• Difference between Front-end CES and Back-end CES

    Hello, I am wondering why it is necessary to have a front end and back end CES? How can I keep the Front-End and Back-End synchron? Does the Front-End CES overwrite the Back-End CES? Should I only make changes in ...
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  • Install names are too long

    Does anyone pay attention at Mentor at how ridiculously long the program name is on your START menu in Windows 10? It's so full of useless crap you can't even see the version of the install.
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  • IO Designer - MGT pins compability

    Tell me please how easy it is to combine signals with different types in IO Designer, i.e. GND and MGTRX signals. I know about Types compatibility, but if GND signals are already assigned, it is not possible to add MG...
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  • Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.2.2 使用问题

    您好! 我的mentor软件是VX 2.2版本的。现在遇到的问题麻烦解答。谢谢! 1、原理图器件位号命名全字母时(如:UU),原理图packager时是OK的。但是在PCB 反向标注时,勾选了Allow Alpha-only reference  designators 无效。器件位号全部变成了T+数字(如:T1) 2、原理图器件删除后,在PCB里反向标注时,layout文件里的器件不会自动删除。此功能也失效了。 ...
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  • Short cuts and tips while creating footprint

    hi all,   I wanted to know if any shortcut and tips exist while creating the footprint. I also wanted to know the keyin keys to make my job easy. Please post your tips and comments regarding this issue; It will ...
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  • Library automation: How modify part data

    Xpedition 2.2 (64bit) Hi, I try to modify part data using vbs script inside library manager but it doesn't work. I open library with "Xpedition Library Manager", all partitions are unreserved. Then I launch VB...
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  • Fiducial Obstructs Round 2

    There was a previos post on Fiducial Obstructs, has there been any progress on this? I believe by using the Mechanical cell placement option for placing a fiducial, the fiducial designation within the tool gets lost a...
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  • Mounting Hole clearance set up

    I've created a Mounting Hole in Expedition VX2.4 that appears to have a clearance of 25 mils set up somewhere.  Because when I move a via close to the mounting hole the closest I can get to the mounting hole (non...
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  • Connect Tiny Net Lines

    I was talking with an Expedition user at another company a couple of months back. He was telling me about a key in "CTI", Connect Tiny Netlines that will automatically select and finish routing the near zero length ne...
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  • Physical net name in VX2.4

    1. How I can find Physical net name in property in VX2.4 dxdesigner project? 2. How to modify it? 3. the most important question: how to filter it out when the assigned name is not same with physical net name?  ...
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  • Export NC drill by each layer

    We are using Xpedition V2.5 layout for 10 layer PCB via any layer. We setup via span definitions 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5.....1-10 any so on for layer 2 to 10. When have problem about NC drill output data describes below: 1-...
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  • Gerber Output default window size setting in Xepdition

    I want to set the default of Xpedition Gerber Output Window. Drag the Contents Window because it is too small. So the way I thought is to save Gerber Plot setup file to System. In this state, however, only the wind...
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  • Reference Designators in Step file created by Xpedition VX2.2

    Hello all, some Mentor guy, could tell me why in step files generated by Xpedition VX2.2 there is not indication of component reference designator? It seems to me that there is no way to have them? As Xpedition use...
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  • Replicate component group

    Hello   How to transfer already placed component from one project to another one? on top FPGA and on bottom C&R, how to copy it from one project to another one? Schematic is the same (copied).   Xpedit...
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  • IPC-D-356 File format

    Hello. Could anyone guide me how to export IPC-D-356A format from Xpedition Layout VX.2.5 or how to import IPC-D-356B into Incam software? Thanks.
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  • Reccomendations for Security Software / settings that have minimal impact to Xpedition performance

    Has anyone run into problems with corporate mandated security software that impacts Xpedition's performance & stability?   Currently we are running Symantec Endpoint Protection.  We are experi...
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  • How can I get colour visualization of 3D DRC error.similar to 2D DRC?

    How can I get colour visualization of 3D DRC error.similar to 2D DRC?   I get 3D DRC error in Hazards explorer but I couldn't identify the violation error easily.   I am using  Xpedition Lay...
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  • User defined key bindings

    Hello all,   is it possible to create a file with user defined key bindings which I could import when I am working on the schematics? Currently there is only a general company wide file which I can not change. &...
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  • convert expediton to allegro

    anybody know is it  possible to convert the expedition 2005 or 7.9.3 layout to allegro 16.6?
    created by diwakar.nimbeon
  • Replaced part's symbol has not changed for variants schematics

    Hi, everyone, I have encountered a variants schematic view issue in EEVX.2.3. Some of my PCs can not get the right symbol view when I entered in a variants schematic. The replaced symbol has not changed but the...
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