• Upgrade VX2.5 upd2

    Hello Folks, I was just updating the tool from VX2.5 to VX2.5_upd2. And look who is back. I thought that this was a know bug and already dealt with. Obviously it is back.   What is going on with Quality co...
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  • signal routed through conductive shape

    Hi there,   I am using a conductive shape on top of 2 pads to connect them, this because it's part of a specific copper shape. The two pads are to be connected together in the netlist too. Electrically wil...
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  • more than 3x7 vias on a pad

    Hi there,   I am using V.X. 2.4 and I need to have quite a bit of vias on an IC pad. I have set up a Multiple Vias Object but that only allows me to place a maximum of 21 vias on the pad. I can place the 21 via...
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  • xDX pin number on ~PINS

    Hi there,   I am using xDX (V.X.2.4 Update 2), when placing an IC I cannot see the pin numbers only for those pin that have the active low sign. When in databook, Part View, I select the part with the assigned ...
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  • Pin already connected to net

    Hi there,   I must admit that I am bit embarrassed to ask this but.. xDX won't let me connect more components to the same net. If I try to connect 3 passives on the same net in the output window an error comes ...
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  • How to enable 3D viewer in Xpedition

    Hello all,   I am trying to activate my 3d view for mentor graphics xpedition and am unable to select the window option as it is grey'd out. I haven't gone through any preliminary setup and am not sure how this ...
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  • Renumber bond wire/finger id

    how i can renumber bond wire/finger id after it placement? (for e.g. in clockwise).  
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  • QBuild CADLink ERP BOM interface

    Anyone using QBuild CADLink ERP BOM interface? I have some questions for you.   https://www.qbuildsoftware.com/cadlink/
    created by wheelspcb
  • Fablink hatched pattern in pdf extended print problem

    Hi there   I am using VX.2.4 (Update 2), I am having a hard time producing a pdf in Fablink Drawing editor using the “Extended Print”.   Basically I can’t find the right combination of se...
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  • Making locked items unselectable in EEVx.2.3

    Hello, I'm trying to create duplicate placement by locking one set of already placed parts and placing new ones on top of it. When trying to move parts that are placed on top of locked parts, it trying to move locke...
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  • ODB++ Viewer command line  automatic job file import

    I would like to open my .tgz file automatically using the command line. Right now, when I run C:\MentorGraphics\EEVX.2.4\SDD_HOME\Valor_NPI\edir\get\get.exe -direct -activation_mode view_only I have to manually im...
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  • Xpedition FabLink Drawing Editor manufacturing outline

    Hi there,   If I try to import a board into the FabLink Drawing editor I get an error saying "The board outline of the design, is not completely inside the manufacturing outline". This is not actually the case ...
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  • in Expedition need to create report of all design nets 

        what is the way to create report of all design nets include name and net class name
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  • Mounting hole clearance

    Hi there   When drawing a plane in Xpedition Layout I cannot seem to get the plane any close than 0.2mm to the board mounting holes. This even when I set the minimum plane/hole distance to 0.1 (or 0) in the pla...
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  • Not getting any results from Mentor support website

    When I search on the Mentor support website, the answer is always: Your search - ... - did not match any results This is totally different from the results in the past. Then I was always flooded with results, and the...
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  • VX2.4 installation errors

    HI all,   I have problems installing VX2.4. The following error messages pop up during the VX2.4 install/registration.         Any idea's ?
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  • Add new package group

    Hello dear support,   there are few package groups I can define a cell to, such as: IC-Other, General, IC-BGA,  and more.. is it possible to add new package group?,  such as: IC-HIGH (for cells with...
  • what is the right way to short 2 nets with different names

    i need to add acommponent like 0R resistor in order to connect power supply sense to the main power net.   but in order to connect in in the load area i need to place kind of resistor which can short to nets togh...
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  • ODB Ver. 8 Compatible CAM Viewers

    Hello,   Xpedition layout has option of exporting ODB Ver. 8. But when i tried importing that in CAM Viewers like Viewmate, GC prevue. ODB not getting imported and throws error message. What is ODB Ver.8 compat...
  • Thermal Sweep simulation in Vx 2.2

    Hi,   Is it possible to run Thermal Sweep simulation in Vx 2.2 in addition to Steady State and Transient Analysis ?
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