• Hyperlynx SI/PI via barrel plating thickness

    In Hyperlynx SI/PI, there is a global setting that specifies the via barrel plating thickness but this affects all padstacks.  Is it possible for Mentor to add functionality to allow the user to selectively modif...
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  • How to use S-parameter package model of the controller device in a DDRx batch simulation

    I am running a DDR3-1600 post-layout batch simulation using a DIMM connector. I have implemented connector model. I have problem implementing package model. I got ibis model and package model in separate files for the...
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  • CreateDxDatabook Utility overview

    The Create DxDatabook utility helps users to build an mdb and dbc file, based on parts data in the Central Library.   Important note: I did NOT write this brilliant piece of software. Over the last many years, i...
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  • Hyperlynx PI: Current density failure while using large pads

    Hi   I am performing PI simulations for my high current board design. I have high current switches and MOSFETs in my design. Many of the components have big exposed pads as the power paths.    My probl...
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  • Hyperlynx PI: Why are connector through hole pins considered as vias

    Hi   I have been performing PI simulation for my High power board. During PI, the connector through-hole pins are considered as vias and the result is shown as a failure. I have set the via current limit constrai...
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  • DxDesigner: How to get the full Symbol Name e.g. Resi.1 via Automation and the "Forward To PCB" Attribute

    Hi,   is there a possibility to get the full symbol name with the version via automation ? CompObj.SymbolBlock.GetName(LONG_NAME) returns only the name without the version.. Also there is no attribute where thi...
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  • Read out Cell-Descrition from local Cell-Lib

    I trying to read out the Cell-description from a local Cell-Library. I used the following Code, it works, but only if the cell-editor is allready open!? Cant' find a way without open the cell-editor and can't find a...
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  • is there script to set environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE for Questa vsim on Linux

    We're trying to run Questa Prime on a Linux computer, but need to first set LM_LICENSE_FILE.   Is there a script to set the license env var?   Here is the error when we try to run linux_x86_64/vsim ... ...
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  • xDx Designer script to automatically propagate block name as Cluster property to components

    The add_cluster scripts add cluster properties to all components of a hierarchical design. The script uses the block "Name" of a hierarchical block symbol and puts that name to all componens underneath. It works...
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  • Viewlogic.Exec Run STDOUT

    How can I get to the StdOut from a  ViewLogic.Exec .Run command?   For example on Linux I'm running with automation in Layout Dim ExecObj Set ExecObj = CreateObject("ViewLogic.Exec") Call ExecObj.Run("st...
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  • Install names are too long

    Does anyone pay attention at Mentor at how ridiculously long the program name is on your START menu in Windows 10? It's so full of useless crap you can't even see the version of the install.
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  • Valor Create- Fundamental

    Good day, just want to understand more if there any documents that state during VPL creation Pin 1 will be on the lower-left or the creation always from top see-through. Hope to hear from you soon. TQVM  
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  • New Login Process

    So, I've noticed, with the new Siemens login, that there is no Remember Me check box, and in fact, that I have to login every day, which did not used to be the case if I did not specifically logout.  What up with...
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  • Short cuts and tips while creating footprint

    hi all,   I wanted to know if any shortcut and tips exist while creating the footprint. I also wanted to know the keyin keys to make my job easy. Please post your tips and comments regarding this issue; It will ...
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  • Constraint Manager Delays and Lengths - Script

    Here is a script that will make a report of the delays and lengths constraints in the Constraint Manager.  Open the script from Layout.    Generating the report will give you an Excel spreadsheet sim...
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  • OrCAD 17 .BRD File Translator

    We have run into issues with the latest version of OrCAD PCB Editor 17 and their new .BRD file types. This new file type does not appear to work in ANY known translators from PADS to Altium and more. OrCAD 17 files ca...
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  • PartQuest and PADS VX.2.7

    We have improved the process to import parts into PADS for PartQuest for VX.2.7   There is now a new setup command in Designer Schematic Tools >PartQuest Settings.   Then just import the part with Des...
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  • PADS Maker status

    PADS Maker, also known as Designer has been discontinued.  You should have been sent an offer to upgrade to PADS Standard.    
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  • ALE: Source Code on GitHub

    All,   I have been the proud owner and developer of the Advanced Library Editor (ALE) for the past 8 years. ALE has went through many changes and has improved in ways I never could have thought when I was origin...
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  • CM Automation examples

    This discussion thread deals with CM Automation (as opposed to Automation for CES, the ‚old‘ API)   This thread is mainly started to trigger the discussion about how to start, connect to, and close ...
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