• Drill tool number in Layout Drill table

    I need to add drill tool number in my drill table generated in Expedition. Nowadays, I do it manually by adding a user column to the table and filling it with the proper tool number gathered from the Drill E...
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  • How to export only the components used in a pcb design?

    I have a PCB design. In the local library there are components that are not used in the pcb. I want to get only those used in pcb design. How do i do that?
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  • ODB++ very bad performance on data creation!

    We use Workstations with Xeon CPU, 16GB Ram, Windows 7 and 10. And this are fast machines. Unimaginable, if you do that on an Laptop or a normal medium machine. Mentor Version we use, is now Xpedition in Version ...
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  • Cell Editor Dialog

    If you have voted for Idea D1521 or Idea D2327 in the past, or have any interest in them now, please go to Idea D8291, read the discussion, and if you agree, please vote up.  Thanks in advance.
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  • Routing completion error

    Hello Experts, i am using Vx2.1 when we define any net as plane net and we dont draw plane of that net in our design, tool never consider this as open net and shows 100% routing. this error we get to know when we g...
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  • An Xpedition For Ideas

    The Mentor Ideas site had its 10 year anniversary a few months ago, so it seems appropriate to take at least a small snapshot of what has been accomplished here by observing some metrics, if only for the Xpedition sec...
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  • BATCH DRC runs forever, BATCH DRC stuck

    Recently I have seen this issue, the BATCH DRC just keep running without stopping. If I resize the window a little, then it will run fine, finish in several seconds. Quite strange.  
    created by goldy
  • FREE electrical rule checks - works with any PCB layout tool

    Layout DRCs are great but how do you find potential SI, PI, and EMI/EMC problems like impedance, nets crossing gaps, and metal islands in your design? It's easy with HyperLynx DRC.   We have configurations to me...
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  • Free electrical DRCs for any PCB design flow!

    Download the HyperLynx DRC Free Edition for electrical rules covering topics such as impedance, nets crossing gaps, differential pairs, and more. No cost. Free annual renewals. Detailed info available here.
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  • Tom and Me

    I'm not sure what made me think of this video today, but I'm glad I found it.  Old time Mentor Boardstation users and MUG members will get a kick out this   Vintage video shown at the Mentor Graphics Users...
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  • Tuning Meter

    I just added a new Idea for the Tuning Meter.  Currently, the meter will only show the units in nano seconds when tuning nets that are set to TOF, but most of the designs I am working on have tolerances in the pi...
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  • There is no impedance information on connected not.

    Hi, I designed PCB board and checked impedance of connected nit, but I only can see 0 ohm( I checked Net Properties). Does anybody know the reason? I think my option set up seemd OK. Thanks, Daniel 
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  • DRC hazard "unrouted pin"

    Good day everyone. I`ve finished PCB routing without visible unrouted nets or pins. But DRC found this hazard:   Check Unrouted Pins             &...
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  • Improve NVidia Linux performance on drivers newer than 295.53

    Hello,   In recent months we noticed significant performance degradation when using updated NVidia drivers on Linux.   We worked the problem with NVidia and they determined it to be caused by a change made...
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  • DxDesigner crashes regularly when cross-probing in a LINUX environment

    We have users who are using EE7.9.5 Update 2 in a LINUX RHEL 5 environment. As soon as cross-probing is turned on, random crashes of DxDesigner occur.  We do not even have to be in the tool, it can be behind th...
    created by dave.ludlow
  • Two plane with two style

    Hi, In my PCB, i have two plane shape with two different style. One with 100% fill and an other one with 75%. These planes have the same Name (GND) but when i want connect the planes together, my planes are disconti...
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  • Issue with nets in EE 9.7.4

    Hi everyone I`m a newbie in EE, and i have such a problem with my first project: buses from the schematic are not visible on the pcb. I create a bus, give it a name, put net labels for pins and connect a bus to them...
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  • New Blog - Placement Challenges: Hey You, Get Off of My Cloud!

    Hey Xpedition Buddies!   If you have not seen it yet, my new blog is available for your viewing.   Take break, get a cup of coffee, and have a quick read.   Link: http://www.mentor.com/pcb/blog/post...
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  • circuit move and copy

    Hi ,                   while performing circuit move and copy in expedition pcb if the coppied section contain decoupling capacitor...
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  • expedition pcb plane area

    Hi,               How to view the area of the plane shape drawn in the pcb? and how to find the minimum flow region in a plane in drc? expedition pcb ...
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