• Issue with automation and authentication on company's EDM server

    Hi all,   We use the MGC tooling & automation to execute some processing steps on some software we develop; I'm not too familiar with the MGC family of tooling and have basic knowledge of the automation. ...
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  • How to connect xDM Library with Oracle Cloud?

    We are currently running Xpedition VX2.4; but not using EDM flow. We are not able to connect our DX Central library with Oracle Cloud through Oracle client. Just like connectivity in between Central Library with ...
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  • Thermal pads with two vias as one pin

    Hello Folks, a fun question: The producer of a chip ask us to put an array of pads with two vias as the thermal pad. In the symbol they group the pads so that it only shows one pin per pad, even though it has two vi...
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  • Adding circle in user defined layer for all thru hole pins in cell editor

    Hello All,   I would like to add circle (lets say 5mm from the edge of the pad) in user defined layer for all thru hole padstacks in cell editor. Right now i am adding it manually that is time consuming also cau...
  • How to unlock a symbol?

    I am using Mentor Graphics EE 2007.9.4. Some symbol is mapped as a part and it get locked due to some reason. I can't the locked symbol in symbol editor. But it is visible when i placed that part in schematic. Ho to u...
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  • How to copy local project library in central library?

    Well, I got a zip-file of an Xpedition project which wasn't designed on our system. We want to modify the schematic and after packaging also the layout. Since all symbols and cells are not from our central library the...
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  • Pin types on symbols for Dx/Ex flow.

    First, hope this is the correct location.   Second, I am getting gready to release a new library converted from an older Board Station library.  The pin types in the Board Station library were never used co...
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  • How does your organization handle a Central Library

    We currently have a Central Library.  I have the usual partitions Resistors, Capacitors, IC, Connectors, et cetera.  We also do customer specific part partitions.  Does anyone do a central library that ...
  • Error adding symbol to EDM

    Hi Everyone, I'm having a problem uploading a new part symbol to EDM for new symbols and symbols that have existed and checked back in after check out. Currently, I'm creating a resistor symbol with the name 'Resisto...
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  • PADs Professional Library Manager, Part Editor will not map more than one fractured symbol automatically

    Solution: keep your 2.3 installation ... you still need it (library is compatible between 2.4 and 2.3)
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  • Part replacement

    Hi, We have just moved over to DxDesigner from Design Capture. We are also starting to use DxDatabook for the added BOM functionality. Does any body know an easy way of updating parts in a legacy design (migrated fro...
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  • Xpedition and Office 365

    Hi,   We currently use a MS-Access database for Databook. We have Xpedition 32-bit VX2.3 and 32-bit MS-Office 2016.   Our company plans to migrate to Office 365 and our Drafting Dept plans to update to 64...
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  • rotation arrows in cell editor

    Hi All,   Is there a way to turn of those annoying arrows in the VX2.4 cell editor?      
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  • 3D generated model with different pitch, from 5m to 6m

    Hello Folks,   Playing with 3D view in Expedition Layout is fun. Since the introduction of the 3D model generator it is even better.   Now I have run into a issue that I would like to clarify.   We h...
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  • Adding User Draft Layers in the cell editor?

    Anyone know how to add a new draft layer while in the cell editor?   I know you can have them, as I have old boardstation partt that still have the layer I want to use, but I can't find any way to add them t...
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  • DRC friendly symbol creation - pin type

    Hello Folks,   The new symbol editor extended the possibility to add more specific pin types, as to improve on the DRC check performed on schematic. One of the improvement is the introduction of the pin type at...
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  • Confirm the path of the Central Library

    For an existing project, without opening the project and getting a library error in DxDesigner, how can I inspect the project to determine if it is configured for my central library or another?
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  • BL651 PCB Footprint

    How do I open this file? What software will I need? I know it was made using PADS. When I open it using notepad, it say:   "!PADS-POWERPCB-V5.0-BASIC-250L! DESIGN DATABASE ASCII FILE 1. *PCB* GENERAL PARAMETER...
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  • Do you use revision control with DxDesigner/Expedition PCB flow ?

    Hello,   I would like to use revision control with EE7.9 but I find several issues so I would like to know wether or not you use revision control and if so, how you manage your library and projects.   The ...
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  • Library Migration for designed schematics

    I am working in Dx Designer with X-database library. Now I want to migrate to another library named as Y-library.Both are having different schematic symbol ( like pin order, mechanical pins are not visible in Y librar...
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