• plane to mounting hole clearance

    Hi there,   In Xpedition PCB V.X2.5 (and also in earlier 2.xx), I have noted that the plane-to-mounting hole clearance is defined by the minimum value between:   1) the plane to mounting hole cle...
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  • PartDB.pdb file update issue

    Community_AdminXpedition Enterprise@ I am new to Mentor tool. I have got problem with one of my designs in Expedition 2.5, that I have been doing right now. It is an up issue of already existing design...
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  • Numbered rippers versus names in DxDesigner

    Hey guys, I'm new to Mentor but not new to design - our team uses DxDesigner 7.9.3. When I first came onto the team, several people warned me to be careful with rippers coming off of buses, because they can inadverten...
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  • common properties within border symbols and variants

    Hi there, I am using Xpedition 2.5 (update 4).   Is there a way to have the same property to appear twice on the same sheet (i.e. to have two instances on the same border symbol). A workaround we used is to us...
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  • I can't do the  package

    Hi guys,   I'm working in the 7.9.2 version but I can't do the package, this the log file withe error or warnings, someone has any idea about this problem and how fix? This the Log:   -------------------...
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  • A old trace and via can not be selected and deleted, anyone can help?

    In a Design we deleted an resistor. After forward annotation the resistor was deleted but a trace and via which was connected to them not! How I can select and delete this died trace and via? See attached video captu...
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  • Add Via Dialog Box with inactive tabs

    Hi.   I am trying to add a vias array in the Xpedition Layout. But I just can see the Interactive tab active. The Stitch Contour, Stitch Shape, Radial and Array tab are inactive in the dialog box. Anybody know h...
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  • Loading of database has failed Expedition PCB 7.9.2

    Hi Guys  I have a problem to sync the Schematic with the PCB.   When I open the PCB show me the next error:   Problem encountered while loading the schematic connectivity data from the common databas...
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  • built-in border symbols type in VX.2.5

    Hi there,     I noted that in VX.2.5 when creating a new library the built-in borders symbol don't have the property type "border" set. Instead, they still appear as "annotate". This means that all the bui...
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  • XPedition V2.1 - How do I click on a hazard "x" and get it to point to the object in "Hazard Explorer"

    Do I  have to set this up in "Settings"?  Please see attached bitmap.   Ken
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  • How can I modify the pad entry topology

    Hi,   How can I modify the pad entry topology in order to have a smaller trace from the pad edge to the first corner of the trace?   Because currently I have only 2 options, or a long trace until the first...
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  • Fablink Drawing extended print mismatch

    Hi there,   I am trying to print a multi sheet assembly drawing using Fablink Drawing Editor (VX.2.4).   When I create a pdf with the design I run into these issues: - the pdf is not exactly the same as w...
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  • Change part number field and update in old schematic

    Hi, is there an easy way to change the part number field of a datbook and update components in an old schematic? What would be an easy way to do so?
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  • How to export Xpedition netlist contains component value

    It is Xpedition VX2.3. General netlist doesn't contain component value. How to export netlist with value? Thank you.
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  • Java OI-API Html Docs

    Besides the documentation Xpedition® EDM Library Manual for API Developers, can anyone tell me where to find the HTML API Documentation?
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  • Upgrade VX2.5 upd2

    Hello Folks, I was just updating the tool from VX2.5 to VX2.5_upd2. And look who is back. I thought that this was a know bug and already dealt with. Obviously it is back.   What is going on with Quality co...
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  • signal routed through conductive shape

    Hi there,   I am using a conductive shape on top of 2 pads to connect them, this because it's part of a specific copper shape. The two pads are to be connected together in the netlist too. Electrically wil...
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  • more than 3x7 vias on a pad

    Hi there,   I am using V.X. 2.4 and I need to have quite a bit of vias on an IC pad. I have set up a Multiple Vias Object but that only allows me to place a maximum of 21 vias on the pad. I can place the 21 via...
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  • xDX pin number on ~PINS

    Hi there,   I am using xDX (V.X.2.4 Update 2), when placing an IC I cannot see the pin numbers only for those pin that have the active low sign. When in databook, Part View, I select the part with the assigned ...
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  • Pin already connected to net

    Hi there,   I must admit that I am bit embarrassed to ask this but.. xDX won't let me connect more components to the same net. If I try to connect 3 passives on the same net in the output window an error comes ...
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