• [EE 7.9.4] Pads overlaping

    Hi!   I have the following question to you, is it possible to overlap two resistors pads in Expedition? I want to achieve the effect as in the attached picture.     Regards, Krzysztof Sielewicz
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  • Synchronizing Expedition Designs with Orcad Schematics

    Hi all,   I have schematic in Orcad capture cis and  i want to Synchronizing with Expedition  PCB. can any one  guide  me  how to Synchronizing with orcad schematic with expedition PCB ...
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  • [EE 7.9.4] Netlines viewing

    Hi!   I have the following question to you, don't you know if it's possible Expedition PCB shows the netlines not from pin to pin, but from hanger to hanger?       Best regards, Krzysztof Sielewicz
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  • [EE 7.9.4] Problem with moving multiple object

    Hi!   1) I have the following problem: when I select a group of elements and then try to move them, they get out of the screen and I can't move them back to the board outline area. I suppose that this is a bug, ...
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  • constraint editor

    how the differentials signals are defined in the constraint editor.
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  • Optimal naming of design objects

    I encourage you to use this link to jump to the discussion I have submitted in Design section on how best match constraints and connectivity objects to get optimal PCB design structure.   http://communities.mento...
  • Nets of diff_piar puzzle

    These days , I found a strange phenomenon,this problem led me stop my work,so I would like to ask ,I paint diff_pair ,give a simple example ,each line through a capacitor ,a differential line through two capacitors.As...
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  • Need ability to change miter length

    We need the ability to change the default lenght of the 45 degree mitre that happens in manual routing / tuning / cleanup. The length of the miter fails to meet our design rules. If the tool had an option such as tha...
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  • RF design - How are you clearing plane metal under component pads?

    Reaching out here to Expedition RF users to see how they handle clearing plane metal under component pads. I’ve submitted idea D8394 which has not seen a lot of activity so I’m wondering if my explanation ...
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  • export CCZ file with testpoint information

    If you use the tools camcad is possible to define some testpoints by nets and assign the some proble name when you open the CCZ file with Visecad there are the possibility to show the probe plavc or unplace.   ...
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  • VisECAD 2.5

    Hi, I saw that yesterday was released VisECAD 2.5. I've requested immediately the free viewer but the link received was still related to 2.4 version.   Regards Bolis Bortolo
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  • knock knock knockin'on EE7.9.3's door

    Hello Mentor, some news about EE7.9.3 release?   Bortolo
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  • ES suite PADS Router notice

    I get the following notice when I have a differential pair length rule assigned to a pair of nets.  I am using the ES suite and didn't expect that the ES suite would not allow lenght rules.  Is this correct ...
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  • How to setup in Mentor Expedition to make a "tear drop" design with Vias and pads

    Looking forward to your reply, thanks
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  • A Nightware on Vsure 9.0 Validating Expeditionpcb Design

    Vsure 9.0 is released. Although I found this version isn't so stable and buggy, but I still hope it can smoothly process Expeditionpcb's output. Unfortunatly, things always go to bad. Now Vsure 9.0 will report all Exp...
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  • EE7.9 Update3 output wrong Gencad File(Maybe 7.9.1 also have this severe bug)

    It have been verified that EE2007.9 Update3 outputs wrong Gencad file, Bottom SMD pads be in the Top side. I guess 7.9.1 may also have this severe bug(I will check it late) It seems that Mentor QA seldom do  full...
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  • Modifying a 45° corner has changed in 7.9.1

    Hi all,   in 7.9.1 we are not able anymore to select a trace on both corner segments to add a bend. If we do, the complete segment is moved now. In 7.9.1 we have to select a segment and exactly in the corner p...
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  • What kind of Flex Designs are you creating?  Survey says...

      Hi,     Many of our customers are actively involved in designing Flex and or Rigid-Flex PCBs.  And some of you are contemplating a move into the Flex design space.      As we d...
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  • Layout Driven Design

    Hello,   I would like to have a community discussion on Layout Driven Design (LDD) to understand what type of features are most used or would be used.  First of all, let me describe some basic LDD use case...
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  • SIP problems in Expedition pcb's gerber data

    If you use Expeditionpcb 2007.2/3/5, I think you will ofter get calls from your pcb vendors, they complains they find SIP(self-intersecting polygon) in your gerber data and thier CAM system can't get it repaired and s...
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