• Design capture Compile warning page to page symbol connection

    I am connecting page to page power rail connection, On one page connecting Hierarchical block Symbol (one of the supply voltage is 16V) to 16V Vcc global on another page.  But I'am getting warning after com...
    created by ashif
  • Importing window layouts (.wsp) from previous version of Xpedition Designer

    I just updated to Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.2.7 from 2.5 and I'm trying to import the window layout I was using in the previous version, so that I don't have to set up everything again (also for all the future up...
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  • Property value

    Can I define a property value to be a something that will later fill from databook? For example, can I define the value for mfg_part_number to be MANUFACTURE_PN. And define a field MANUFACTURE_PN in the databook so th...
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  • The Image file attached int the schematic is not showing in the archived file

    Hi  Currently I am using Designer VX.2.7. My problem is when I am archiving the project The image file included in the Schematic(Block diagrams, architecture) is not showing in the archived files. While opening t...
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  • How to make a grouped BOM

    Is it possible to make a grouped BOM from Part Lister in DX Designer? I assume it would be possible to group the BOM on for example Product Number but how do I set up Part Lister for that?   BR, Johan
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  • Finding mentor compatible part for Xpedition 

    Hi,  I am looking for mentor compatible part "surface mount RF transformer ADT1-1WT". I need to add symbol and footprint packaged as part. I have looked at Part Quest but don't find it there. Any idea ...
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  • Broken net links in PDF

    When I export PDF from DxDesigner some of the hyperlinks for the net names are broken/don't go to the right place. I have checked the net names at both ends and they are the same, the netlist in the Quick connect vie...
    created by tgarman
  • How to add intersheet reference in DxDesigner

    How to add intersheet reference in DxDesigner
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  • Part Lister: Replace one property with another

    How do I set up a rule in the IPL file, to replace one property value with another?   I.e. I would like a rule that detects if 'Part Number' starts with 'X', and if so, it will drop that value and instead use th...
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  • Renumbering all Reference Designators automatically

    Hi, I am a new user of Mentor Xpedition. In other eCADs like KiCAD it was easy for me to quickly erase and renumber the Reference Designators of all components in the Project, automatically, with the number growing se...
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  • Prefix to net name in hierarchical block

    I'm doing hierarchical design and as I understand it Xpedition appends the block instance's name to the end of each net name in the block in the Netlist. Now I want the name to be appended as prefix to the net name in...
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  • Reference Designator possible by uploading file ?

    Hi,  I have a big schematic in VX 2.4 Xpedition Designer. I need to change reference designators to many components. I am wondering if there is any way to change them by a file ? 
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  • How to "lock" a RefDes?

    Hi! I tried searching the forums for this but could not find an answer. I am using DxDesigner EE7.9.5.   I would like to lock some reference designators for a given board. Let's say I have a connector which is i...
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  • Script to place text as INDEX of the project

    Hi, First of all, Does it exist a manual or guide about the commands to use in DxDesigner scripts?   My question is: Is it possible to build a script that place rows of text as index of the project?   E....
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  • Slot assignment on multiple part packages Xpedition Designer Schematic

    On the old DxDesigner schematic tool, when dropping down a multiple part per package symbol, you used to right click and select "slot" allowing you to choose the particular part and pins of a multiple part package....
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  • Move component without net connection

    Hi, I've just started using Xpedition designer. So far I was not able to figure out(nor find out) how to move schematic component without dragging net connection with it. Xpedition move behaves more like "drag" in ot...
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  • Setting REFDES=U?

    I can't set REFDES=U? in the symbol editor. When I try to set it is says Illegal property value, the regular expression for this property value is: (\n|-|_|,)* I am using  Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.2.5 I le...
    last modified by rk
  • Coordinate units in DxDesigner?

    Hi! Can anybody tell me what unit the DxDesigner coordinates are in? Like, when I do Circle.Getcenter().X, I get numbers in the thousands and have to translate this to display coordinates, that is, inches.   L...
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  • Limit the data show in DxDatabook based on data in a field

    I don't know if this possible or not, but I was wondering if there is a way to limit the data that gets displayed in Databook based on the contents of a field.  For example, lets say I have a field called Lifecyc...
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  • Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer - not working

    Hi,    I have a problem with Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer in VX 2.4. I have added a FPGA in Xpedition Central Library through FPGA Wizard. The FPGA is added in the Xpedition designer schematic but I am not ...
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