• Display part properties.

    Hi, Could anyone guide me how to display part properties in Xpedition Layout VX2.5. Thanks!
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  • How to add wait program (Script) till user press any key on dialog box

    Hello All,   i have written below script.   Sub NCDRILL() Scripting.AddTypeLibrary("MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication") 'Dim oGerberEngine ' Set the design file name 'oGerberEngine.DesignFileName = jobNa...
  • Cell Editor Open - and invisible - cannot close program

    Help! Does anyone know how to remedy this? I can't close the program, because it's screaming about the cell editor being open.   I had imported a DXF - went swimmingly. Then I went to go edit the DXF (I wanted t...
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  • ModelSim licence not working

    I am hoping to use ModelSim PE Student Edition with my distance learning, undergraduate Electronics 3 class of 15 students next semester, to replace Lattice Semiconductor ispLEVER, to teach an introduction to VHDL....
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    Is there an easy way to do this in Pads Pro 2.7? I loved the ease of placing a component in Pads standard simply by typing in the coords.   Anyone?   Thank you!   ~Randi
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  • Re-Use block in DxDesigner 2.7 problem / question

    Hello dear reader(s),   I have a question about re-use block usage and how to transform a schematic into a re-usable block. I am working on a specific design, that later will be used as a part of "bigger design"...
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  • Break Reuse

    Hi, I got a design (I think it was originally made using Version 9.5 ) opend in VX2.3. I access Eco Mode and want to delete some parts, bus I get this answer from PADS-Layout: "Reuse elements cannot be modified. Bre...
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  • Zip Project and get log file

    Hi everyone,   I want to zip my whole project, using 7zip; Zipping works fine, but I want to get a log file from the 7zip-console-application so I can see, whether everything was OK. This is my vbs-code:  O...
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  • How to Convert from Pads 9.5 to Xpeditionn Vx2.4

    Please share the document to convert from PADs 9.5 to Xpedition Vx2.4
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  • How to add nets, net names and links from Excel information by script?

    I would like to add nets from information written in Excel by script.   The sequence of operations i think :   1. Net information creation in Excel   2. Select Symbol in Dxdesigner   3. Run scri...
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  • PADS autocomplete the trace

      Hello,   PADS is autocompleting the traces and I would like to have full control over how the trace is designed. I have attached a video showing my problem with routing.   Thank you in advance
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  • Update the Central Library with any changed or added 3D model assignments

    If have mapped 3D models to my cells in my design I can update the Central Library with any changed or added 3D model assignments in the local design library with: 3D > Models > Update Library. If the mode...
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  • Put a bunch of components on Grid at once?

    Hi, after changing the Grid from mil to mm (for some special reason) I want to put my Components on the new grid. But the only way i found is to move them one by one. It's a bit tedious so  I wonder, if there is ...
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  • Sharing same project concurrently

    I am currently using PADS Professional 2.5 using 1 server license. Is it possible if I work on schematic and parallely my colleague keeps on doing the schematic. This can help in reducing the transfer of file and gett...
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  • How to update or refresh AppendOutput display text?

    The AppendOutput text to the Output window does not immediately update or refresh.  Output from StatusBarText updates immediately while output from AppendOutput lags way behind.  Is there a way to refresh it...
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  • HyperLynx DRC: Define a net by components pins

    Hi, I want to run the rule "Delay and Length Matching". Each net in the group of nets i want to use, splits in the middle of the trace by a via. I want to define new nets, end to end, maybe by the components pin...
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  • Incorrect Voltage Levels DDR Batch Simulation

    Hello,   I'm noticing some discrepancies in voltage levels when I run DDR Batch Simulation vs. simulating a single data net on LineSim and wanted to know if I am running the batch simulation incorrectly. The DDR...
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  • plane noise analysis principles

    Hello,   I would greatly appreciate for a a more detailed explanation on how to interpret the plane noise analysis in hyperlynx. In my opinion it would be great if information provided in the product help and t...
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  • How does Hyperlynx define "Rise Rail Overshoot"?

    In a simulation, the rise rail overshoot is nearly -2V for some signals. I am trying to understand the exact meaning of this parameter and how it correlates to the actual overshoot of this signal.   Thanks
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  • PADS Router VX2.3 pad unconnected not shown ir error

    Hello I am using PADS Layout and Router.   When verifying the routed board there is a SMD pad unconnected to AGND because is surrounded by some tracks. Is there any way to detect this kind of unconnected pad? ...
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