• DDR Constraints

    Hi Community. I want to start a discussion about constraining DDR signals using formulas. I have been actively working on this for about 1 year. How many users have done this?   AND...Here is the key point... Be...
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  • Metric or inch?

    Do you use the metric or imperial system for design creation and layout?   Bonus question for the comments: What do you do when you import a symbol and it has the "wrong" measuring unit?
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  • How much DRC warnings have your average design?

    im interested how clear are you designing.Sometimes its easier to accept DRCs then change CES/settings.
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  • Where do you spend most of your  time in Layout and Routing?

    Please indicate where most of your time is spent in Layout and Routing.
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  • Leap Motion Controll your Layout Xpcb

    Hey User Leap Motion V2 Tracking Developer Beta - Demo - YouTube What are you thinking about Leap Motion Controll your Layout. In 1999 first time we see this in the film Matrix. My dream was to controll my Layout ...
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  • Blink Selection for highlighted parts, refdes, or even also measurement lines in result file?

    Hello MSS Process Preparation folks,   whats about a button which activates the highlighted area, part, mentioned item in the view for a blinking action, so that the users in front of the window can find easier...
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  • Other Side Pin Keepout

    Hello all,   does your ERF for Other Side Pin Keepout work properly? I have a problem the under a THT are some discrete parts and these won' t be detected by the rule. Please tell me if there is any hurdle i do...
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