• Do you know about Gary's blog?

    Schematics with Pizzazz using DxDesigner  Read his latest post here http://www.mentor.com/products/pcb-system-design/blog/post/schematics-with-pizzazz-using-dxdesigner-45b17986-b62e-499c-bd2c-659ef68d45e5?cmpid=...
  • I really hope Mentor Dxdesigner Team  To Implement  2 Features

    Feature #1  Support to assign specific colors to symbol  instances These years, I see that many young engineers like to assign colors to symbol instances. The color help them to know what component be modif...
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  • New Blog: Introducing Aspen by Gary Lameris

    Have you tried the new 7.9.4 release of DxDesigner?  Learn more about Aspen and other features by attending the Nov. 13 webinar http://go.mentor.com/2hhu7. Read Gary Lameris' latest blog, Introducing Aspen. T...
  • New Webinar Series: Supercharge Your PCB Design Creation Environment with DxDesigner Beginning October 30th

    As many of you may know, the latest release of DxDesigner (EE 7.9.4) has been thoroughly updated with greater depth and breadth of capabilities and improved ease-of-use. Beginning October 30th, we'll be hosting a four...
  • Try DxDesigner in the Cloud! vLab for 30 Days

    We released the DxDesigner 7.9.4 highlights Virtual Lab that  walks you through all of the new features in Mentor Graphics’ DxDesigner 7.9.4. Read more on Gary's blog at http://blogs.mentor.com/dxdesigner/b...
  • New blog: Easy-to-find DxDesigner Schematic Navigation Features to Help You Make Decisions Now by Gary Lameris

    Subscribe to Gary's new DxDesigner blog where he will review new product highlights, its features, and capabilities. Read Easy-to-find DxDesigner Schematic Navigation Features to Help You Make Decisions Now http://b...
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  • testing - pls disregard

    testing - pls disregard.
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  • What commands do you use most in DxDesigner?

    Recently there have been some interesting posts on the various communities regarding the ergonomics of the tools you use everyday. As we continue to develop DxDesigner we'd like to address these issues to make the too...
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  • An issue about migration from DA_LMS to DxDesigner

         When a customer translates a Board Station design from DA_LMS to DxDesigner, a multi-gate symbol has a wrong pin mapping after finishing translating from DA to DxD.     ...
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  • DxDesigner Link extension

    Over the coming releases we'd like to extend the DxDesigner ‘Link’ capability to cover more use cases and we'd like to get feedback from the user community to help us decide how to prioritize our future de...
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  • DxDesigner thumbnail views - do you use them?

    In the 7.9.2 release of DxDesigner we introduced the thumbnail views for schematic sheets. Over the coming releases we'd like to enhance this feature to make it more useful and usable. As a pre-cursor to this exercise...
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  • Design entry, does it meet your needs?

    At this time, schematic CAD packages have existed for more than 30 years.  Many packages have been bought out and merged into other systems, some have taken on life in small specialized roles, and others have tri...
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  • Gentle reminder

    As a courtesy to other people posting here or reviewing discussions, please mark your question as answered if it has been answered to your satisfaction. Leaving posts open can mean some users miss out on important tip...
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  • Did You Know: "PCB First" or "FPGA First" both styles are supported

    Sometimes I think we are so close to IOD in our team that we forget that some of the functionality that we have sweated to introduce is unknown to our users .     I think most users are familiar with the "F...
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  • The IOD "Flow Styles"

    If you are a new user of I/O Designer it may not be apparent that there are multiple methods (or "styles") of deploying I/O Designer across your flow.   I/O Designer supports two primary flow styles:   Sch...
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  • When To Use IOD's Multi-FPGA Optimization Option?

    It is very common for a design to contain more than one FPGA.  Every once in a while a customer will ask if they need the Multi-FPGA Optimization engine option and my typical response is that if you are using thr...
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  • Welcome and re-Introduction

    Hello,   As my initial post, taking this opportunity to welcome everyone to the "I/O Designer Insiders" community, and introduce myself.  To a number of you, this is a manner of re-introduction, as I spent ...
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  • Welcome to the "I/O Designer Insiders" Community

    Howdy & Welcome!!       The "I/O Designer Insiders" Community has been created to allow direct communication with the I/O Designer (IOD) factory team as well as to facilitate peer to peer communica...
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  • How To Request A New FPGA Device For I/O Designer

      Howdy,       We strive to eliminate the need for our customers to request new FPGA device support in I/O Designer (IOD) by working closely with the FPGA Vendors to maintain up to date FPGA suppor...
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  • Shameless Plug For Bright Ideas and Promotion of Ideas

    All, Please, if you have not signed up for Bright Ideas then do so.  Please Take a look at the following Ideas for DxDesigner and Mentor Site Improvement which I feel are extremely useful, and cast your votes....
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