• How to enable project file?

    I want to do forward annotation but it seems not possible due to disabled project file. Please see attached image.   Thank you.
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  • Layer Stackup DRC

    Hi All,   In VX? the Layer Stackup DRC was introduced. Assuming Xpedition is a professional package, a total waste of effort/resources, in my humble opinion. (but who am i).   As an research Institute we d...
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  • OrCad Schematic to Xpedition Layout Free Browser cross probe

    Hi All,   Is there any way or 3rd part SW that can cross probe between OrCad to  Xpedition free browser ? With the full Layout and Pads I found and it works...   Thanks,   Nadav
    created by nadav_azulay
  • Fablink Gerber output format

    Probably a basic question, but just after some clarification. Currently we output gerber files (and NC Drill data) from Fablink - now I believe that this is in 274X Gerber format. (that's what it says on the dialog s...
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  • Unknown Point Graphic

    Hello, What is this point graphic? (See image)  It looks like an origin or some other tag or marker.  I cannot select it, and cannot find out what toggles its visibility in Display or Editor Control.  ...
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  • ODB++ very bad performance on data creation!

    We use Workstations with Xeon CPU, 16GB Ram, Windows 7 and 10. And this are fast machines. Unimaginable, if you do that on an Laptop or a normal medium machine. Mentor Version we use, is now Xpedition in Version ...
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  • Bizarre DRC Phenomenon

    I am wondering if anyone else has seen this. Wondering if this is a feature of expedition or a bug. With Expedition, I sometimes find the line between the two becomes blurry. Here is the situation.   I was makin...
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  • How to define an exact RGB color value?

    I have to define some exact RGB color-values, for some Layers in a Display Control Scheme. But there you can only pick a undefined color, or select from a color table. And there is no way to set an exact RGB...
  • Import step file in Xpedition

    I have a step file need to import in to the Xpedition layout file. Anyone help me how to import the step file into the Xpedition layout.
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  • Where to place an Origin of Board to generate Bottom placement data?

    To generate top and Bottom placement file , where to keep the origin of panelized board ?
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  • How to move a mounting hole

    Hello -   It is easy enough to place a mounting hole, but once on the board i cannot select them - how are they moved?   Thank you, -Brian
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  • How Copy circuit search equivalent 

    Hi to all   Why "copy circuit" search equivalent circuit only in unplaced or distribute parts and not in placed parts.   I have already placed 4 identical circuit in the board, so I modify/route  only...
    created by dbertocchi
  • Saw Tune

    Dear All, is there a way to make the differential pair saw tune with arcs instead of angles (like in the picture below)?   Kind regards, Oscar
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  • How to convert tie leg to conductive shape?

    How to convert tie leg to conductive shape?
    created by hbenawe
  • How to set Batch DRC to find shorts

    had a design where a "rogue" ground via has gone through an inner track and shorted it. would have expect the pcb batch drc to pick this up but it doesn't. What setting should I be looking for in the batch drc confi...
    created by greghall
  • Disappearing vias

    Xpedition Enterprise VX.2.4 Vias are automatically getting deleted if they are not fixed or routed to a pad.  Is there a setting to allow the vias I place to remain where I put them?  I like to sprinkle pow...
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  • Routing completion error

    Hello Experts, i am using Vx2.1 when we define any net as plane net and we dont draw plane of that net in our design, tool never consider this as open net and shows 100% routing. this error we get to know when we g...
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  • Roadmap

    There used to be a spot on Support where you could see a tentative schedule of releases and documents that showed what was planned for each release.  Is that still out there somewhere?  Also, has anyone hear...
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  • How to Change Layout Template type from RigidFlex-Design to PCB-Design ?

    How can I change the Layout Template type from the  "RigidFlex-Design" to  the "PCB-Design"  ? Or can I make the PCB-Design Template from the exist Rigid-Flex Layout ?  When I tried it the I have...
  • Error: Cannot import layout template

    Hello, I'm new to the whole process in Mentor, my experiences so far are a few hundred of hours using the layout tool. Bur now I'm trying to create a whole project from begining. I'm currently trying to start a smal...
    created by eagle