• Script execution in Expedition 7.9.5EE

    What is the most direct, simplest way to execute a script in Expedition?   Thanks, Marvin Law.
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  • Testpoint Percentage Report

    I see within Expedition that one can generata a Testpoint Summary Report which lists all testpoints placed with their locations and a list of the nets needing testpoints added, but NOWHERE in this report does is give ...
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  • Cannot run DMS Desktop on IE 8; Unable to launch.

    Hello,   So, a problem has emerged where DMS Desktop will not run on IE8 or IE10 due to it not supporting Java 7, yet it is necessary for some activities.   I have installed Java 6, and I have attempted t...
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  • Why my "Auto Route" function cannot complete?

    Dear All,   Hello!   I am designing a board for my chip using ExpeditionPCB. I have drawn the schematic by DxDesigner, and then I place all the cells in ExpeditionPCB and let it auto-route all the parts. &...
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  • It annoyed me for years that testpoint can't be transfered to Boardsim

    Many years, I always tried to let Mentor deal with this issue. In 2010, I request it again and I found this issue not be solved yet. Mentor said it's of scope to my request: Traces with ICT testpoints get broken in B...
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  • Xpedition Ranking

    Xpededition Layout   Ranking  #1   It's Top-notch Place and route technology and have best of collarborative technology. If you turn to Xpedition from  anthor tool whic h also be one of ...
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  • You are invited - Xpedition World Tour 2014

    You’re invited!   Every year the PCB Forum brings Mentor customers and product experts together, delivering know-how and tips & tricks for higher productivity and more efficient tool usage. This year&...
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  • Expedition PCB. Silkscreen refdes move after locked component

    Hello, Flow EE7.9.4 I move the silksreen refdes and I 90° rotate it I locked the component The refdes of 180° rotated !   Anyone knows this issue ?   Regards   Bruno
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  • Short cuts and tips while creating footprint

    hi all,   I wanted to know if any shortcut and tips exist while creating the footprint. I also wanted to know the keyin keys to make my job easy. Please post your tips and comments regarding this issue; It will ...
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  • Expedition EE 7.9.2

    Hi. I need to download the Expedition EE 7.9.2. Could any give me a link to download?
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  • export generic AIS(insertion file) to excel file with all the columns seperated

    can some one help with that when i open it in excel iget only one big column
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  • 3D viwer in EE7.9.4. up3

    Hello all, I don't know where is the problembut I'm not able to import any 3d model during "3D cell import" process. I list my 3d model but no one is loaded.. strange.     Martin
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  • Query on CES of Expedition Enterprise

    I have a doubt in Clearacne rules and schemes of CES in Expedition, Why do we need "Minimum" scheme when it just copies the values of "Master" Scheme? Even It does not allow to assign different clearancee rule for Min...
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  • problem with cell editor

    hi,   I just installed Expedition 7.9.3 on my windows 7 machine . Once i installed, i invoked library manager and trying to create a new cell but the cell editor is not invoking. I even tried to edit the cell wh...
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  • Where to post job openings for Senior PCB Designers

    Hello, can anyone suggest a web site that I can post a job opening for Senior PCB Designer? I'm looking for a web site that is visted by many PCB designers.   Thanks, joe
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  • general  clearance rule for all non plated holes of design ?

    Hi all,   Is there a general clearance rule for all non plated holes in a design ? Some pcb manufacture want to have at lease 3-4 mm non-copper area around non plated holes in all layers, and changed from manu...
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  • Logo (drawing cell)

    Hello folks,   i want to create the compagny logo as Drawing Cell using the Cell Editor. I want the logo to apper on the copper layer and not as text on the silkscreen layer. could someone please help me with th...
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  • Best Graphics Card for Expedition?

    What are you guys all using for a graphics card in your desktop workstations for Expedition PCB design? Some of our designs are 400mm x 400mm with 32 layers and the designers say that performance suffers after assigni...
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  • What is Variant Manager in Expedition?

    Hi All,       I woild like to know what is Variant Manager in Expedition and in What way it could be used?
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  • Self Intersecting Polygons

    Wondering if anyone has run into problems with self intersecting polygons and slivers causing problems in down stream tools? We have had translation problems (into ICX for example), seen abnormalities in PI downstrea...
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