• Area DRC for tanner EDA

    Does Tanner Eda have any option to run DRC for a specific area of the cell ? At many times we only want to check drc for a specific area of the whole chip to reduce time but in tanner there does not seem to be an opti...
    created by 94d33m
  • How to plot butterfly curve in tanner EDA tool?

    how to plot the butterfly curve for SRAM cell in tanner EDA tool?
    created by greeshma
  • how to verify symmetrical structures?

    Hello community, I am working on structures that have to be symmetrical with respect to x & y-axis. Now, I wonder how you would do that within the L-Edit framework or, if more favorable and flexible, generate an...
    created by tkaltenb
  • How do I change the orientation of  text in LCell_MakeLogo when using the UPI commands??

    I would like to add some text to designs I am generating using custom UPI macros that I am writing. I came across LCell_MakeLogo which works well for this but does not allow me to chose the resulting text orientation....
    last modified by leonard
  • X-fab, S-edit, latest pdk latest tools, how do I get a workable spice netlist?

    Please see attached summary (problem.txt) for a summary of my problem.   I am new to Tanner tools and would really appreciate your help with this.   Thank you. Don Morgan
    last modified by woshidon
  • lpp:: means

    Hi,   I am using Nitro Reference Flow, While using flow I have a doubt on the following line in the script.   lpp::create_cell_edge_constraints     Above line is not a nitro command, it is ...
    last modified by saisrinivas.pamula
  • How to list objects by attribute?

    This is a more general question to my previous one (how to select objects by area).  I assume that L-edit is actually a database of objects. Is there a way to list the objects by attribute?  And, then select...
    last modified by ezpz
  • How to select objects by area?

    I have a regular array of rectangles (that have well defined areas).  I've boolean subtracted the rectangles that are outside the edge of the wafer.  I'm left with partial rectangles at the perimeter.  ...
    last modified by ezpz
  • Annotate Ports TCL Script

    This S-Edit TCL script adds Port Annotations to each symbol in S-Edit.
    last modified by kl_tanner
  • How to use the "circle" command in command line window to draw a circle(L-edit)

    When I type the "circle 100 !0 !0",it will report a error,thank you for helping me
    last modified by wangqing
  • How do I store a waveform as a tcl object and then use it

    Hi   I am opening multiple simulation results in a tcl script.    How do I store a waveform as a tcl object and subsequently use it to plot all the waveforms I have opened in a new window?   I ...
    last modified by jasond
  • Tanner MEMS output file

    Hello! Question: What is the file extension of the tanner MEMS output to do 3D analysis?
    last modified by dayane_silva
  • How to find whether a layout file is in GDS format or not without loading it into Calibre?

    Hi,   Are there any possibilities of finding whether a layout file is in GDS format of not without loading it into Calibre?   Thanks, Jayapriyan
    last modified by jayapriyan
  • How to find whether a file is in OASIS format or not ?

    Hi,   I am developing a utility wherein I need to validate whether the input file is in OASIS format or not. Are there any options in Calibre to find the format?   Thanks, Jayapriyan
    last modified by jayapriyan
  • False Errors on Non Manhattan Geometry

    Hello,   I'm working with L edit and Standard DRC and unfortunately getting many false errors on Non Manhattan Geometry. I have tried to followed the user manual in the best way possible but still getting Acute ...
    last modified by abeer
  • Spacing Between Characters, PDF, VX2.1

    Using DXDesigner VX2.1. When exporting a PDF there seems to be an abnormally large spacing between characters. When I switch back to VX1.1 the problem goes away. g Font settings, Fixed, calibri, scaled at 2. PDF Setti...
    created by cbutton123
  • L-Edit  - Docking Views configuration

    How can I save the docking views permanently and where is the corresponding configuration file? I want to start L-Edit without SDL Navigator and Verification Navigator. Thanks.
    last modified by ledit_user_2018
  • FAQ - Getting Started in the Tanner Community

    1.  How do I post a question? It’s easy. Once you log in, simply select “Start a discussion” from the Actions box in the left column or “Discussion” from the Actions drop down in th...
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  • Tools for synthesis and place & route

    What tools can I use for running synthesis?  What place and route tools are available with Tanner products?
    last modified by dev
  • Latest version of SoftMEMS

    Question: What’s the latest version of SoftMEMS available and what platforms does it support?
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