• Key binding - Shortcut

    I would like to change your shorcut. Indeed, ctrl+u to fix a element have a wrong position. It's the command most used by a user and touch "ctrl" and touch "u" are very far. We would like touch "0" for exemple...
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  • Get the viaspan and number of vias of each net

    Hi, I want to get a report for nets and and the amount of vias and corresponding span as a report. E.g. Net "GND": Vias span 1-2: 120 Via span 2-13: 20 Via span 13-14: 10 total number of vias: 150 Has anybody s...
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  • PADS Layout - size of layers

    Hello all, I've designed a PCB using PADS Layout 2005 SPac2. I've sent the files out for a quote and the manufacturer came back with this:   "Our Ucamco Integrator system has major problems processing your data...
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  • Can forms be run standalone?

    Our site has several standalone applications written in HTA (in this case, VBScripting encapsulated in HTML), primarily to present information using forms.  Recently, our corporate IT group, working within securi...
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  • PADS 9.0 user library transfer instructions

    I am using PADS 9.0. My old computer is being replaced and I need to transfer the USER LIBRARY from the old PC to the new PC. Can I copy and paste a folder that contains the USER LIBRARY or its more complicated t...
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  • Add colleague to community?

    Hi community,   I created an idea for a colleague of mine, now he want's to vote. (feel free to support us: Make bridge-in & bridge-out work in multiuser mode )   Somehow he can't sign in he...
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  • How to enable the remap layer?

    I want to add layers on my PANEL but it is disabled. Please see attached image. Thank you.
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  • Export NC drill by each layer

    We are using Xpedition V2.5 layout for 10 layer PCB via any layer. We setup via span definitions 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5.....1-10 any so on for layer 2 to 10. When have problem about NC drill output data describes below: 1-...
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    I am  new in PADS LOGIC and trying to edit an existing part symbol. While CAE decal works but, PCB decals showing Library locked and operation aborted. There is no way to get around but, kill whole job. While I r...
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  • Mentor Install: Installing an older version and clicking "Check Online" for the latest version does not show the correct latest version.

    Hello,   The latest version of the license software is currently "Licensing v2019_3 (FlexNet 11.16.4 / PCLS v9.22.3.1)".   I ran "Licensing v2019_1 (FlexNet 11.16.0 / PCLS v9.20.7.3)" on the Mentorgraphic...
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  • Automation in Python

    I am trying to learn automation in python. I have looked in the AATK, but the only example included for python fails with errors. Will someone give me an example of code in python for validating the pdbDoc? I am using...
    created by wayne_5757
  • Backdrill Analasys missing from Output menu

    Hi Folks,   For some weird reason, the 'Backdrill Analysis" is missing from the output menu. We have tried to solve this by running the registrator again, deleting the WDIR and even checked the addin.ini file to...
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  • How to use Auto Router for Fanout of BGA's with a Microvia in Pad and a blind Via on Layer 2

    Hello, After placement of the components I would like to add Microvias in combination with Blindvias to my components. I thought with the Auto Router it would be possible, but either the Fanout only creates one micr...
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  • Via disappears during placement

    Hello, I got a Problem and I can't find the solution. I got 2 Pads which are connected by a plane on Layer 1. I can place a microVia and a blind Via in one Pad, but the if I try to place the second Mico+Blind the Mi...
    created by manuel_k
  • Launching the PCBBrowser in DxDesigner

    Hi,   It happens very often that developers open the layout for viewing issues by the expedition icon. But thats allocate one of the "editing" licenses.   It would be great to have a button in DxDesigner t...
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  • How to add net to the NC pins of a component in PCB layout?

    Is it possible to put nets like make it GND or VCC of NC (or no nets) pins on components in PCB layout?
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  • how to export decal as dxf file format ??

    Hi everyone,   I have the Footprint I need to export the footprint as dxf file format. I could not find the export option in pads layout. I can able to see the import option. I tried some other option like place...
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  • C-comp and output risetime

    We have discovered that with Hyperlynx 8.0 the output rising edge is dependent on the value of c_comp. From what I understand this is wrong. We are modeling an Altera Arria IIGX part (LVDS) and if we set c_comp = 0pf...
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  • Layout - Find and Replace Text Script

    A user was going through several revisions of a board and it was a nuisance to find and replace the board name on the user layers. This script should find and replace text in Xpedition Layout.    Before:...
    created by ben_dahljelm
  • Add Links and Cross Reference Script

    I strongly dislike having to add links to dangling nets. This script should automate adding links to dangling nets in a design.    Upon opening the form, the "Link" section of the special componen...
    created by ben_dahljelm