• VX2.6: VM in Designer shows Vars/Comps of an first opened Schematic

    Open a schematic in Designer. Then open an other schematic in a second Designer. Now when you open the Variant Manager in the second opened Designer, it will show you all the comps and variants from the first ope...
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  • Enhanced symbol wizard, add symbol style

    Wouldn't be nice if Designer had symbols style selection like the below link. See @ 1:17 Altium - Quick way to create symbols with many pins - YouTube   Please vote for idea added here: Symbol wizard enhancement,...
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  • Upgrade to Office 2016 stops the DxDatabase working

    Just thought I'd share in case it saves some other folks some time.   If you use a later version of Access as the database for DxDatabook and your business updates to Office 2016, the Microsoft Access driver th...
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  • xDX Designer VX.2 new features

    The VX.2 release of xDX Designer provides a range on new features and enhancements, these can be viewed on SupportNet: https://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=reference.technote&id=MG594963&lang=en&prod=C1...
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  • xDx VX1 - packager

    Hello all, I'd like to share my experience with packager. I did a schematics with a connector (68 pins). I placed individual pins of this connector on sheet (50 and 60) manually. I didn't put a REF. DESIGNATOR to ...
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  • Using ScoutPageOrder

    Hello, wanted to share this with others. Mentor gave me this handy script that will generate a PageOrder text file. I use this file when doing Cross Referencing and when doing a pdf export. Place this script in your p...
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  • Questions and Answers

    You may have noticed that with the new community platform that we have been doing some housekeeping and marking posts as questions where appropriate. This has been done for all historic posts as well as recent posts a...
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  • Exporting schematic symbols from DX to create a new library

    I have just been given a PADs PCB and DX schematic files from another site. I do not have access to their libraries. Is it possible the download all of the symbols and their proprties from the dx designer schematic I ...
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  • Custom border

    Hi,   i have a custom border placed in the central library under Borders folder. When i try to setup my design with my custom border from my central library it just not let me. the steps i do are: 1. go to se...
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  • Reuse blocks migration

    Hi there, I'm at a customer site helping them to plan their DC2DX migration. They are using reuse blocks in their DC-ExpPCB flow. What do we need to think about when migrating the library and the designs containing r...
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  • Register now for tomorrow's DxDesigner webinar on Concurrent Engineering with Gary Lameris

    Is Your PCB Engineering Team Collaborating Efficiently? Tomorrow's webinar will give you insight on:  Effective concurrent PCB design across engineering teams   Efficient automation and integration of manu...
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  • Locale Issue In 7.9.5

    After install of 7.9.5, I just found Viewdraw now has Chinese Menus in  Windows 7 Chinese . I tried to set back to default English by set Environment variable Lang to C, but It still have weried Chinese labels.&#...
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  • Critical Caution DC to DXD Translator - "False" forward annotate to PCB

    Hello everyone,   We are in the process of finalizing everything for a transition from DC to DxD , and we recently came across some disturbing defects with the translator. These might not be an issue for all cu...
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  • How to create Hierachical blocks on a new schematic

    I am about to start with a new schematic on DXdesigner and I will like to use hierachical blocks. Could you please let me know where can I find some tuturials for the hierachical blocks creation Thanks
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  • Design Capture to DxDesigner - Call to all users - Good, Bad or the ugly.

    Hello everyone,   We are in the research phase of the potential migration from Design Capture to DxDesigner. I would like to know some of the Pro/Cons and challenges and comments you might have regarding your e...
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  • When posting questions please mark the post accordingly from the check box

    If you're asking a question on this forum please select the checkbox below the headline - Mark this discussion as a Question. That way other users can see if there is an answer to the question. If it is just marked as...
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  • Write Direct Reference to Block sheets

    I am looking to be able to write a direct reference to only my block sheets and not ones that are in my schematic. I am writing the reference to where the block is located on the schematic but when this is done I get ...
    created by samuel.schmidt
  • Optimal naming of design objects

    Mentor Graphics’ Expedition Enterprise flow supports various ways of naming connectivity and PCB data such as net names and net class or constraints class names (and much more). In recent discussions with custom...
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  • Cross Reference XREF and old XRF

    I can't be the only user that is completely disappointed that the old XRF ability to cross reference dangling nets is gone. Why would anyone think this was a good idea? When will it be brought back as a feature of a...
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  • Adjusting to the new grid in DxDesigner for EE7.9.4 and PADS 9.5

    In the latest release of DxDesigner we introduce an enhanced lined grid. If you are using custom color schemes it is likely that your grid will need adjusting for this new style. This can be done by making chnages in ...
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