• Annotate Pin Numbers to a symbol file from CSV file

    For large pincount symbols, we want to annotate Pin Numbers to existing and placed pins. The Integrated Symbol Editor allows to import Pin Info, but the import will always create new and unplaced pins.    S...
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  • Generate Design Status outside of Xpedition?

    Is there a way to generate a new design status file without Xpedition running?
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  • Automation Template for VX.2.x is available

    I've updated my Automation Template for use with VX.2.x.  I'm currently on VX.2.1 Update 6.  You can download the file from here.   All the startups are working ok.  I've verified that DxDesigner,...
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  • How to add my script in to my Expedition menu

    I have some Scripts downloaded from  mentor user forums. I want  to add these scripts  in to  my expedition menu bar, and also i want to creat separate menu in Expedition user  window. i am ...
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  • script.ini viewdraw - document/project

    I have a script that needs to be executed every time the user opens project (only when it opens the projects not the software) I know expedition has special definition for this scenario - "Expedition PCB - Docum...
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  • CreateDxDatabook Utility overview

    The Create DxDatabook utility helps users to build an mdb and dbc file, based on parts data in the Central Library.   Important note: I did NOT write this brilliant piece of software. Over the last many years, i...
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  • iCDB warning "Application disconnect detected"

    Hi All.   Then I run the script below, the iCDB issues this warning: Application disconnect detected Application [?] with PID [8456] did not close all connections to the server. Any open connections ...
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  • Expedition - Export ODB++, HLDRC6.0 and Layer Stackup Data

    Here are two examples of how to export ODB++, HLDRC6.9 and Layer Stackup data in one go from Expedition.   The attached zip file contains two files plus a screenshot. ODBppOut.vbs is a script that can be used t...
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  • How to batch setup same net via to via clearance by scripts?

    Hi, all   An anylayer PCB has so many same net clearance to set, like you see below. Is there a way to batch setup by scripts? Thanks!   
    created by ziyu.wang
  • Code for manipulation property

    Hi All.   I am new to scripting in Dx, so a need some help for task that seems simple.   On my schematics I have a symbol/component with REFDES=_PCB (this is always the same) This component has a proper...
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  • Automation using C or C++

    Is anyone using c or c++ for automation? It would be nice to see some examples of accessing the database.   Thanks!
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  • execute send to back in viewdraw

    Hey    how can i execute "send to back" on a selected element by automation in viewdraw   "send to back" - (Format -> Send to Back) i need to send a graphical box to back so it would not cover a s...
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  • Change line width of box - automation (viewdraw)

    hey   How can i change the line width of a specific box (by viewdraw automation) ? I have noticed that there is no attribute for the line width under box object    
    created by alonm11
  • How can I export viewdraw data to pdf file? (dx designer)

    I have a script that adds some elements to the viewport of the design (such as text,box etc)  The pdf file which is created by dx designer does not include the viewport data   Best regards  Alon
    created by alonm11
  • Display Info in Message Window

    I've taken the example script for generating drill files and am trying to modify it to add a message to the message window saying "Completed Successfully", I am able to have the script write the message to the message...
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  • Library Manager Partitions Search Paths automation

    Hi, I need to write an automation in Library manager that will fill all the boxes under "Setup->Partitions Search Paths" for Symbols and Cells. Somebody can guide me how to do this?   Thanks in advance. &#...
    created by adrianr
  • net connectivity automation

    Hi everyone   is there an option to create by automation connectivity between components  from the layout to the schematics?   Example: i have 2 unconnected resistors in the schematics connected (drc of...
  • Can forms be run standalone?

    Our site has several standalone applications written in HTA (in this case, VBScripting encapsulated in HTML), primarily to present information using forms.  Recently, our corporate IT group, working within securi...
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  • Force netlist via VBScript command

    Hi,   I am trying to force Xpedition to netlist a schematic as when the schematic is updated via script it does not always netlist when it is run. I saw this command in the scripting pdf: ``` Dim objSysvisAppl...
    created by zachs1997
  • Is there a way to export keyin netlist using scripts or command window?

    Hello, I want to compare two project's keyin netlist files, and the way to get those files is too slow ( it means you have to open Designer twice), so is there a better way to do this job? Thanks!
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