• Where do we set the allowable grid in pcb layout?

    I tried setting the grid to 0.025 and this is the error/warning. Warning: Editor Control Warning 059: Bad parameter in section: 'Route Grids' 'Route' cannot be accurately represented by even number of .01 microns! P...
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  • Ground and VCC plane and area pour not generated

    Hello,   In Layout design, Why Ground and VCC planes and area pour (when using plane shape tool) are not generated on any layer. Only lets visually generate (NET0). I am using 6 layer board template and my setu...
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  • Cannot import 3D model for part

    Hi all,   I am working on my 3D model in Xpedition. As we do not have EDM i have to add the models 'by hand'. So i select the part and add the model with "3D-->Models-->Import".    I can do this...
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  • Component Placement Mirroring?

    If I wish to mirror a group of components in Placement Mode, I box select them, select move, right mouse click & the mirror options are greyed out.... However, if I'm in Select Mode I can perform the same actions...
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  • Xpedition Layout crashing after forward annotation

    Hi,   I have been experiencing the error attached every time I carry out a forward annotation in Xpedition Layout. After clicking OK, the application crashes and requires restarting.   Has anyone came acro...
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  • Where else do we adjust clearance of conductive shape to other patterns, vias, pads, etc?

    Where else can we adjust the clearance or gap of conductive shape to other patterns? Clearance settings are all 0.1 already. Also, tried to change all the clearance settings of plane to 0.1. Seems like there is a de...
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  • Impedance Stack up for Fabrication Display

    I am using VX.2.5 Xpedition Layout I would like to be able to generate this display on my Fabrication Layer: But I am not able to generate/Edit it? I am only able to generate the stack up: Any help would ...
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  • NC (unconnected pins) has a connection in Xpedition Layout

    I have a symbol that contain 6 pins , but the real part has 8 pins . It has 2 NC pins so I dont need to add them into Library symbol , and the Cell I created sill 8 pads .  When I package my design to Layout . T...
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  • Minimum distance tool in Xpedition PCB

    Hi,  I am not able to use the minimum distance tool upon right click in Xpedition PCB to find distance between two points in placement mode. It calculates the distance from edge, corner or from center. How can I...
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  • Is it possible to end a trace with a straight cut and not a half-disk?

    Hello,   Do you know if it is possible to change the way a trace ends when connected to a pad?   For instance in the image below, the trace width is such that when connected to the pad, the half-circle fin...
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  • how to edit the solder mask in fablink (rigid flex)?

    Hi   I have a new user login, I don't know why and what's the reason.     Ok now my problem. If I start FabLink VX.2.3 and I open a rigid flex layout, I can't edit the solder mask. If I open a only ...
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  • Mouse mapping

    It's very nice to be able to swap mouse-buttons to use the old Board Station mouse button with strokes on middle button for those of us who wants to do that. But why does it only apply to the layout/2D window? The 3...
    created by gbox
  • Turn off Part Hazard

    Good Morning, I am using Xpedition Layout Flow VX.2.5 I have a SFP connector (PN: 1888247-1) that has a cage that goes over it (PN: 2227303-3). I am attempting to set up the alignment of these two parts bu...
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  • Creating multiple Layout rooms

    Hi All,   Has anyone used multiple layout rooms successfully?   I can create a draw object for the first room and convert it to a room with a suitable name eg CH_1. I can create a second draw object,...
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  • class rule after completed auto route in router will revert back to layout, class rule change to default layer biasing

    Hi, I using pads vx2.5 (pads logic, layout and router) Once I complete the autorouting in router for classA, I revert back to layout and check the classA layer biasing and via setting. These rule change to default s...
    created by benglow
  • Report Writer will not open from Xpedition Layout

    Hi   We installed VX.2.7 last week.   Problem: The Report Writer Dialog will not open after click on ok. Instead it generates many of files in the folder blablabla\PCB\vbreport\work\   Why the Dialo...
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  • Some concerns in Mentor Xpedition Layout

    Hi, I am a novice at using Mentor Graphics. I have some questions about Layout as follow: 1. Can anyone tell me how I can edit silkscreen designator of components in Layout. When I place a component in pcb, I cannot...
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  • What are the requirements to copy a layout including the parts?

    Hello, I am wondering how the mapping in Expedition works. I am selecting the planes, traces, vias parts and so on and then copy them to the clipboard in order to paste them into my new layout. What are the requiremen...
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  • How to forward annotate without generating SILK?

    I have expedition data where SILK are not generated on some part. When forward annotate is done, all those deleted SILK were generated. Do we have option not to create those already deleted when doing forward annota...
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  • How do we rotate the entire board (including pattern, vias, SILK,etc)?

    I want to rotate my pcb board by 90 degrees? How do we do it in VX2.6 Xpedition?
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