• ALE 3.9.152/4 ... "open LMC" gives message "Cannot open this library type in this flow mode"

    ...... . (from task manager)..i have to kill the process in TM after this. . . . ALE will open the LMC if i open it 1st in the library manager tool and the "connect" to it with ALE.. Does this imply that ALE is...
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  • Can I make 64-bit Mentor work with 32-Microsoft ODBC for DxDatabook?

    Mentor issues a warning during the install but I've heard rumors this can be made to work.
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  • Library parts database from external database

    I have so far only created schematics using parts from Part View/CL View in DxDatabook but since I want to automate parts lists I've started looking into using the library view. I've gotten the hang of how it works a...
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  • Issue with Session File IPW145

    Hi,    I get a message of session file. How to fix it ? 
    created by joniengr081
  • Symbol Editor crashed and not working

    Hi,    I am not able to open Symbol Editor in Library Manager VX 2.4 installed in Windows 10. I have deleted the following files because one symbol was in edit window when Symbol Editor was crashed. ...
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  • Symbol Editing issue in Central Library

    Hi,    In Library Manager VX2.4. I have closed the Library Manager first by mistake and then close Symbol Editor latter. Now I re-started my computer and would like to continue Symbol Editing. I get the fol...
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  • To delete a symbol from central Library

    I am not able to delete a symbol from the central library. I get this message.    
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  • How to install Documentation Option

    I am not able to find the Documentation Option. It is asking for path to access Mentor Graphics documentations. How to install the document package in VX2.4 ?    <
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  • Exporting Symbol Cell and Part from Previous VX Project

    Hi,    I have two PCB design projects, one was designed in VX1.1 and the other was designed in VX2.1. I just did a system upgrade and have installed VX 2.4. I need to design a new PCB in which I would like ...
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  • Countersunk/Chamfer mounting holes

    We have a requirement for a countersunk/chamfered mounting hole for a through board connector. Does anyone have an idea how to define this with the library itself. Currently we define this detail on the fabrication ...
    created by greghall
  • how to import 3D Models in central library

    1: Cell Editor in xPCB, have " Add 3D View"     2: Cell Editor in central library, Without " Add 3D View" . How to import 3D Models in central library? Thank!
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  • Custom Web Services on VX.2.3

    Is anyone developing custom web services on EDM VX.2.3 Library Server? Is there documentation available to deploy on JBoss Web Server?
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  • Connecting two pins in a cell

    Hi All,   In the cel editor I want to connect two pins to the same net. All the pins get a 'random' netname like net-1, net-2, etc. Is there a way to edit this netname and tie two pins to the same net.   ...
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  • Modify system property Xpedition Library Manager

    Hi. I'm using Xpedition Library Manager. Could anyone guide me how to modify or delete some system propertys. Example: Change Value(Ohm): 6040 -> Value(KOhm): 6.04.
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  • "Type" property

    Hi, In our library and databook, "Type" property is not defined correctly. It must be standard types like "Resistor" "Capacitor" and such as per Mentor site. But what we have is "Res chip" "Res chip Alum" "Cap chip" ...
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  • How to map multiple library database (*.mdb) files to dxDatabook

    Sorry if this topic discussed already and, sorry again if this query sounds too basic.   Our library have multiple database files acc. to partitions, like CAPACITOR.mdb. I think only one mdb can be mapped to pr...
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  • Issue with automation and authentication on company's EDM server

    Hi all,   We use the MGC tooling & automation to execute some processing steps on some software we develop; I'm not too familiar with the MGC family of tooling and have basic knowledge of the automation. ...
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  • How to connect xDM Library with Oracle Cloud?

    We are currently running Xpedition VX2.4; but not using EDM flow. We are not able to connect our DX Central library with Oracle Cloud through Oracle client. Just like connectivity in between Central Library with ...
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  • Thermal pads with two vias as one pin

    Hello Folks, a fun question: The producer of a chip ask us to put an array of pads with two vias as the thermal pad. In the symbol they group the pads so that it only shows one pin per pad, even though it has two vi...
    created by milostnik
  • Adding circle in user defined layer for all thru hole pins in cell editor

    Hello All,   I would like to add circle (lets say 5mm from the edge of the pad) in user defined layer for all thru hole padstacks in cell editor. Right now i am adding it manually that is time consuming also cau...