I tried to link an old pcb to a new schematics.   I receive the following error:   Problem encountered with connectivity data for root block xxxxxx. Block does not exist (Block not exists) Block xxxxxxxx c...
    created by nicola.fiorucci
  • How to enable import/export edx and pdf output in library manager (xpedition layout)?

    Please see attached file. Thank you so much.
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  • Library parts database from external database

    I have so far only created schematics using parts from Part View/CL View in DxDatabook but since I want to automate parts lists I've started looking into using the library view. I've gotten the hang of how it works a...
    created by bjorn.lundberg
  • Is it possible to create a hierarchical symbol for multiple sheets?

    I'm using PADS Standard Plus. I have a large board with a lot of duplicated logic, including large FPGAs. The FPGAs of course do not fit on one sheet. Is it possible to create a hierarchical symbol for multiple sheets?
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  • EMI/EMC/Antenna Simulation

    Hello Team,   Can we perform EMI/EMC and Antenna Simulation in Hyperlynx advanced solver?   If yes,Please guide me to simulate.   Regards, SK
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  • Why a net seems like isn't connected?

    I have 3 components and 1 IC with the same net, but one component in one pad mark a X in the middle of the pad like this isn't connect, in the DRC says that is missing one connection to the plane 6, but there is no ot...
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  • xDX Databook filters

    Hello to all, I would like to know if is possible to save the filter options in the Databook database searching fields. Whenever i enter in Databook window and i change the component group, the filter state return to ...
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  • How to get polygon coordinate (SVRF)

    Hello,   Design Manual team has added a rule where we should check coordinates of polygon 's extent; I know I must use DFM PROPERTY but I'm stuck...I am able to get polygon's extent, I can also get small po...
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  • Pads Std Plus Dx and Std Layout

    we buy those licenses(one china reseller recommend),  but now we can not use "Inergrated project" to  layout  PCB,just draw schematic. Can we use other method to resolve this issue but not buy new lic...
    created by xixueni
  • Automation Template troubles

    Hi,   I opened Patrick Cashman's Automation Template in Visual Studio 2019 (the free community version).   Immediately I noticed a list of errors:   These are the references that came with the...
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  • How to convert T1 file into .kyn file?

    I have a T1 file and i want to have .kyn file.
    created by hbenawe
  • Modelsim not starting with node locked license

    Hello - I am having trouble getting a Mobil compute license for Modelsim working on Windows 10.   When I launch Modelsim, I get the following error:   Unable to checkout a license. Make sure your license f...
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  • Need PADS ES Suite Ap SW download file

    I have bought PADS ES Suite Ap SW at 2012 with licensing by 2028. Unfortunately I have lost setup file.  Could you please send to me a download link for the PADS ES Suite Ap SW?   PS Pl...
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  • With respect to HyperLynx SI/PI, what is the difference between .hyp and .cce files? Is one better than the other?

    hyperlynxsignalintegrity For Signal Integrity simulations which one is better *.cce or *.hyp? Which file is better for sharing information?
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  • variant manager dropping query results

    Logical Variant manager in Xdesigner is not showing all resistors in our resistor table Our resistors table is 1300+ resistors. When we go to replace a resistor from variant manager it's showing a limited number of ...
    created by cgoldenbus
  • Issue with Session File IPW145

    Hi,    I get a message of session file. How to fix it ? 
    created by joniengr081
  • Padstackeditor Automation in VX2.4

    Hi All,   I previously used padstackeditor in VB6 it works fine in 795, as i migrated to VX the same script is not working i tried all the possibilities .Mentor even provided AATK_1861(We have a C# applicat...
  • Why cell.hkp cannot be imported?

    padstack.hkp was succesfully imported but cell.hkp has error when importing to the library Please see attached error.
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  • Padstack Editor Automation

    EE7.9.4   How do I find out what hole a padstack is using if it is using one?   PadstackEditorLib.Padstack does not have a get_hole accesor and it seems strange to me that it is missing.  What gives?
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  • Symbol Editor crashed and not working

    Hi,    I am not able to open Symbol Editor in Library Manager VX 2.4 installed in Windows 10. I have deleted the following files because one symbol was in edit window when Symbol Editor was crashed. ...
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