• What is Variant Manager in Expedition?

    Hi All,       I woild like to know what is Variant Manager in Expedition and in What way it could be used?
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  • Self Intersecting Polygons

    Wondering if anyone has run into problems with self intersecting polygons and slivers causing problems in down stream tools? We have had translation problems (into ICX for example), seen abnormalities in PI downstrea...
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  • How to move a cell from package to mechanical?

    hello,   Probably a newby question but how can I move a cell from package to mechanical in the LMC? to be able to place it as a mechanical part... All mechanical cells have been imported and are define as packag...
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  • EE7.9.4 - HPGL output

    Hello all, is there some way to export a hpgl file from an Expedition flow? ... standard module or existing script...   We'd like to mill some easy pcb and we need a hpgl file to convert it to G-code (in LazyC...
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  • A Site Dedicated to Discuss PCB Design Tools

    http://www.eda365.com is a site dedictated to discuss PCB design tools's usage. Nearly all of Chinese engineers and managers in hardware visit it daily. It's in Chinese but you can view it in English using Chrome's wo...
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  • Problems with generating variant placement data

    i've got great problems at the moment with generating placement data for variants. It concerns only the parts that are changed in the variant to other partnumbers. these parts just disappear when generating placemen...
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  • EE792\Stackup printed info

    Hello all, I wanted to print out my stackup... I fill in all the data (see my picture input info) and the result was different (see my picture generated file). Seems not work right or I do something wrong?   T...
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  • Is there any way we can shave pad in inner layer of pcb

    Hi,   In expedition there is option to shave pad on external layer using option shave pad.But this option will not work for inner layer. If we have to shave pad then we may have to create custom pad.   Is ...
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  • Need Expedition viewer that works

    I have been given a .zip folder containing an Expedition pcb layout,  I need a reader for viewing.   The unzipped folder contains a /LogFiles/PCBVersion.txt file that indicates the following:   Exped...
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  • about the layer rule violation

    when i'm laying out in Expedition , the multi capacitors can't get together with the report "restricted layer rule violation" what's the matter?
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  • Altium / Expedition

    Is ther anyone using Altium for the Schematic and Expedition for PCB? If so can you answer a few questions?   1. What property maps to the Cell?  Is it the Altium Footprint? 2. When I start a project fro...
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  • Lib.Manager change Upper-case of Part property name

    Hello all, have you noticed or is it known problem that after "SAVE" the library manager change the first letter of one of my Pat Property. But only the one... I defined the property "Dodavatel" in Property Definiti...
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  • 3D_viewer: Batch file format

    Hello all, what a strange 3D file model mapping is in version 2.1 of 3D viewer? I use EXP version 7.9.2. and have several same cells used in my design. In 3D viewer I need assign the right 3D model file to the appro...
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  • Cloud-Based Solution in the EDA

    Clound computing is  a hot topic today.  Everyone think how to use new concept to create bussiness.  Does EDA need Clound-based solution? How well user can benifit from the Clound?   Most of times...
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  • Did You Know @MentorPCB is Now on Twitter?

    We recently launched our Twitter feed. Follow us for the latest PCB product releases, news & events, and blogs!  http://twitter.com/mentorPCB
  • 2012 Ohio Michigan Indiana Area Special Local Users’ Group Meeting

    Ohio Michigan Indiana Area Special Local Users’ Group Meeting At the Cisco Systems, Richfield, Ohio April 25th and 26th, 2012 Good day fellow users: OMI is inviting the PADS users to this conference along w...
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  • PDF output EE7.9.1.

    Hi all, I noticed that in this version there is not a posibilities (in menu OUTPUT > PDF output) to use a nice tool to generating pdf documentation. It was easy and fast tool to generate a doc. Now there is a Dra...
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  • Windows 7 and VPN

    I cannot get Expedition to open over VPN when using Windows 7 Pro.   I get this response from Mentor and I tried it on 7.9.3 and it is not working, anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?   I tried...
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  • EE 7.9.3 What's New

    Yesterday, I have seen EE 7.9.3 What's New on the supportnet. It seems no attractive features there.  I guess Mentor may don't plan add more features to Expedition PCB until competitores roll out more powful new ...
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  • Migration design EE2007.5 -> EE7.9.2 (DxD)

    Hello all, can somebody help me with opening old design in a new version of DxD? I have converted several DxD designs without problems but with one I have a problem - not possible to load it into the DxDesigner. Se...
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