLY.  Not needed in EEVX.1 and beyond because the translator was fixed.   Allegro geometries can use the same padstack as a mechanical item ...
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