• Xpedition FabLink Drawing Editor manufacturing outline

    Hi there,   If I try to import a board into the FabLink Drawing editor I get an error saying "The board outline of the design, is not completely inside the manufacturing outline". This is not actually the case ...
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  • in Expedition need to create report of all design nets 

        what is the way to create report of all design nets include name and net class name
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  • Mounting hole clearance

    Hi there   When drawing a plane in Xpedition Layout I cannot seem to get the plane any close than 0.2mm to the board mounting holes. This even when I set the minimum plane/hole distance to 0.1 (or 0) in the pla...
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  • Not getting any results from Mentor support website

    When I search on the Mentor support website, the answer is always: Your search - ... - did not match any results This is totally different from the results in the past. Then I was always flooded with results, and the...
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  • VX2.4 installation errors

    HI all,   I have problems installing VX2.4. The following error messages pop up during the VX2.4 install/registration.         Any idea's ?
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  • Add new package group

    Hello dear support,   there are few package groups I can define a cell to, such as: IC-Other, General, IC-BGA,  and more.. is it possible to add new package group?,  such as: IC-HIGH (for cells with...
  • A Poem: 'Twas the B.4 Shipment

    On this Christmas Eve, I cannot help but look at both where we are, and where we have been, as Mentor Users.  In the mid 1990s, BoardStation was the premier PCB design tool, long before the Y2K acquisition of Ver...
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  • what is the right way to short 2 nets with different names

    i need to add acommponent like 0R resistor in order to connect power supply sense to the main power net.   but in order to connect in in the load area i need to place kind of resistor which can short to nets togh...
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  • ODB Ver. 8 Compatible CAM Viewers

    Hello,   Xpedition layout has option of exporting ODB Ver. 8. But when i tried importing that in CAM Viewers like Viewmate, GC prevue. ODB not getting imported and throws error message. What is ODB Ver.8 compat...
  • Thermal Sweep simulation in Vx 2.2

    Hi,   Is it possible to run Thermal Sweep simulation in Vx 2.2 in addition to Steady State and Transient Analysis ?
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  • Change net name of pin.PNG

    Hello,    I am trying to change the net name of a pin in Xpedition Cell Editor. Here is a photo of what I am trying to do. In the photo you can see the Pin Number is Pin 8 which is correct, but the net name is 18...
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  • Copper balancing

    Hello All,   While pouring copper balancing i got  the following error message.                   *** ERROR - Copper Balancin...
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  • duplicate silk from 1 channel to the other

    hi all   is there a way to  work on silk of 1 channel and to duplicate it (after delete some ref des silk and fixing the others) to all 120 same channels   thanks
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  • select mode in expedition vx1.2

    hi all is there afilter to select what objects would be selected in select mode? my problem is that i got expedition db. from costumer and from some resone in select mode it choose only the componnents and not traces...
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  • IPC-D-356 from Report Writer

    Hello All,   How to generate IPC-D-356 from report writer? I tried with Tools configuration in Report Writer. It ask to map an .exe file? Can anyone help me to resolve this?   I'm using EE7.9.5   R...
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  • Variant data out of date

    Hello all,   While saving my pcb layout i'm getting message like "Fablink XE variant data exists and is out of date". How to resolve this? I'm using EE7.9.5   Please help me.   Regards, Sajiv.
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  • How to reset a part cell in xPCB Layout?

    Hello,   I have a connector whose reference designators were deleted for some reason.  I am making updates to this design, and would like to reset the cell to its default state so I can use the linked refer...
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  • Where can I read to understand Undocked Designs Limitations?

    I have a Design Undocked where Diffpair settings are greyed out. Are there more limitations?
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  • CES constraints and switching power supplies

    I do not see a way to constrain the nets in a switching power supply in the constraint manager without having DRC errors in layout.   How do other users address this in their designs?   Thanks in advance
    created by jleine
  • How to definie pin swaps in parts with multiple fractures ?

    Hello, I have a part with multiple fractures and I'd like to be able to do pin swapping between pins belonging to different fractures. How can I set it up ?   Thanks in advance,
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