• ALTERA Cyclone V in I/O Designer database

    Hi!     Our team is considering using Altera Cyclone V FPGA device as it is already available on the market. But I don't see these FPGAs in I/O Designer, when I try to Add to board "New FPGA from Wizard". W...
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  • Can I set a default setting for IOD for all the projects?

          As we know, when we create a new project for dxd to exp flow, we can chose a template for it. So that, we don't need set some setting in dxdesigner again for every project.    ...
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  • IOD Generated symbol can not be packaged

    I am using the DxDesigner-IOD-Expedition flow and when I placed the generated Symbols onto schematic and package the design, I got the error message. It seems I need to have the part number in my mdb file? We use DxDa...
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  • Problem during synchronization

    Good morning guys, can somebody help me with this tool? I don't know hweather I understand it well. I have an EE 7.9.1. flow and like to finish one design with Spartan 6 IC (FGG676 package) I'd like to use my desig...
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  • What are the plans for IOD?

    There haven't been many posts to this community so I thought I'd start one.   Is there a roadmap for IOD that you can share with us users - where do you see it going next? - any new features you can open up to...
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  • Did You Know: "PCB First" or "FPGA First" both styles are supported

    Sometimes I think we are so close to IOD in our team that we forget that some of the functionality that we have sweated to introduce is unknown to our users .     I think most users are familiar with the "F...
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  • The IOD "Flow Styles"

    If you are a new user of I/O Designer it may not be apparent that there are multiple methods (or "styles") of deploying I/O Designer across your flow.   I/O Designer supports two primary flow styles:   Sch...
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  • When To Use IOD's Multi-FPGA Optimization Option?

    It is very common for a design to contain more than one FPGA.  Every once in a while a customer will ask if they need the Multi-FPGA Optimization engine option and my typical response is that if you are using thr...
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  • Using the "schematic update" feature from the EE Flow in a PADS Flow

    Dave & Frank,   I have worked with several customers in the EE Flow who use the "schematic update" feature to enable a more stream-lined flat design process.  They find the ability to update designs by ...
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  • Welcome and re-Introduction

    Hello,   As my initial post, taking this opportunity to welcome everyone to the "I/O Designer Insiders" community, and introduce myself.  To a number of you, this is a manner of re-introduction, as I spent ...
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  • Welcome to the "I/O Designer Insiders" Community

    Howdy & Welcome!!       The "I/O Designer Insiders" Community has been created to allow direct communication with the I/O Designer (IOD) factory team as well as to facilitate peer to peer communica...
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  • How To Request A New FPGA Device For I/O Designer

      Howdy,       We strive to eliminate the need for our customers to request new FPGA device support in I/O Designer (IOD) by working closely with the FPGA Vendors to maintain up to date FPGA suppor...
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