• Display part properties.

    Hi, Could anyone guide me how to display part properties in Xpedition Layout VX2.5. Thanks!
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  • Logged into the Mentor EDM Portal

    Hi, I'm using Mentor Xpedition VX.2.6. I installed EDM Server with default configuration. But when i log into the EDM Portal with default username and password ("admin"), it had error: "Web authentic...
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  • design capture library symbols missing

    Old  design from a sister company who needs parts put into the old DC library because they cant find them. Cant find a record only that they are in a few schematics. If this was designer no problem edit local c...
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  • Central Library Type!

    Hi,   Any help on the error below when trying to access the central library on Xpedition Designer?   Thanks. Library and Data Management  
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  • Cannot change the pin number

    I'm using Xpedition 2.4. I imported a symbol from a different library to my central library. The pin number got messed up. I tried to modify the pin number in the symbol editor, it did not work. I got following error ...
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  • SQLite setup with DxDataBook?

    He Everybody   I looking for information how to install SQLite. I found this below. There is written that I should read ReadMe.docx but I can't find the Libraries folder. SQLite setup with DxDataBook C:\MentorG...
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  • Self-Managed Block problem

    Hi All,   In our library we have Self-Managed Blocks. The schematics that belong to such a block all have a sheet border.   But then, we updated the sheet border in the library.  And now, when you pla...
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  • How to enable adding padstack in mechanical cell editor?

    I want to add a via in mechanical cell editor but it is disabled. How can i enable it?
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  • script to merge symbols?

    Hi   we have thousends of symbols and there are eight files for each of them in the library. I think this happens when we switched from Expedition 2005.3 to Xpedition VX2.   Now when I open a symbol in the...
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  • In what ways can a Xpedition Project File Size be reduced?

    I am looking for ways to reduce the file size of the project. Are there any manuals out there / tools that can perform a project cleanup to reduce file size. Also after the design has evolved to certain stage lots of ...
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  • Experiences with EDM Libary Server VX.2.3

    Does anyone have it running stable?   We migrated from DMS 7.9.5 to EDM Libary Server VX.2.3, but not directly. We had to migrate to EDM Libary Server VX.2.2 first, then afterwards to EDM Libary Server VX.2.3 &...
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  • How to fix DieWizard Addin Error when loading Cell Editor

    I fixed this on my machine a while back, but I don't remember what I did to fix it.  I have a user when he opens up cell editor he gets the follow error message, "ERROR: DieWizard Addin is not a Control: ProID: D...
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  • Corrupt Library

    I was editing a library when the network dropped out. Now I am unable to open the library. Is there anything I can do to salvage the library?
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  • Looking for the MG article titled mg595085

    I am running into a particularly annoying issue with the Databook in VX2.6.  I've set up everything as required, but I keep getting an invalid ODBC alias error when I try to access something in the databook. ...
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  • Where can I find a Keyin command overview and syntax ?

    Where can I find a Keyin command overview and syntax ? Preferably including examples of how to use. This for use in e.g. Cell Editor   By the way, Found a link to a PDF with simular contents in : Short c...
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  • Symbol drawing format/border IDF DXF

    We're currently using EE7.9.3. I need to update the symbol for drawing format in in DxDesigner.   Is there a way to import a DXF or use EDIF to import the drawing format into the symbol? Or at least the logo.
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  • ALE 3.9.152/4 ... "open LMC" gives message "Cannot open this library type in this flow mode"

    ...... . (from task manager)..i have to kill the process in TM after this. . . . ALE will open the LMC if i open it 1st in the library manager tool and the "connect" to it with ALE.. Does this imply that ALE is...
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  • Can I make 64-bit Mentor work with 32-Microsoft ODBC for DxDatabook?

    Mentor issues a warning during the install but I've heard rumors this can be made to work.
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  • Library parts database from external database

    I have so far only created schematics using parts from Part View/CL View in DxDatabook but since I want to automate parts lists I've started looking into using the library view. I've gotten the hang of how it works a...
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  • Issue with Session File IPW145

    Hi,    I get a message of session file. How to fix it ? 
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