• Automation Pro license not avilable

    I have this simple script written in C# Visual Studio:         static void Main(string[] args)         {        ...
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  • Adding new menu in Expedition using script

    Hello All, I want to create new menu in Expedition ( VX2.3 ) using scripts. If any one have this script then please share with me.   Thanks in Advance       Amol
  • Pick and place in Excel

    Hi, I would like to generate the x y positions of my components in an excel. I would like to have the ref des, device, Centroid x , centroid y, rotation, mirror, SMD/thru, comment (ex: Ceramic capacitor, 1u, 0402, 1...
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  • How to get all open schematic

    Hi,   I would like to perform some actions but only on the open schematics.   Something like:   Dim My_Dx_App As ViewDraw.Application Dim My_Documents As Variant Dim My_SchematicSheetDocs As ViewDraw.St...
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  • Minimize a pcb application window (ActiveX exception visible false)

    Is there a way to minimize a window of a pcb layout application via the automation?   I need to create an application that generate some files from the pcb file. My app runs some vbs in the background - each vb...
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  • script.ini viewdraw - document/project

    I have a script that needs to be executed every time the user opens project (only when it opens the projects not the software) I know expedition has special definition for this scenario - "Expedition PCB - Docum...
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  • xPCB rearrange silcscreens Ref Des on PCB

    Hello, i am trying to develop application in c#, for rearrange silcscreens on TOP and BOTTOM of PCB.   Basically it should be similair to this: Assembly and Silkscreen Ref Des rearrange   I just need i...
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  • dx automation vbs get args

    Hey   I run a vbs by a button with "run <my script>.vbs" I want to add arguments to my vbs so i could execute the script base on the arguments it gets For example if the script will get execute by "X" bu...
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  • Script file extention ".exe" not registered

    Hey   I am tring to run mgcscript with a vbs script from the command textbox in the Xpedition Designer (VX.2.4) My vbs works with arguments and i used ScriptHelper.Arguments I entered "run <path to mgc...
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  • minimize dxdesigner window automation

    Hey  Is there a way to minimize a dx designer application window (not visible false) with automation?   Regards, LJ
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  • Adding TextLabel in Expedition using script

    I'm creating a script in expedition layout to add Textlable in Layout. Can anyone please let me know how to add a Textlabel in Expedition layout using VBA script Thanks in Advance Karthik
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  • Assembly and Silkscreen Ref Des rearrange

    Hi All,   we all know that in the end of the layout we need to rearrange Assembly and Silkscreen Ref Des according the component shape, limitations, and orientation. Is there any way to sort the Assembly Ref De...
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  • Automation\scripting pdf document for Xpedition layout.

    I would like to create some script Xpedition layout using VBA. So any please share me the Automation\scripting pdf document for Xpedition layout. Thanks in advance, Karthik
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  • How to add nets, net names and links from Excel information by script?

    I would like to add nets from information written in Excel by script.   The sequence of operations i think :   1. Net information creation in Excel   2. Select Symbol in Dxdesigner   3. Run scri...
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  • How to fetch the Physical Net Name in DxD within Script

    Physical Net name is different then UID, Name and Label in case of Hierarchical designs. I have tried using below:   Net.UID Net.GetConnectedNetName(seg) Net.GetConnectedLabel(seg) Activeview.GetSelectedNetNa...
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  • Automate undock via automation

    Is there a way via the automation to undock a layout to a fixed location I would rather undock the board to a fixed location under the PCB folder. This way  Ian have the PCB designer continue on his merry way w...
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  • Active-X error when creating a MaskEngine

    I am using Microsoft Visual Basic 2015 to write a script for Xpedition Layout.  Whenever I attempt to create a mask engine, mskeng = CreateObject("MGCPCBEngines.MaskEngine") I get the error message that it cann...
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  • How to add wait program (Script) till user press any key on dialog box

    Hello All,   i have written below script.   Sub NCDRILL() Scripting.AddTypeLibrary("MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication") 'Dim oGerberEngine ' Set the design file name 'oGerberEngine.DesignFileName = jobNa...
  • Customization help needed for dxdesginer

    I need to integrate Oracle Agile PLM with DxDesigner and i don't know much about the customization and stuff in DxDesigner. The idea is to create an Add-On in DxDesigner or a custom button in Tools menu upon which som...
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  • How to access active PCB layer information in script file

    Hello all,   How to access active PCB layer information in script file. If anyone did this then please share me.