• Thermal Map of PCB

    Hi,  I am wondering if it is possible to run thermal check on the PCB in Xpedition VX 2.4 after part placement.  
    created by joniengr081
  • I/O Designer in Xpedition PCB

    Hi,    I am new in Xpedition. Is it possible to swap LVDS pairs for FPGA in I/O designer ? Are there some videos that help to start working with the I/O designer ? 
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  • CreateDxDatabook Utility overview

    The Create DxDatabook utility helps users to build an mdb and dbc file, based on parts data in the Central Library.   Important note: I did NOT write this brilliant piece of software. Over the last many years, i...
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  • Automation in Python

    I am trying to learn automation in python. I have looked in the AATK, but the only example included for python fails with errors. Will someone give me an example of code in python for validating the pdbDoc? I am using...
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  • Manufacturer p/n instead of Digkey p/n

    When I downloaded parts from PartQuest it cames in with Digikey p/n. I understand that Digikey p/n is unique, but during design it is not very easy to identify that for example DIGIKEY_311_100KLRCT_ND is a 0402 100k ...
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    Is there a file that tells me what is changing (Backward/Forward Annotation) before I sync the lights? I would like to know if I accept the change before I implement it.   TIA, Patrick
    created by stratman55
  • Connect Tiny Net Lines

    I was talking with an Expedition user at another company a couple of months back. He was telling me about a key in "CTI", Connect Tiny Netlines that will automatically select and finish routing the near zero length ne...
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  • Physical net name in VX2.4

    1. How I can find Physical net name in property in VX2.4 dxdesigner project? 2. How to modify it? 3. the most important question: how to filter it out when the assigned name is not same with physical net name?  ...
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  • Pads VX.2.5 PCB interface concern

    Our flow is using DxDesigner schematic PCB interface to Allegro PCB.  But lately we want to use the PAD VX.2.5 (upgrade PC also to windows 10).  We encounter concern on during PCB interface. We notice that t...
    created by ahbet
  • Hypelynx LPDDR4 3733MT/s timing model

    I need to simulate a LPDDR4 at 3733 MT/s (Micron MT53D512M32D2DS-053) but I can't find the timing model in Hyperlynx, only 3200 or 4266 MT/s. Is there a solution? Thanks.
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  • Reference Designator Re-assignment when using PRINTORDER with

    Hello the utility provided by John Due "Reference Designator Assignment based on schematic location" RefDesPrototype for renumbering RefDes based on Page Number and componente location  was using the SHEET pro...
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  • Migration from PADS Logic to xDX Designer with new properties

    Hello,   I am trying to migrate our old projects from PADS Logic to xDX Designer VX.2.5. We also want to use new properties and skip the old ones. The Central Library and Databook were already migrated/build. Th...
    created by flyer
  • Hyperlynx batch/script?

    I have Hyperlynx VX2.6 and have a board with about 96 pairs of differential serdes I have one IBIS model for the transmitter and one for the receiver How can I batch test each pair of differential traces? Is there ...
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  • Xpedition Layout: Set RefDes property = DRC Violation?

    I seem to be unable to set the Component.RefDes property in Xpedition Layout. (VX.2.6) I made a little test script:   ***************************** Option Explicit   Dim App, Doc, oComp   Set App =...
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  • CM Automation examples

    This discussion thread deals with CM Automation (as opposed to Automation for CES, the ‚old‘ API)   This thread is mainly started to trigger the discussion about how to start, connect to, and close ...
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    Is MCAD Collaborator a function of the EDM software? I have it greyed out in Expedition. THanks In Advance
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  • How to create stroke (using mouse)?

    I want to create stroke. This will make the work faster. Please help me.   Thank you.
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  • Metric or inch?

    Do you use the metric or imperial system for design creation and layout?   Bonus question for the comments: What do you do when you import a symbol and it has the "wrong" measuring unit?
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  • How to create Mentor keyin netlist from Orcad 16.6

    I am using Orcad 16.6 schematic and Expedition layout 2007.9.3 Version. I want to create mentor keyin netlist from Orcad.
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  • How can I change the local path variable for a project?

    Hello, when I try to open the ProjectBackup I got the following error. Different Project file already diefined for the Project. Client XXX (me) is trying to set different project file.   The problem is probabl...
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