• Some concerns in Mentor Xpedition Layout

    Hi, I am a novice at using Mentor Graphics. I have some questions about Layout as follow: 1. Can anyone tell me how I can edit silkscreen designator of components in Layout. When I place a component in pcb, I cannot...
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  • What are the requirements to copy a layout including the parts?

    Hello, I am wondering how the mapping in Expedition works. I am selecting the planes, traces, vias parts and so on and then copy them to the clipboard in order to paste them into my new layout. What are the requiremen...
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  • How to forward annotate without generating SILK?

    I have expedition data where SILK are not generated on some part. When forward annotate is done, all those deleted SILK were generated. Do we have option not to create those already deleted when doing forward annota...
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  • How do we rotate the entire board (including pattern, vias, SILK,etc)?

    I want to rotate my pcb board by 90 degrees? How do we do it in VX2.6 Xpedition?
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  • Tuning of diagonal (45°) traces and diff pairs fails

    Hello everybody,   I am routing a ddr3-design with matched length of the different busses. The length matching function works well. Although sometimes the tuning meter is not shown if I shove a trace. But this i...
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  • Open Piece

    I import a connector from DXdesigner and get "OPEN PIECE" piece on layer Assembly drawing ner the top (-750,-100) This piece is zero length. Piece skipped Can anyone help me what this is?
    created by gzuk
  • How to create stroke (using mouse)?

    I want to create stroke. This will make the work faster. Please help me.   Thank you.
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  • Key binding - Shortcut

    I would like to change your shorcut. Indeed, ctrl+u to fix a element have a wrong position. It's the command most used by a user and touch "ctrl" and touch "u" are very far. We would like touch "0" for exemple...
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  • How to enable the remap layer?

    I want to add layers on my PANEL but it is disabled. Please see attached image. Thank you.
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  • Automation in Python

    I am trying to learn automation in python. I have looked in the AATK, but the only example included for python fails with errors. Will someone give me an example of code in python for validating the pdbDoc? I am using...
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  • Backdrill Analasys missing from Output menu

    Hi Folks,   For some weird reason, the 'Backdrill Analysis" is missing from the output menu. We have tried to solve this by running the registrator again, deleting the WDIR and even checked the addin.ini file to...
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  • Via disappears during placement

    Hello, I got a Problem and I can't find the solution. I got 2 Pads which are connected by a plane on Layer 1. I can place a microVia and a blind Via in one Pad, but the if I try to place the second Mico+Blind the Mi...
    created by manuel_k
  • How to add net to the NC pins of a component in PCB layout?

    Is it possible to put nets like make it GND or VCC of NC (or no nets) pins on components in PCB layout?
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  • Maximum Trace width and clearance

    What is the maximum trace width and clearance that can be set within CES. I have tried to set a trace width of 30mm and get an error that the maximum allowed is 25.4mm Is this value fixed within MG - or can it be al...
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  • Padstack - Shorted_Nets_by_Layer

    Hello fellow designers,   Long time PADS user here but a newbie into Xpedition....so please bear with me.   I like this capability of shorting a net by layer in a padstack, however, I haven't figured out h...
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  • Batch and Online DRC have difference

    Hello dears,   We started to use Package Clearance Type Rules. But it seems that Batch and Online DRC have difference. Online DRC doesn't detect the error, but Batch DRC detects it. Therefore we can place the pa...
    created by fuji
  • FABLINK: How To Change Layers Quantity And Board Stack-up In A Template?

    Hello dears Mentor Guru, please give me some advice. I have tried to change layers quantity in the Fablink from 4 to 2 without any success. Stack-up also not possible to change. Where to find or how to create templa...
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  • dxf file

    How can I add a dxf file to a PCB?
  • How to enable project file?

    I want to do forward annotation but it seems not possible due to disabled project file. Please see attached image.   Thank you.
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  • Import PCB into New Template

    I would like to use my existing Job parameters file that contain all needed info in Xpedition Layout. This new PCB Layout was a conversion and doesn't have all my standard configs.   Overall, I'd like ...
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