• ODB++ very bad performance on data creation!

    We use Workstations with Xeon CPU, 16GB Ram, Windows 7 and 10. And this are fast machines. Unimaginable, if you do that on an Laptop or a normal medium machine. Mentor Version we use, is now Xpedition in Version ...
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  • DRC or DFF ???

    Do you use DFF in PADS Pro ?
    created by md.direct
  • Generic CES Import

    Mentor Graphics’ Constraint Editor System has extensive capabilities for importing and exporting constraint data, as well as reusing constraint data. However, in recent discussion with customers, we’ve fou...
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  • VX2.6: VM in Designer shows Vars/Comps of an first opened Schematic

    Open a schematic in Designer. Then open an other schematic in a second Designer. Now when you open the Variant Manager in the second opened Designer, it will show you all the comps and variants from the first ope...
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  • Cell Editor Dialog

    If you have voted for Idea D1521 or Idea D2327 in the past, or have any interest in them now, please go to Idea D8291, read the discussion, and if you agree, please vote up.  Thanks in advance.
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  • Is the points system still working?

    Community_Admin, is the points system still working?  I seem to be at the same amount of points for past 3-4 weeks
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  • Grid Solution for FloTHERM XT solver

    Hello, I want to run the FloTHERM XT 3.3 solver on a remote cluster (HPC) node with RHEL 7.3 as OS. And not aware if there are any option available to run it.   Though the available documents have batch command...
  • PartQuest cells not importing and requesting footprints

    Hello,   PartQuest recently generated a PCB footprint (cell) for a SMD which is failing to import into xDm Library manager 2.2 due to some padstack issue. Has anyone else encountered this?   Is it possibl...
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  • How to check nets crossing gaps for specific layers

    I have a 6 layer design where I want to check nets crossing plane gaps.  But, I only want to check against certain layers.  Specifically layer 1 and 2 where layer 1 is signal layer and layer 2 is split PWR/G...
    Marty Fouch
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  • Xpedition Automation License Validation

    Hi, Folks.  Sometime in the distant past, Mentor decided that, in order to run Automation in Xpedition, every script needed to validate the existence of an Automation license.  Then, some Ment...
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  • How to get the pin order wanted in my extraction netlist from Calibre xRC?

      How to get the pin order wanted in my extraction netlist from Calibre xRC?    
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  • DC Drop Analysis

    Hi, what interpretation we can draw if current density fails?
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  • plane to mounting hole clearance

    Hi there,   In Xpedition PCB V.X2.5 (and also in earlier 2.xx), I have noted that the plane-to-mounting hole clearance is defined by the minimum value between:   1) the plane to mounting hole cle...
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  • Calibre - Check to highlight if a Gate does not connect to P-diff

    I would like a simple check to highlight nets which connect only to gate(s) (n and/or p) and only ntype S/D diffusion. I am not sure which way to address it 
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  • xdx designer

    How to configure the symbols in the xDX Designer. Please tell me anyone answer.
    created by rajivm
  • Gerber Generation from PCB in VX2.4 throws error in VB6

    Hi, When Generating gerber in vb6.0 in mentor VX2.4 throws an error please find the below code .Kindly help in executing  Dim oGerberEngine As MGCPCBEngines.Gerber Set oGerberEngine = CreateObject("MGCPCBEngin...
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  • Open Block Schematics (Sub Blocks / Building Blocks) from Board Schematic

    Hello out there,   I have an application running over all sheets in a schematic, scanning each sheet for electrical components, and extracting attributes, and much more. On a few designs we use Blocks (sub Sche...
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  • Image to Layout (Logic)

    I was trying to use the good old bmp2asc program to import a bitmap into Layout. But I couln't figure out a way to make it working under Win 7 x64. So I gave up bmp2asc and I wrote my own script which can be run fro...
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  • Z-target Lumped vs Distributed

    Is the calculated Z-target for a lumped AC decoupling analysis different than for a distributed AC decoupling analysis?   The distributed AC decoupling analysis uses currents per pin (assume 1A, 1 out of 10 pins...
    created by m3lg4ng
  • How to run calibre -drc in background

    Hi,     I would like to turn off the ability of the drc run to show the transcript off the run during its run.   Is there a switch for that?     Thanks, Michael
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