• VX2.6 VM-Settings does not accept a relativ Path (against up to VX2.5)

    Against to the VX2.5, does VX2.6 not accept a relative Path in the Designer, at the Variant Manager Settings... The "EE_LIB" in the example is a Systemvariable from Windows.  This error occurs (but only in 2....
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  • PartQuest Integration Utility Xpedition - How it work 

    Hi,    I have downloaded and installed PartQuest Integration Utility but no idea which file to open in C:\MentorGraphics\PartQuestTools   Is there any Video or guide which describe how to fi...
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  • Auto-mapping option in Part Editor

    Hi,    I have multiple symbols to package with BGA cell. I don't find automatic mapping of symbol pins to BGA in part editor in VX2.4 ? I have used it in XV2.1. Is this feature removed in VX2.4 ? 
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  • NC symbol on vector pins

    I am wokring with reusable block who have same bus ports. when I place the block on my schematic, I do not need to connect all the bus and I want to add NC symbol to this bus, still keeping original bus name. I would...
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  • FPGA Part Wizard Symbol Edit

    Hi,    I have packaged FPGA by using FPGA Part Wizard in Xpedition Library Manager. I am wondering how to edit FPGA symbols like, remove over lapping of pin names and net names etc and also pins lock t...
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  • Finding Mentor Footprint of Components

    Hi,    I am wondering how to find mentor compatible footprint or cell for the following two components ?  1- SDRAM - MT41K256M16 2- Flash - S25FL127S
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  • Finding Mentor compatible Symbol and Footprint

    Hi,    I am looking for mentor compatible Symbol and Footprint of ADS5404. Is there any database provided by Mentor to search and download the Package ?  
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  • Not able to delete Symbol

    Hi,    I am not able to delete symbol. "Warning Cannot delete the symbol. The symbol is locked by another user" I am the only user on this computer. How to delete this symbol ? The symbol is not c...
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  • Block Interface with multiple nets in DxDesigner

    Hi,    I am wondering how to use Bus in Block interface when there are multiple nets in the Block and they have to be connected to another Block in the top level design. Any video or any document ...
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  • Size of endpoint box

    I am using Xpedition 2.2, and I am struggling with unconnected, dangling nets.    The end of a net that is not connected has a small box, I believe it is referred to as the 'endpoint box'. With my current s...
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  • Properties on symbols

    Hello,  When I bring a symbol out of DxBk , the symbols displays a list of "ALL" properties and values designated (est, 20 properties). This has just recently happened.    Please take a ...
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  • how to convert orcad schematic into dxdesigner ??

    Hi everyone, i am new bie for dxdesigner.right now i am learning PADS design entry dxdesigner.in my design was fully drawn in orcad 10.1 so  i need to convert orcad schematic into dxdesigner or PADS Logic .how t...
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  • Different component assembly in multiple instances of same block

    Hi, I've created a schematic block and I use it multiple times in my design. Now I need to have different component assembly (mounted/not mounted on PCB) for each block.   Is it possible to do that?
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  • Importing Part from PCB file

    I have imported a Part from PCB file in Library Service in Library Manager. It only import the Cell but not the Symbol. In the Part directory under Symbol there is nothing. How to import Part together with Symbol and ...
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  • How to create a component pin and connected Electrical net report

    PADS has a feature where one can export a list of a components pins and connected nets. I do not see this in Xpedition. I would like a list with pin names/numbers and electrical nets. (Electrical nets because we do no...
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  • Composing Part from Multiple Symbols

    Hello,    I have multiple Symbols and one Cell. I need to compose a Part in Library Manager. Which document describe pin mapping, slot, and gate when creating new Part. 
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  • How to copy property positions to a different part

    Hi,   as the topic already questions: How can I copy the property positions from one part to another? As an example: I have moved the properties of a resistor in two rows, because the net spacing is small. Now ...
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  • Global Net Names in Instance Sheets

    Hi,    Is it possible to use global net names in Instance sheets of the blocks ? 
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  • Schematic sheet editor help

    I have hierarchical design in designer VX 2.4. I have two instance of a block in the top level, when I create the pdf it shows the same name for both instance as sheet name. I would like to have in...
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  • sch2pdf error [12140]

    Hi,  I get the error message when I export the schematic to PDF in VX2.4 Designer in WIndows 10. The error is attached. How to fix that ? 
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