• New Migration Planning Guide is available

    The latest Expedition Enterprise releases deliver a host of enhancements spanning all product areas.  The releases deliver significant productivity improvements and usability enhancements, in addition to extensiv...
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  • Login ID and Password for Optimum Library (starter)

    Hello Dear Team, I have a starter library of components for Xpedition aka Optimum Library, but then i try to use it i got an error:   Where can i get Login and password for this library? Thank you very much!
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  • Cell Editor Dialog

    If you have voted for Idea D1521 or Idea D2327 in the past, or have any interest in them now, please go to Idea D8291, read the discussion, and if you agree, please vote up.  Thanks in advance.
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  • Copy cell and edit it

    Hello, in version VX 2.5 I'm trying to copy a cell and edit the copy. Therefor I open the library manager from designer->tools and try to copy a cell, but that command is gray. Also the Cell edit on the top can no...
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  • The Move from Boardstation to Expedition.

    Last year, for various reasons, we decided to take the plunge and move over to Expedition. I had had exposure to Expedition previously under the old VeriBest guise and I knew DxDesigner from my old PADS days, so I was...
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  • How is get AML information from Component using xDM API?

    I'm able to connect to xDM Library VX 2.1 using DMS_Caxlpc API. I need to understand how can I pull information of AML or BOM from the context of Components application of xDM and vise versa. I also need to understand...
  • The State of the Mentor EE7.x Symbol and PCB Footprint Library Creation tools.

    One of the Aberdeen reports said that (I'm  paraphrasing here) "One of the core requirements to having a robust E-CAD system  is having a good PCB library".  The Mentor library tools make this difficult...
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  • Lead length in landpattern for through hole components

    Hi, May i have the option to mention lead length while creating land pattern for through hole components in cell editor?   Thanks & Regards, Murali Bala
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  • Am I alone in thinking that DXDesigner's symbol rotation is awful?

    Just migrated from DesignView to DXD, and I discover that the effort I had gone to to make my symbols (esp. discretes) rotate and have their text properties placed nicely around the newly rotated symbols is now defunc...
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  • A Library Management Flow to Support Allegro full flow and Expedition Enterprise full flow

    Currently, We have two flows. One is Allegro full flow, another is Allegro DH(Conepthdl)-Expeditionpcb flow. Our corp. library is for Allegro only, but we have developed a utility to automatically and incremently tras...
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  • Deploying Data Management Applications

    When considering the deployment of a data management system, be it for library, component information or design data management, the temptation is to try and achieve all of the possible business benefits of the system...
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