• Looking for Symbols in Central Library - HLA_CentralLibrary

    Hi,    I am using these two components E-Series Transformer ETC1-1-13 and Oscillator QX333 in my schematic. I am wondering if there exist any symbol in the Central Library - HLA_CentralLibrary whi...
    created by joniengr081
  • Xpedition vx2.4 not showing in Startup Menu

    Hi,    I just have installed Xpedition vx2.4 but I don't find the Mentor Graphics Xpedition vx2.4 package in the start up menu. How to include the whole package in start up menu ? 
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  • move component with binding does not enable alignment marker in VX2.2

    I am using "m" key to move parts in DxDesigner. when moving the part, alignment markers do not show up despite they are enabled. I can use alignment marker whether I select the same part and grab it and move with the...
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  • Isn't it possible to change existing objects to a new Variant Layer?

    VX2.6 provides a new super long desired feature... to add Text, Boxes etc. to Variant Layers. So we can shown Text/drawn Tables etc. just for special Variants. so far so good.   Also new is to add User Laye...
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  • Multi-Line text in xDX Designer VX.2.5

    Is there a way to add multi-line text in xDX Designer VX.2.5 similar to Design Capture?
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  • move component to different sheet

    Hi all  I am working on a multiple sheet design I need to update to new revision. I am rearranging and adding new componentes in new pages and deleting some unused. There are a bunch of passives (e.g. capacitors...
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  • Unable to hide "Name" on Nets since VX.2.4

    Before I create a SR with that Bug, I ask if it's a feature, which I can anywhere deactivate!? ... And after the re-select in Schematic, the checkbox is still checked!!!      We think it's ...
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  • xDX Designer VX.2.5 symbol ascii

    Does any documentation exist that defines the symbol ascii fields for EEVX.2.5? I am transitioning from Design Capture to xDX Designer and need to update my script that creates major multi-gate symbols/parts. Any assi...
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  • Odd number of brackets in bus name , but there is no bracket in bus name

    Though bus name doesn't have the brackets ,DRC output shows    Odd number of brackets in bus name: BUS_GPIO_EXPANDER_I2C   But,It is connected properly between two blocks.  
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  • How do you have different cluster values on multiple instantiations of a hierarchical block?

    Our schematics have redundant circuit blocks (e.g. Phase A, Phase B, Phase C) that all have the same master block. In the case of high voltage design, each block has to be physically isolated from the others. If you a...
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  • Replace Part within Variant Manager

    Hi All,   I want to replace parts for a given variant of my board. So i have setup things on the "Library Query Setup" tab of the settings window.   I thought to be smart to use the same .dbc file that i u...
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  • Facing difficulties in schematic pdf creation

    I am using Xepedition ,but I am facing difficulties in schematic pdf creation. If font style kept on "System " then all font sizes increased in pdf as shown in figure.   So please suggest, If is there any ste...
  • How to define "Not Place" or "not load" to parts on Schematics Dx Designer VX2.1?

    I'm new to DxDesigner. I want to show on schematics that the part shall not be placed, although the pads remain (with a X over the part or text saying "no load"). Also, I want this to be linked to that single part, so...
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  • Cell Name is not a valid cell for part number?

    When using the packager command on DxDesigner VX 2.1, I receive the message "Cell Name 'C1210_2.7' is not a valid cell for Part Number '453564145041'". What does that mean? And what is a Cell name?   Thanks
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  • Disable Start Page when opening Designer from project file?

    Expedition Designer EEVX.2.5 When opening a Designer project from the PRJ, why is it necessary to show the Start Page? I already know what project I want to open. When opening a project this way, the Start Pag...
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  • Xpedition Designer VX2.4: Select all bus names on a sheet

    Hello community, I would like to change the size of all of the bus names on a sheet. Is there a possibility to select all of the bus names but not the net names?   Best regards,   Matthias.
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  • more spacing between crossref when it wraps around

    is there a way to get more spacing between the crossrefs when they wrap?
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  • How to Add Cluster Property to Schematic

    In DxDesigner VX 2.2 cannot seem to add the CLUSTER or ROOM property to schematic symbols as used to be able to do in previous versions. Any ideas how to add these properties.
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  • how to export local symbol into central library

    Hi there, I am using VX2.4 , update 2.   Somehow my border symbol got corrupted in the central library (the symbol is still there in the library tree but it appears as blank). Luckily I have a Designer project...
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  • xDx Designer - hierarchical design - Packager issue ?

    Hello Community,   I have some trouble in my current schematic under VX.2.1. This time I need a hierarchical design approach. My problem is illustrated below with one connector, which consits of two symbol...
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