• Bank Painter for Xpedition/PADS Professional

    Hello again, As I stated while sharing Outline Assigner for Xpedition/PADS Professional, we have decided to open source some components of our PCB Automation stack. In this post, I'm sharing Bank Paint...
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  • Outline Assigner for Xpedition/PADS Professional

    Hello, we decided to open source some components of our automation stack with believe to help others. This software helps Xpedition/PADS Pro users to make their life easy and happy when it comes to small but impo...
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  • Cell Editor: Pattern Place from Excel

    This program is a standalone program, based off of ALE's BGA creator. The intent of this program is to place pads based off of cordinates found in an excel spreadsheet.     To run the program:   Cre...
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  • Report Diff Pairs

    Author (required): Al Layson   Platform/Format: VBScript   Use case description (required) This script will generate a tp_report.txt in the pcb/LogFiles directory of the Expedition pcb design allowing acc...
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  • How to visit each schematic sheet in DxDesigner 2007.x

    Many scripts need to perform some function on every schematic sheet in a design, whether it is searching for component properties or replacing text.   If you simply need a listing of the schematic sheets in a pr...
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  • Support contract renewal issues with Mentor/Siemens.

    I’m writing this note to gain support from the pads community and maybe someone at this company who can stand behind the pads users and all those other users who also understand the value of having a support agr...
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  • Automation Manager

    The Automation Manager is a program created to help users customize DxDesigner, Expedition, Library Manager and Cell Editor menu systems without knowing how to write the underlying code. This benefits the user by savi...
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  • Where can I find information about live online and classroom training classes for PADS?

    Where can I find information about live online and classroom training classes for PADS?: http://supportnet.mentor.com/?do=reference.technote&id=MG590853&prod=C115-S153-G192-P10548&lang=en&snw_source=p...
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  • Creating a Page Number File for Use with Cross Reference, Scout and xDX PDF using the @PRINTORDER Property

    This document explains how to create a page order file with the help of a script, and then how to use this file in conjunction with cross referencing and with PDF output.  It also identifies the limitations of th...
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  • Excel High Speed Rules Report for PADS Layout

    Generates a list of nets in Excel that have min/max length rules set. It also reports the routed length of these nets, the value of which is automatically colourised red if it falls outside the max length rule and blu...
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  • Update Mounting Holes and Vias

    Used in Cadence Allegro library translation for EE7.9.5 and VX.0. ONLY.  Not needed in EEVX.1 and beyond because the translator was fixed.   Allegro geometries can use the same padstack as a mechanical item ...
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  • Advanced Library Editor

    Advanced Library Editor is a utility written by the Mentor Customer Migration Team to help with the batch editing of central library data.   Source Code: GitHub - MentorGraphicsTME/ALE: Public source code for t...
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  • DxD Get the flatnet name.

    How to automatically find the selected net's flatnet name from QuickConnectionView file Select single net and get the flatnet name Place the tky_flatnet.vbs for example to C:\tmp Select the net and type to the D...
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  • DXF to Board Outline

    This document discusses how to use an imported DXF shape to create a new board outline.  DXF imported graphic data are written to a drawing cell in Expedition and Board Station XE and cannot be changed directly t...
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  • What is the latest production release of the A2B Analyzer & Bus Monitor Products?

    The latest production releases, that can be downloaded from the Mentor Support Center, are: Analyzer Application Software 4.0.3 (released April 2020) Analyzer Firmware 5.1.5 (rel. May 2019) Analyzer ASIO Drive...
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  • Expedition : Back annotate component side and coordinates to DxDesigner

    This script returns the component side and coordinates of Expedition to DxDesigner as symbol properties.   - DxDesigner is started in the background and a property is added. - Three properties (Side, X, Y) are ...
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  • Loading a DxDesigner color scheme file

    The attached script loads a DxDesigner color scheme (dxc) file and sets the object colors accordingly.   The dxc file is an xml file with the format described in this tech note: http://supportnet.mentor.com/refe...
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  • Mass Fraction of Nitrogen( ASM_FIANCO )_000012.avi

    hi , i am erald. i have done this simulation... i ask about validation of it , it is able floefd to give this result? becouse it has given only some time this result, it dont like to give again. thank's
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  • Determining the Hostid for Licensing

    Note: For instructions specific to the PADS Flow software, please refer to How to verify and install/fix hardware key driver problems with PADS.   The term "hostid" simply refers to a number we can use for lic...
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  • Create Cell Automation through .csv file

    This sample script demonstrates, how to create a new cell in the cell editor via Automation with pins coordinates and rotation in a ".csv" file.     Base script: #https://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-2243