• OrCad Schematic to Xpedition Layout Free Browser cross probe

    Hi All,   Is there any way or 3rd part SW that can cross probe between OrCad to  Xpedition free browser ? With the full Layout and Pads I found and it works...   Thanks,   Nadav
    created by nadav_azulay
  • Fablink Gerber output format

    Probably a basic question, but just after some clarification. Currently we output gerber files (and NC Drill data) from Fablink - now I believe that this is in 274X Gerber format. (that's what it says on the dialog s...
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  • How to enable project file?

    I want to do forward annotation but it seems not possible due to disabled project file. Please see attached image.   Thank you.
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  • How to enable route mode in FABLINK?

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  • How to create stroke (using mouse)?

    I want to create stroke. This will make the work faster. Please help me.   Thank you.
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  • How to enable import/export edx and pdf output in library manager (xpedition layout)?

    Please see attached file. Thank you so much.
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  • Is there a shortcut to delete all PARTS not used in XPEDITION layout aside from deleting them one by one?

    I have an expedition PCB. There are many PART declared in the local LIB. I want to retain only the 10 components that was used in the design.
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  • Does Expedition Length Matching account for Via Length

    When matching Length in expedition, does it automatically account for the the propagation delay deltas that are encountered by transferring to two different layers if the stackup is set up correctly?  Does it jus...
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  • Why a net seems like isn't connected?

    I have 3 components and 1 IC with the same net, but one component in one pad mark a X in the middle of the pad like this isn't connect, in the DRC says that is missing one connection to the plane 6, but there is no ot...
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  • How to convert T1 file into .kyn file?

    I have a T1 file and i want to have .kyn file.
    created by hbenawe
  • Why cell.hkp cannot be imported?

    padstack.hkp was succesfully imported but cell.hkp has error when importing to the library Please see attached error.
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  • Unknown Point Graphic

    Hello, What is this point graphic? (See image)  It looks like an origin or some other tag or marker.  I cannot select it, and cannot find out what toggles its visibility in Display or Editor Control.  ...
    last modified by nate
  • Using the plane shape to conductive shape script, the conductive shape becomes one even the plane shape are separated. Is there a way that the shape of plane shape same as the converted shape without merging it?

    Hi, good morning. I used 20X20 plane shape for GND beta. Then i used the script for converting plane shape to conductive shape. The problem is, the converted conductive merged into 1 beta. Is there a way that the c...
    created by hbenawe
  • Bizarre DRC Phenomenon

    I am wondering if anyone else has seen this. Wondering if this is a feature of expedition or a bug. With Expedition, I sometimes find the line between the two becomes blurry. Here is the situation.   I was makin...
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  • How to define an exact RGB color value?

    I have to define some exact RGB color-values, for some Layers in a Display Control Scheme. But there you can only pick a undefined color, or select from a color table. And there is no way to set an exact RGB...
  • What is the shortcut command of set origin?

    I want to move components and snap it to the hole. There are around 200 components and I want to set the origin of the component when moving then snap to the given drawing.
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  • Import step file in Xpedition

    I have a step file need to import in to the Xpedition layout file. Anyone help me how to import the step file into the Xpedition layout.
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  • Restricted Layer Rule Violation

    Using Xpedition Layout VX.2.3  Issue: Restricted Layer Rule Violation   I was designing a board to do differential pairs and adjusted the Constraint Manager but later decided to remove the restrictions I h...
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  • Where to place an Origin of Board to generate Bottom placement data?

    To generate top and Bottom placement file , where to keep the origin of panelized board ?
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  • FabLink Drawing Editor flip a rigid flex design

    Hi   I have a new user login, I don't know why and what's the reason.     Ok now my problem. If I start FabLink Drawing Editor VX.2.3 and I import a rigid flex layout, I can't flip a board when I wan...
    created by moaebi