• Reuse of blocks from the blocks section

    Hello all,   can someone explain me in dxDesigner V2.5 how to reinsert a block from the block section in my hierarchy? Copy paste of the whole block is obviously not working. Creating a new local symbol result...
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  • Refresh all refdes in block except fixed refdes

    Hi,   Is there a way to tell the packager to refresh all refdes in a hierarchical block (= block value + adding a refdessuffix in my case) except the symbols that have a frozen package property on them?   ...
  • Design capture VX.2.2 Page numbering

    Hi,    How to edit page numbers in design capture VX.2.2?  I have added and removed couple of page in between of the design pages, so the design pages are in the order of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13 ...
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  • Design capture Compile warning page to page symbol connection

    I am connecting page to page power rail connection, On one page connecting Hierarchical block Symbol (one of the supply voltage is 16V) to 16V Vcc global on another page.  But I'am getting warning after com...
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  • The Image file attached int the schematic is not showing in the archived file

    Hi  Currently I am using Designer VX.2.7. My problem is when I am archiving the project The image file included in the Schematic(Block diagrams, architecture) is not showing in the archived files. While opening t...
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  • How to add intersheet reference in DxDesigner

    How to add intersheet reference in DxDesigner
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  • Part Lister: Replace one property with another

    How do I set up a rule in the IPL file, to replace one property value with another?   I.e. I would like a rule that detects if 'Part Number' starts with 'X', and if so, it will drop that value and instead use th...
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  • Prefix to net name in hierarchical block

    I'm doing hierarchical design and as I understand it Xpedition appends the block instance's name to the end of each net name in the block in the Netlist. Now I want the name to be appended as prefix to the net name in...
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  • Script to place text as INDEX of the project

    Hi, First of all, Does it exist a manual or guide about the commands to use in DxDesigner scripts?   My question is: Is it possible to build a script that place rows of text as index of the project?   E....
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  • Slot assignment on multiple part packages Xpedition Designer Schematic

    On the old DxDesigner schematic tool, when dropping down a multiple part per package symbol, you used to right click and select "slot" allowing you to choose the particular part and pins of a multiple part package....
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  • Coordinate units in DxDesigner?

    Hi! Can anybody tell me what unit the DxDesigner coordinates are in? Like, when I do Circle.Getcenter().X, I get numbers in the thousands and have to translate this to display coordinates, that is, inches.   L...
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  • Limit the data show in DxDatabook based on data in a field

    I don't know if this possible or not, but I was wondering if there is a way to limit the data that gets displayed in Databook based on the contents of a field.  For example, lets say I have a field called Lifecyc...
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  • Positioning floating windows

    I work on a 4k laptop and when it's docked I use 3 screens; one center 4k display and 2 side full-HD display. This works for almost all situations even if it looks funny when I cross borders (i.e. resolution). But o...
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  • Splitting DVI signals into blocks - how best?

    Each DVI bus DVIxx_BTB2CB has four wire pairs, each of which is to be routed to one of the four blocks. Actually we have a workaround with the bus between the busses, which seems redundant... -> how best to route ...
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  • VX2.6 VM-Settings does not accept a relativ Path (against up to VX2.5)

    Against to the VX2.5, does VX2.6 not accept a relative Path in the Designer, at the Variant Manager Settings... The "EE_LIB" in the example is a Systemvariable from Windows.  This error occurs (but only in 2....
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  • NC symbol on vector pins

    I am wokring with reusable block who have same bus ports. when I place the block on my schematic, I do not need to connect all the bus and I want to add NC symbol to this bus, still keeping original bus name. I would...
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  • how to convert orcad schematic into dxdesigner ??

    Hi everyone, i am new bie for dxdesigner.right now i am learning PADS design entry dxdesigner.in my design was fully drawn in orcad 10.1 so  i need to convert orcad schematic into dxdesigner or PADS Logic .how t...
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  • Different component assembly in multiple instances of same block

    Hi, I've created a schematic block and I use it multiple times in my design. Now I need to have different component assembly (mounted/not mounted on PCB) for each block.   Is it possible to do that?
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  • How to create a component pin and connected Electrical net report

    PADS has a feature where one can export a list of a components pins and connected nets. I do not see this in Xpedition. I would like a list with pin names/numbers and electrical nets. (Electrical nets because we do no...
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  • How to copy property positions to a different part

    Hi,   as the topic already questions: How can I copy the property positions from one part to another? As an example: I have moved the properties of a resistor in two rows, because the net spacing is small. Now ...
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