• Editing part attributes en masse

    Hello,   Is there an easy way to edit the attributes of all the parts in my multi-page design?  I'd like to change the package type for all my capacitors under a particular value and am hoping there is some...
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  • Designer Font Settings

    In Xpedition Designer, through menu pick Setup > Settings, under Display > Objects, there are four items (Cross Reference, Label, Property, and Text) that have pulldown font settings.  Does anyone know exac...
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  • Eagle to Pads Professional VX 2.5 translator?

    Hi,   I would like to import Eagle library to Pads professional. I could find only option of importing in edx format. Also is there any feature for Eagle to Pads professional translator like 'Alt2pe.exe' for Alt...
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  • Managing Hierarchy: Part 1

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  • Delete local and rebuild all local library data - Xpedition

    Hi,  I am using Xpedition VX2.4. The Packager has an option "delete local data, and them rebuild all local library data".    Let's suppose I have some symbols in the project from the local librar...
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  • EDM Design Cancling Release must change design settings to Writable regardless the prevoius releases

    Recently I came across broken logical function for EDM Design  the current capabilities are as:   Design files are version controlled by check-in/check-out Baselines can be createdThey contain specific versi...
    created by hsoli
  • Missing constraints after moving to VX2.4

    After moving designs from version 7.9.5 to VX2.4  the converted designs have lost their constraints? Any ideas why?   Thank You!!
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  • Using user defined drawing size in template file?

    I have created a new drawing size and want to use it for all of new projects. How can I define it in my template file?
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  • How can you change PDF bookmark names?

    Hi, I could use some help on this. I found how to order pages properly in the PDF when using hierarchical design flow.   However, the bookmarks of the generated PDF only seems to use a concatenation of the @Name...
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  • How to fix-> Data Source: "Parametric Data:ic_mem" needs your attention

    We updated to  X-ENTP VX.2.6 now anytime that I am working in a schematic i get this message for every partition in the library. If I click on Click here it opens a window asking for username and password. I ente...
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  • Reuse of blocks from the blocks section

    Hello all,   can someone explain me in dxDesigner V2.5 how to reinsert a block from the block section in my hierarchy? Copy paste of the whole block is obviously not working. Creating a new local symbol result...
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  • Deleting my part history in Xpedition

    Hi,   I am working on a big project. I am facing an issue with my part contents.    I need to delete my part history which was created by FPGA I/O Optimizer. I had created two test components in...
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  • What is the difference between Variantmanager Files *_MA.vwd and *_CO.vwd?

    Hi,   I'm wondering, what the difference is between this two files. In one of my Xpedition Designer Projects, Variant Manager only create *_CO.vwd Files for each Variant, in an other project *_MA.vwd Files. I ca...
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  • Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer - deleting part history

    I am wondering how to delete previous parts from Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer in VX 2.4. I have created a FPGA part in Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer and added it's symbols in Designer but every time...
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  • Xpedition Designer VX2.4: Select all bus names on a sheet

    Hello community, I would like to change the size of all of the bus names on a sheet. Is there a possibility to select all of the bus names but not the net names?   Best regards,   Matthias.
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  • 工程打不开cannot open the project of DXdesigner

    你好,打开dxdesigner工程之后,就关闭了,附件是dmp文件,帮忙看下是什么问题。 It close automatically when I open the template of project by DX desinger. the 
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  • Viewing data sheet in an exported pdf

    Is there a way to use the link in the properties drop down menu of an exported pdf to open the data sheet and/or the cell drawing?
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  • Why does my schematic lose page names when exporting to PDF?

    I'm having a problem when exporting a schematic to PDF from DX designer. All but the 1st page lose their page names. Any idea what setting I'm missing?
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  • Refresh all refdes in block except fixed refdes

    Hi,   Is there a way to tell the packager to refresh all refdes in a hierarchical block (= block value + adding a refdessuffix in my case) except the symbols that have a frozen package property on them?   ...
  • Design capture VX.2.2 Page numbering

    Hi,    How to edit page numbers in design capture VX.2.2?  I have added and removed couple of page in between of the design pages, so the design pages are in the order of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13 ...
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