• Mentor bolsters Calibre DFM toolset with Ponte acquisition

    In order to help reduce the impact of process variability during semiconductor design and manufacturing, Mentor  has acquired the assets of Mountain View, Calif.-based Ponte Solutions Inc, a developer of model-ba...
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  • Calibre Model-based Planarity Flow for TSMC’s 65 and 40 nanometer IC Manufacturing Processes

    Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced that its SmartFill model-based planarity flow has been qualified for TSMC's 65 and 40 nanometer (nm) processes. By reducing metal thickness variability, model...
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  • Update #2: Calibre 2008.2_33

      Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that we have just released the Update #2 for Calibre 2008.2. If you need to download this update release, you can download it from supportnet at:     Suppo...
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  • Script to sort DRC run times

    Dear all, I am RaviShankar, from NXP. I work for the 'flow development' group. This is my first post. Before I begin, many thanks for putting these forums in place. I am sure these forums are going to be of great help...
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  • install calibre v2006

    hi everybody! I'm a new user about calibrev2006 for linux. Can you help me to install calibre V2006 because it doesn't have any direction as another software for linux Detailed installation is better. thanks!
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  • new command  clarification

      My deck has following command DFM COPY , Its  giving error 2008.1_13.11.i686 .  Its new command with latest calibre version ? , Please clarify which version of calibre support this command .   ...
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  • Mentor Consulting Slashes Time-to-Mask at Dongbu HiTek with Optimized Calibre Flow

      WILSONVILLE, Ore., July 22, 2008 - Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced that its consulting division has successfully completed an engagement at Dongbu HiTek, resulting in a 50 percent re...
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  • U2U 2008 Registration is Open!

    See you at User 2 User! Learn, Share and Network with hundreds of your peers at User2User 2008, the Mentor Graphics International User Conference held at the Santa Clara Marriott on November 4-6, 2008.   ST...
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  • Super-Simple TVF example

    For those who may be new to TVF, here is a super-simple example to get you started. This example will write out the data on GDS layer numbers specified in the function call simple_layer below. #! tvf tvf::VERBATIM ...
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    How sub command FILLMIN and FILLMAX work with FILLSHAPE  [DFM SPEC FILL].. Is it use for 3D ? will it recognize via or its simple layer .   Ashish
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  • Run Calibre Interactive in Batch mode

    I've been asked if it is possible to run Calibre Interactive without actually opening the GUI several times. You can by adding the -batch option to the Calibre command line. calibre -gui -drc -runset runset.txt -bat...
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  • Autorouting - Is 98% the best it can do?

    This Blog describes how to best use an Autorouter on a complex design. I have used the following techniques successfully with both Expedition PCB (Autoactive) and the PADS Router but there is no reason why they can't ...
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  • help me about DRC, please!

      i'm a beginer of Calibre. I wanna use calibre -drc. i have a circuit diagram of Orcad with "sch" format, a layout result is exported "gds" format. i'd like to ask:     In "Calibre -drc rule file"...
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  • Cell Count in GDS

    Dear Community,   I would like to report the number of cells in the GDS and the total number of instances for each of the cells. Does anybody have script or commands in calibre or calibredrv to report  it. ...
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  • Using single-corner/multi-corner (encrypted) rules to create sensitivity netlist and multiple netlists with different corners

      Hi everyone. We just posted a new technote: MG244202 that talks about how to use single-corner/multi-corner (encrypted) rules for parasitic extraction. With these new rule files, you can generate multiple nets...
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  • How to draw an eye opening template by tcl scripting

      I'm in charge if SI/PI on DDR2 interface and i'd like to put some measurements on my eye diargams with tcl scripts. Do someone have an idea?     Best regards     Alin    
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  • drc error

    hi everybody   i'm a new user of calibre. I have a problem of calibre drc.I have  x06.drc file for  calibre drc rules file and nands.gds for Input. After running DR, i get a message:   ERROR: Spe...
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  • About the "Solution to Agilent Puzzle" document posting

      To anyone out there who's interested in high-speed-analysis topics (especially SERDES) - or any observers who are just plain curious: What motivated the "Solution to Agilent Puzzle" document posting from Vladi...
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  • Calibre RVE with TCL

      All,     Anyone know how to control RVE from shell (or Tcl script). Batch Commands user manual gives you the command to run RVE in gui mode i.e. ($cwb runRveOnRveOutput). From there on, all the manu...
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  • poly to contact cross-capacitances

      In early revision of the xRC tool (pre 2007), there was a PEX statement "NEARBODY COND2VIA" used to specify the cross-capacitances between poly and source/drain contacts.     I dont see these state...
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