• Jump to  - in a hierarchical design

    Hello Folks,   there is nothing nicer than a simple hierarchical design. Lets take a look at this simple example of a repeating block with two supbages and a signal that crosses the two pages.   Lets start...
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  • How to control which xPCB Layout license is used when xPCB Layout is launched from xDX Designer?

    How to control which xPCB Layout license is used when xPCB Layout is launched from xDX Designer? https://support.mentor.com/en/knowledge-base/MG592190
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  • CNS file cannot be loaded

    When I open my design in DxDesigner I receive a constraint message that reads "CNS file cannot be loaded".  Initially when I began my design this message did not appear but I then renamed the design and starting ...
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  • Invoking Cross Reference from the Command Line

    EEVX2.3 : Does anybody know how to launch Cross Reference from command line (not the scout one) ?
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  • What is the difference between Variantmanager Files *_MA.vwd and *_CO.vwd?

    Hi,   I'm wondering, what the difference is between this two files. In one of my Xpedition Designer Projects, Variant Manager only create *_CO.vwd Files for each Variant, in an other project *_MA.vwd Files. I ca...
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  • Netlist name small/big letter

    Recently I created schematic that have mixed small and big letter. Example:      1) Vdet_R1      2) vdet_R1   I am using Mentor Graphic DxDesigner 7.9EE to edit the sc...
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  • Renumber the ref-des in dx-designer

    How to renumber the refdes in dx-designer based on schematic page.   I need step by step procedure.
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  • Enhanced symbol wizard, add symbol style

    Wouldn't be nice if Designer had symbols style selection like the below link. See @ 1:17 Altium - Quick way to create symbols with many pins - YouTube   Please vote for idea added here: Symbol wizard enhancement,...
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  • Basic hierarchical bus handling

    Hello folks,   here a basic question that is driving us nuts about handling of hierarchical bus and partial bus.   Lets start with a simple example: You have a larger bus and would like to rip out two sub ...
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  • Bus contents, check status of used buses

    When you modify the buscontents file, it is necessary to update the buses used in the design. Is there a way to find out, which buses are not up to date?
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  • VX.1.2 in Symbol editor , pin name font is not changing as per selection.

    Hi Everyone,   In VX.1.2 symbol editor when a new pin is added and if we want to change Font of pin name or pin text , though the selection changes font is not getting changed as per selection .Please advice.
  • symbols getting renamed - why?

    I'm using 7.9.3, and when I copy part of a schematic from one project onto another project, the symbols are getting renamed.  Both projects are pointing to the same library.  Renaming the symbols is causing ...
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  • "remote mode error" while trying to sync migrated designs

    Hi there,   I am following the procedure to migrate a design from PADS 9.5 to VX2.4 (I am running VX.2.4 Update 2). The procedure I followed is the one outlined in the Mentor document "Designer/PADS to X-ENTP V...
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  • DxDesigner - Symbol editor - Default font for property text

    Good morning I got a new PC with a neew win10. I had to install all tools. I install a VX1.2. I'm now as a normal user... My question is where (xml file) exactly may I change the font type of property text to San...
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  • Xpediation schematic - Adding cross reference in port or offpage connector

    Is that possible to add cross reference in port or offpage connector like ORCAD or Altium?
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  • One xdx_designer question about nets display

    Hi erveryone,    When I view all nets in navigator. I want to get all same nets listed in navigator. But now the same nets display as one nets. How to show all nets in navigator no matter it's same or dif...
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  • xDxD Symbolpins on Block visible

    we will change to VX.1.1 and i test the functions.   i will see the direction of the Symbolpins on the Blocks we have in the DesignCapture 7.9.3 make the Symbolpins on 0.08in. (in the Customize-Graphics) - so w...
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  • Project Backup "Repair project" fixed but can not access?

    ICDB server [info]: [AutoSave] backup of size [12.1 kB] created successfully in location [C:\Users\kzych1\AppData\Local\Temp\7zO451F0B05\ProjectBackup\backups\2018-12-31 15.47.06 - auto.zip] Got the message: Project ...
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  • Adding/Removing a new property in DxDesigner-Through Excel sheet

    How to add/remove a new property and values through excel sheet with the reference of reference designator to all the parts in schematics ?   That property is defined for few parts, but for that also , values ne...
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  • how to select the list of multiple parts in a notepad or excel sheet with the reference of REFDES

    How to select the list of multiple parts in a notepad or excel sheet with the reference of REFDES ? I required this to modify(add/remove/update along with values) a system property for these parts alone.
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