• Xpedition Designer - change refdes in part of schematic

    Hello, I'd like to ask if there is possibility to renumber refdes numbers in schematic in specific sheets, in VX2.4. Our design has 2 partitions on one PBA, I'd like to have refdes numbers in one partition start...
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  • In Xpedition layout, when does a plane island DRC error (In Batch DRC) happen?

    In Xpedition layout, when does a plane island DRC error (In Batch DRC) happen? Please see attached screen dump for more info.
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    How to archive DxDesigner project file with you and PCB template. Every time EE sends updated file, it comes with 8 layer PCB template. Were actual PCB is 16 layer. once new schematic file comes from EE again, layer s...
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  • Updating Border Symbols for Managed Blocks in xDX Designer V2.6

    Hi,   I'm using Managed Blocks to create an overall Top Level Schematic in xDX Designer V2.6. The Managed Blocks themselves don't have any fixed border and the border setting is done for the host schematic ...
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  • Convert 2005.3 to VX2.4

    Can Mentor databases done in 2005.3 be converted into VX2.4 ?   Or must it be a stepped approach from 2005.3 to EE7.9 to VX2.4 ?
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  • Application disconnected detected - sch2pdf.exe

    Hey   i execute the sch2pdf.exe by the mgcscript.exe on a prj (VX2.4) on each variant in the design. the pdf files are exported successfully, but the Mentor Graphics iCDB Server Monitor raise error message. "A...
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  • How to control fanout via span?

    Hello, anybody know how i can automatically do fanout with stacked vias?
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  • Script.ini file subleties

    HI,   I'm building custom toolbars for both Xpedition Layout and Designer. I've found that I can simply add my script paths into the script.ini file, so they are run on program launch.   I've noticed that ...
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  • Differential pairs not recognized in Constraint Manager

    Hello!   I have a board with several differential signals. When I opened the Xpedition Constraint manager I noticed that Xpedition does not recognize some of the differential signals. See below. You can see the ...
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  • Databook Search for keywords

    I remember something in the trainings, but I cant seem to find it. My company uses Xpedition with a databook containing all approved parts. I need to find a barrel connector, but no combination of >=, =, <=, !=,...
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  • How to add User defined Layer in Script file to generate Gerber

    Hello All, Iam creating Script file which will generate Gerber Files. But i want to add some User Layer in Gerber files but iam not able to do this. Can you please let me know how to add user-layer into Gerber scri...
  • Netlist Comparison

    Hello All, Is there anyone have script or any other thing  for Netlist comparison.
  • How to Convert from Pads 9.5 to Xpeditionn Vx2.4

    Please share the document to convert from PADs 9.5 to Xpedition Vx2.4
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  • Chip Embedding support and copper inlay

    Hi there, is any possiblity in Xpedition to route board with embedded chips? I just cant find way around this. Ive managed to just draw area where chip should be and made some vias to "noting" DRC is not happy at all...
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  • Migration from Cadense Allegro 17.2 to X-ENTP VX.2.7

    Hi, I am very new to Xpedition platform and installed X-ENTP VX.2.7 (64-bit) in my windows 10 PC. I have an old design in Cadence Allegro capture 17.2 and now I have to migrate to Xpedition and modify the design. Plea...
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  • Complex via - Net name assignment for shielding

    How to assign net name for vias defined in shielding of complex via (In single shot)?
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  • GitHub Version Control

    Has anyone ever tried to set up version control for Xpedition/PADS Professional projects via Github? How do I make this setting right?
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  • Exclude a specific string by regular expression

    Hello, I'm trying to get familiar with the Regular Expression on Property Definition Editor. I saw that it is possible to exclude a list of characters through the syntax [^abcd]* This way if I write any string that c...
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  • Difference between Front-end CES and Back-end CES

    Hello, I am wondering why it is necessary to have a front end and back end CES? How can I keep the Front-End and Back-End synchron? Does the Front-End CES overwrite the Back-End CES? Should I only make changes in ...
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  • IO Designer - MGT pins compability

    Tell me please how easy it is to combine signals with different types in IO Designer, i.e. GND and MGTRX signals. I know about Types compatibility, but if GND signals are already assigned, it is not possible to add MG...
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