• How to plot butterfly curve in tanner EDA tool?

    how to plot the butterfly curve for SRAM cell in tanner EDA tool?
    created by greeshma
  • X-fab, S-edit, latest pdk latest tools, how do I get a workable spice netlist?

    Please see attached summary (problem.txt) for a summary of my problem.   I am new to Tanner tools and would really appreciate your help with this.   Thank you. Don Morgan
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  • Annotate Ports TCL Script

    This S-Edit TCL script adds Port Annotations to each symbol in S-Edit.
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  • False Errors on Non Manhattan Geometry

    Hello,   I'm working with L edit and Standard DRC and unfortunately getting many false errors on Non Manhattan Geometry. I have tried to followed the user manual in the best way possible but still getting Acute ...
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  • Snap To Grid in S-Edit

    Open video

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  • How do I request a PDK or check if a PDK is available for Tanner?

    Tanner EDA provides PDKs (process design kits) for advanced process technologies from leading foundries. This PDK service, offered to customers under a current support contract, typically includes schematic libraries,...
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