• Voting Writes For Ideas

    So, near the top of every idea, there are two buttons labeled "Vote Up" and "Vote Down".  On occasion, an idea for which I have previously voted up no longer matters to me.  However, there does not seem to b...
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  • Is it worth the effort looking at PADS Professional?

    Hi allIn my company we currently use PADS Standard+ (Logic/Layout).However we have the last years seen a drastic decrease in attention from Mentor in this flow, and are not satisfied with this. So we have started...
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  • Connect to second dxdesigner?

    Hi,   Is there a way to check if an other Dxdesigner application is running and to connect to it? With expedition PCB this is possible with PcbApp.Utility.FindApplication(cnt) but I couldn't find anything like ...
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  • Automation Template for VX.2.x is available

    I've updated my Automation Template for use with VX.2.x.  I'm currently on VX.2.1 Update 6.  You can download the file from here.   All the startups are working ok.  I've verified that DxDesigner,...
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  • Automation using C or C++

    Is anyone using c or c++ for automation? It would be nice to see some examples of accessing the database.   Thanks!
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  • VX.2.6 The Net name lost when the link is removed

    Well,  Mentor fix this problem of "unable to hide net netmame when link is connected" but introduces new one, (I don't know how it will create problem for user) here are steps to reproduce it - create a net , g...
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  • Drill tool number in Layout Drill table

    I need to add drill tool number in my drill table generated in Expedition. Nowadays, I do it manually by adding a user column to the table and filling it with the proper tool number gathered from the Drill E...
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  • VBScript regex in Linux?

    I'm trying to write a cross-platform script that uses the regex object type.  This is easy in Windows vbscripts:   Dim myregex Set myregex = New Regexp   However, the same code does not work in Linux...
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  • Did none of you tried to add a Plating layer in the StackUp Editor?

    #StackUp #Plating
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  • How to export only the components used in a pcb design?

    I have a PCB design. In the local library there are components that are not used in the pcb. I want to get only those used in pcb design. How do i do that?
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  • Could not esatblish connection with calibre interactive on socket localhost 7000

    Dear All,   While running DRC i am getting following error:- Could not esatblish connection with calibre interactive on socket localhost 7000\   And I am NOT able to RVE results. How this can be fixed ? ...
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  • ODB++ very bad performance on data creation!

    We use Workstations with Xeon CPU, 16GB Ram, Windows 7 and 10. And this are fast machines. Unimaginable, if you do that on an Laptop or a normal medium machine. Mentor Version we use, is now Xpedition in Version ...
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  • DRC or DFF ???

    Do you use DFF in PADS Pro ?
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  • Generic CES Import

    Mentor Graphics’ Constraint Editor System has extensive capabilities for importing and exporting constraint data, as well as reusing constraint data. However, in recent discussion with customers, we’ve fou...
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  • VX2.6: VM in Designer shows Vars/Comps of an first opened Schematic

    Open a schematic in Designer. Then open an other schematic in a second Designer. Now when you open the Variant Manager in the second opened Designer, it will show you all the comps and variants from the first ope...
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  • Cell Editor Dialog

    If you have voted for Idea D1521 or Idea D2327 in the past, or have any interest in them now, please go to Idea D8291, read the discussion, and if you agree, please vote up.  Thanks in advance.
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  • Is the points system still working?

    Community_Admin, is the points system still working?  I seem to be at the same amount of points for past 3-4 weeks
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  • Grid Solution for FloTHERM XT solver

    Hello, I want to run the FloTHERM XT 3.3 solver on a remote cluster (HPC) node with RHEL 7.3 as OS. And not aware if there are any option available to run it.   Though the available documents have batch command...
  • PartQuest cells not importing and requesting footprints

    Hello,   PartQuest recently generated a PCB footprint (cell) for a SMD which is failing to import into xDm Library manager 2.2 due to some padstack issue. Has anyone else encountered this?   Is it possibl...
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  • How to check nets crossing gaps for specific layers

    I have a 6 layer design where I want to check nets crossing plane gaps.  But, I only want to check against certain layers.  Specifically layer 1 and 2 where layer 1 is signal layer and layer 2 is split PWR/G...
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