• Area DRC for tanner EDA

    Does Tanner Eda have any option to run DRC for a specific area of the cell ? At many times we only want to check drc for a specific area of the whole chip to reduce time but in tanner there does not seem to be an opti...
    created by 94d33m
  • how to verify symmetrical structures?

    Hello community, I am working on structures that have to be symmetrical with respect to x & y-axis. Now, I wonder how you would do that within the L-Edit framework or, if more favorable and flexible, generate an...
    created by tkaltenb
  • How do I change the orientation of  text in LCell_MakeLogo when using the UPI commands??

    I would like to add some text to designs I am generating using custom UPI macros that I am writing. I came across LCell_MakeLogo which works well for this but does not allow me to chose the resulting text orientation....
    last modified by leonard
  • How to use the "circle" command in command line window to draw a circle(L-edit)

    When I type the "circle 100 !0 !0",it will report a error,thank you for helping me
    last modified by wangqing
  • L-Edit  - Docking Views configuration

    How can I save the docking views permanently and where is the corresponding configuration file? I want to start L-Edit without SDL Navigator and Verification Navigator. Thanks.
    last modified by ledit_user_2018
  • Missing configuration files

    When I load L-Edit I get the following warning: "The Workgroup and User configuration files do not exist. Workgroup: C:\MentorGraphics\Tanner EDA\Tanner Tools v2016.1\x64\ledit.ini User: C:\MentorGraphics\Users\[...]...
    last modified by adove
  • How do I request a PDK or check if a PDK is available for Tanner?

    Tanner EDA provides PDKs (process design kits) for advanced process technologies from leading foundries. This PDK service, offered to customers under a current support contract, typically includes schematic libraries,...
    last modified by kl_tanner