• Editing part attributes en masse

    Hello,   Is there an easy way to edit the attributes of all the parts in my multi-page design?  I'd like to change the package type for all my capacitors under a particular value and am hoping there is some...
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  • Designer Font Settings

    In Xpedition Designer, through menu pick Setup > Settings, under Display > Objects, there are four items (Cross Reference, Label, Property, and Text) that have pulldown font settings.  Does anyone know exac...
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  • Eagle to Pads Professional VX 2.5 translator?

    Hi,   I would like to import Eagle library to Pads professional. I could find only option of importing in edx format. Also is there any feature for Eagle to Pads professional translator like 'Alt2pe.exe' for Alt...
    created by vishnusunderlal
  • Delete local and rebuild all local library data - Xpedition

    Hi,  I am using Xpedition VX2.4. The Packager has an option "delete local data, and them rebuild all local library data".    Let's suppose I have some symbols in the project from the local librar...
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  • EDM Design Cancling Release must change design settings to Writable regardless the prevoius releases

    Recently I came across broken logical function for EDM Design  the current capabilities are as:   Design files are version controlled by check-in/check-out Baselines can be createdThey contain specific versi...
    created by hsoli
  • Missing constraints after moving to VX2.4

    After moving designs from version 7.9.5 to VX2.4  the converted designs have lost their constraints? Any ideas why?   Thank You!!
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  • Using user defined drawing size in template file?

    I have created a new drawing size and want to use it for all of new projects. How can I define it in my template file?
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  • How can you change PDF bookmark names?

    Hi, I could use some help on this. I found how to order pages properly in the PDF when using hierarchical design flow.   However, the bookmarks of the generated PDF only seems to use a concatenation of the @Name...
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  • How to fix-> Data Source: "Parametric Data:ic_mem" needs your attention

    We updated to  X-ENTP VX.2.6 now anytime that I am working in a schematic i get this message for every partition in the library. If I click on Click here it opens a window asking for username and password. I ente...
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  • Reuse of blocks from the blocks section

    Hello all,   can someone explain me in dxDesigner V2.5 how to reinsert a block from the block section in my hierarchy? Copy paste of the whole block is obviously not working. Creating a new local symbol result...
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  • Deleting my part history in Xpedition

    Hi,   I am working on a big project. I am facing an issue with my part contents.    I need to delete my part history which was created by FPGA I/O Optimizer. I had created two test components in...
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  • What is the difference between Variantmanager Files *_MA.vwd and *_CO.vwd?

    Hi,   I'm wondering, what the difference is between this two files. In one of my Xpedition Designer Projects, Variant Manager only create *_CO.vwd Files for each Variant, in an other project *_MA.vwd Files. I ca...
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  • Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer - deleting part history

    I am wondering how to delete previous parts from Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer in VX 2.4. I have created a FPGA part in Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer and added it's symbols in Designer but every time...
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  • Xpedition Designer VX2.4: Select all bus names on a sheet

    Hello community, I would like to change the size of all of the bus names on a sheet. Is there a possibility to select all of the bus names but not the net names?   Best regards,   Matthias.
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  • 工程打不开cannot open the project of DXdesigner

    你好,打开dxdesigner工程之后,就关闭了,附件是dmp文件,帮忙看下是什么问题。 It close automatically when I open the template of project by DX desinger. the 
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  • Viewing data sheet in an exported pdf

    Is there a way to use the link in the properties drop down menu of an exported pdf to open the data sheet and/or the cell drawing?
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  • Why does my schematic lose page names when exporting to PDF?

    I'm having a problem when exporting a schematic to PDF from DX designer. All but the 1st page lose their page names. Any idea what setting I'm missing?
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  • Refresh all refdes in block except fixed refdes

    Hi,   Is there a way to tell the packager to refresh all refdes in a hierarchical block (= block value + adding a refdessuffix in my case) except the symbols that have a frozen package property on them?   ...
  • Design capture VX.2.2 Page numbering

    Hi,    How to edit page numbers in design capture VX.2.2?  I have added and removed couple of page in between of the design pages, so the design pages are in the order of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13 ...
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  • Design capture Compile warning page to page symbol connection

    I am connecting page to page power rail connection, On one page connecting Hierarchical block Symbol (one of the supply voltage is 16V) to 16V Vcc global on another page.  But I'am getting warning after com...
    created by ashif