• FablinkXE IDF 3.0 Panel Import

    The attached VB script will add a menu to FablinkXE File->Import->IDF to be able to import an IDF 3.0 format Panel file to create/update a panel with constraints and boards   Unzip file, will create 3 fil...
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  • DXF Export Test examples

    Simple DXF Export Test examples - One closed polyline, with ARCS, and Justified Text   ClosedRounded.dxf : export from PADS Layout, Std mode. ClosedRounded_Flat.dxf : export from PADS Layout, Flat mode.   ...
    last modified by jim.granville
  • Expedition: Change User Layer Object's Layer

    This script will change the layer, of all User Layer Objects currently selected (Graphics & Text), to a predefined user layer.   V2: Modified original to allow execution in Cell Editor.
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  • Stand Alone: Add partition names to symbols in IOD generated PDB HKP file.

    Copy the zip file to the location of the encrypted HKP file. Extract the zip file and read the READ ME file.   Requirements:   Perl has been installed. The Mentor Graphics DataConvert.exe license has be...
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  • Expedition PCB DR/WA : Delete all unused padstacks in the design.

    This script deletes all unused Padstacks in the design.  This script is provided in lieu of DR 148533 -"Description: Using the Forward Annotation option 'Delete Local Library data; then rebuild all local library ...
    last modified by Nadia_Ahmad

        I use a basic scripts in powerlogic to generate the BOM for my designs, the scripts works well in PADS2005 and PADS2007. But when I update my pads to 9.0,It have a trouble with chinese fonts. ...
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  • Expedition/FablinkXE/BSXE DR/WA: XE Neutral File - Fix Side 2 Component Rotations

    This kit provides a workaround to the problem reported in DR# dts0100640158 - "FabLink XE Pro-Expedition XE Neutral File output rotations for bottom side components does not match standard." The main purpose is to mo...
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  • How can i connect an existing Expedition PCB to an existing Dxdesigner Project.

    Hello dear Members,   I am using EE2007.8 I have two Designs: Design_A and Design_B. Design_B is initially a copy of Design_A Design_A: --------------- Schematic_A PCB_A   Design_B: -------------- Schem...
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  • Expedition PCB: Report all components belong to a specific Room Property.

      This script selects and highlights all components in the design that belong to a specific Room Property value entered by the user.  A .csv file is generated reporting all the components belong to that Room...
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  • Library Consistency Checker

    This script form checks a central library for un-linked elements:   PDB entries that have no cell defined Symbols referenced by the PDB but not found in the symbol libraries Symbols that are duplicated in th...
    last modified by john_dube
  • Expedition : Copy Obstructs

    This Script copies Obstructs to a specified user layer (need not be previously defined). Common usage is to debug Self Imposed Limitations On Placement and Routing by copying obstructs to a user layer, allowing you to...
    last modified by al_layson
  • DxDesigner: Resetting RefDes of selected components

    RefDes can be reset by selecting a component or components and then perform 'Delete Property' on Ref Designator row in properties window.   But this does not work when the selection includes other objects such a...
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  • Decal rules do not override default rules!

    Hello,   i have a problem. I want to route some traces under a BGA-Decal (Pitch 0.65mm). Therefore i have set a decal rule (clearance=0.1mm) for this BGA-Package which should override the default rules (clearanc...
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  • Expedition PCB: Protect Board Outline

    This scripts is binding OnSelectionChange event to popup warning dialog box when Board Outline is selected.   It can be used to protect unconscious modification of Board Outline.   To try, just drag & ...
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  • Expedition PCB : Report Net Layer Length

    RptNetLayerLength.vbs reports each Net's routed length per (layer) as well as the net's total routed length along with the number of vias used by the net per (via range). It also reports number of unconnected pins vs ...
    last modified by al_layson
  • Padstack Editor : Batch Padstack Library Editor

    The EditLibraryPadstacks.vbs script provides the mechanics for Editing Padstacks, Pads, Custom Drill Symbols and Holes in the Central Library's Padstack Partition. It begins by compiling a list of partitions and Padst...
    last modified by al_layson
  • Accessing Expedition via the Microsoft PowerShell

    At U2U in Munich we discussed ideas of accessing the Expedition by automation. This is an example for accessing Expedition via the Microsoft PowerShell for debuggung purposes. We sometimes use this way to directly lo...
    last modified by Andreas.Schaefer
  • Part Editor : Batch Part Library Editor

    The EditLibraryParts.vbs script provides the mechanics for Editing Parts in the Central Library's Parts Partition. It begins by compiling a list of partitions and parts to process. It does this in a way that allows yo...
    last modified by al_layson
  • Stand Alone: Reposition Columns In A Text File

    This script will move columns in a text file that is formatted in fixed column widths (I.E. PartsLister BOM). User needs to edit script before using and is executed from the desktop. A backup file (*.bak) will be crea...
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  • Expedition PCB: Put Component Property Text

    The vbscript "PutPropTextModule.vbs" contains functionality to intercept the placement event and change all text holders in the component's cell containing a "^" in the first character to the value of the component pr...
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