• Import step file in Xpedition

    I have a step file need to import in to the Xpedition layout file. Anyone help me how to import the step file into the Xpedition layout.
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  • Plane shape stretch option i VX1.1 like EE7.9.5

    Hi All,   Is there any option to stretch plane shape in VX.1.1 tool like EE7.9.5 (Smart utilities option) .     But in EE7.9.5 tool has one more option like stretch. Kindly suggest we have plane sha...
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  • Grid lock in Cell Editor

    In Cell Editor in VX 2.1 how to lock the placement outline or assembly outline with the grid size ? I change the grid size in Edit Control but with mouse the placement outline and the assembly outline does not follow ...
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  • Time log for Xtreme pcb

    Hi All,     I am using Xtreme PCB to work among multiple designers on same project. I would like to know the hours of individual designers worked on the project. Is there any option available to look for St...
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  • Running EE7.9.5 and Vx2 concurrently

    What is the procedure if any to run multiple versions of Expedition without the need to run the configurator all the time?
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  • How to do constraint for DDR3 or DR4 designs in Xpedition Vx

    I am using DDR4 in my design with different Byte lanes. I want to know how to set constraints for DDR signals in Xpedition Vx.   1. How to create pin pair 2. How to assign different pin pairs of same net in dif...
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  • Mentor Contrain Editor

    Hello, What is meaning of '^^^' shown at end of electrical net constraint editor list. I want to define differential pair net names suffix with '_n' and '_p' but both of these net shown under '_n^^^' kind of single e...
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  • PCB Forum 2015 – Question Log for xPCB Layout

    Q1: Is there a way to save the settings for highlighted traces and recall it as preset?  There is currently no way to do this. Your best alternative is to use the ‘Color by Net’ functionality which ca...
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  • Making PCB with concurrent design enabled xpedition project

    Hi all, How can I make the layout project for a concurrent design enabled xPedition project ? When I tried to make the layout file at the server location it give me an error.   What is the solution for this? ...
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  • Introducing the PCB Forums!

    PCB Forums bring Mentor customers together to learn new ways to maximize productivity and tool usage. Register to attend one of the 40+ PCB Forums worldwide   Find a PCB Forum near you
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