• silkscreen

    silkscreen properties is read-only I can not change the height.how can I change the properties into normal state?
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  • how to import emn&emp file into solid works

    Without circuit works license how we import emn & emp file into solid works
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  • Dynamic Plane not updating in my plane  shape

    Hi All, When i add plane shape in top layer Dynamic plane shape not updating. But it is updating on bottom side. Please refer attached snap shot. Can anyone help me to solve this issue.
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  • partial nets error

    batch DRC gives me one "Unrouted & Partial Nets"  error:   OBJECT: PAD PART , Partially Routed. But it is routed, I don't understand the error, please help.  
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  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 Performance

    Hello,   I know there has been some discussion on performance issues specific to the NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards with the latest drivers.  We have verified that the Quadro FX series also seems to have the ...
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  • Changes to Informal Reuse Blocks?

    Does anyone have any recommedations on how to make changes to a group of Informal Reuse Blocks in Expedition? We are exploring using Informal or Formal Reuse blocks for a large design. We would like to avoid the issu...
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  • Anyone have experiences about the Sketch router?

    Now ExpedtionPCB have been rebranded as Xpedition but data sheet is old contents. Anyone have experiences about the sketch router? I have requested beta twice but Mentor always told me they have no beta plan in our co...
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  • Database Integrity Issue, objects outside design area in CAM

    I'm having an issue where I preview my CAM files and I have some objects on the Top layer that are not seen in the design area to be able to select and delete.   I've tried to export the pcb as ASCII and reimpor...
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  • Expedition Performance Unsatisfactory; How to Improve?

    I'm not happy with the performance of Expedition. I recently got a new computer, with some decent stats, and you'd think I'd be zooming around Expedition. Know this forum is about Graphics hardware, but the combinatio...
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  • New NVIDIA Driver 320.92

    Hello,   We have been working with NVIDIA on the performance issues related to their latest drivers.  At this time we validated that the driver released this week, 320.92, does have performance improvements...
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  • 2 Layer IR Sensor PCB layout designing

    Can anyone suggest me what all are the things i need to take care for 2 Layer IR sensor board  for EMI and EMC prospective. thanks,
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  • Win7 64 NVIDIA Quadro

    I have done many tests with different drivers for NVIDIA cards: Quadro FX 1700 Quadro NVS 450 Quadro 600 Quadro FX 570M (notebook) Quadro 1000M (notebook) Quadro FX 770M (notebook) Quadro FX 880M (notebook) &#...
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  • Graphics cards validation for upcoming releases

    With every release of our software we do our best to validate our graphics engine works as expected on a wide variety of cards and operating systems.   As part of this effort I’d like to ask you for your f...
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  • Laptop's with 2 Graphics Cards

    Hello,   I would like to point out a situation where some high performance laptops have two grpahics cards and sometimes you do not get the expected performance because the system does not correctly switch to th...
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  • Welcome

    We would like to welcome you to the Graphics Hardware/Drivers community.  The intent of this community is to allow users to collaborate on their experiences specific to graphics hardware and drivers.  Also, ...
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  • PADS connectivity on Plane Hatch Outline

    Hi,   I have a design in  PADS Layout 9.5 and I'm having issues with verify connectivity.   I have an isolated ground plane hatch outline with a couple of components that have traces which connect to ...
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  • Plane  Tie leg not visible  in gerber

    Hi All,   When i create  the gerber Plane  tie leg  not  visible in Gerber. Attached file for your  reference. Can anyone help me to solve this. Thanks,
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  • orcad  netlist  import to  expedition

      Hi  , I have a Orcad Capture(V16) schematic. I'd like to use expedition(V2007.9.2) PCB as a routing tool. I need information about the procedure to do that. i have created a netlist in intergrah but not ...
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  • OLE exception

    Hi   Have someone seen the cash problem "OLE exception " when switch Layout to routing ?  see the attachment.  How can I repaire it? It seems the PCB file has proeblem because of some wrong operations...
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  • Why a via cannot be semi-fixed?

    Hello,  Why a via cannot be semi-fixed?
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