• Batch and Online DRC have difference

    Hello dears,   We started to use Package Clearance Type Rules. But it seems that Batch and Online DRC have difference. Online DRC doesn't detect the error, but Batch DRC detects it. Therefore we can place the pa...
    created by fuji
  • You'll need a new app to open

    Hello, During violation review if I go to Action ->Zoom to Violation and  I got message "You'll need a new app to open this about"  I am working  with W10., HyperLynx DRC 6.2.3 (64bit). How can I ...
  • how to move databook ODBC data between tables

    Has anyone created a script or know how we could "move" a record from one table to a next? Example    Part A is in a table called "Prototype", Once we've determined it can be released we want to "move" it ...
    created by cgoldenbus
  • FPGA Part Wizard Symbol Edit

    Hi,    I have packaged FPGA by using FPGA Part Wizard in Xpedition Library Manager. I am wondering how to edit FPGA symbols like, remove over lapping of pin names and net names etc and also pins lock t...
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  • Size and Length of Pin - Symbol Edit

    Hi,    IN FPGA symbol, how to edit the size of the pin to increase length ? which property to add ?    
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  • iCDB warning "Application disconnect detected"

    Hi All.   Then I run the script below, the iCDB issues this warning: Application disconnect detected Application [?] with PID [8456] did not close all connections to the server. Any open connections ...
    last modified by peter_secom
  • List Parts with Sheet Number

    Hi,   I'm looking to generate a BOM using parts lister with a column showing which sheet the reference designator is located on. Is this possible?   I've tried using the "SHEET" and "@PRINTORDER" property...
    last modified by chrischrischris
  • Changing All Reference Designator through script

    Hi,    In my project there are more then 200 passive components. I need to assign Reference Designator in sequence according to channel. Is it possible to change the reference designator through scrip ...
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  • How iterate through all sheets in Designer using VB.net?

    I'm looking for an example of how to iterate through all the sheets in Designer using VB.NET.  I know how to do this via VBscript.  Any examples out there that anyone is willing to share?
    created by avjohn
  • Error case mismatch using Part quest.

    I get this error when using Part Quest, when trying to import a DIN 96 pin connector. Part# 1195-1200-ND ERROR : case mismatch for dbc entry: 'Description' got: 'DESCRIPTION' ignoring Then is gives me this:   ...
    created by gzuk
  • FABLINK: How To Change Layers Quantity And Board Stack-up In A Template?

    Hello dears Mentor Guru, please give me some advice. I have tried to change layers quantity in the Fablink from 4 to 2 without any success. Stack-up also not possible to change. Where to find or how to create templa...
    last modified by pinus
  • System Level PDN Impedance

    We have VRM spice model , PCB Model(S-parameter extracted from Distributed decoupling analysis, and package model(S-parameter format.) I dont know could we execute this in hyperlynx or not?Does hyperlynx support this...
    last modified by shravan.sk
  • How to change the format of the netlist

    I want to change the connection definition format of the .asc file output using the PCB interface.   Although the NET format is recommended in the PADS Layout ASCII Format Specification, the CONN format is actua...
  • Pads layout can't get full license

    Hi Every one,   I'm an IT support of company, I have 5 computers use pads layout but just one of them can't get full license. Can someone share me some ideas, please?   Thanks, Khang
    last modified by okoshi3000
  • PADs Layout: apply setting for all files

    Hello everyone, Have a nice day all, Today, I got an issue with Pads layout. I want to setup a shortcut key for all file by accessing Tools>Customise>Keyboard and mouse, then choose and function and set a keyb...
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  • Annotate Pin Numbers to a symbol file from CSV file

    For large pincount symbols, we want to annotate Pin Numbers to existing and placed pins. The Integrated Symbol Editor allows to import Pin Info, but the import will always create new and unplaced pins.    S...
    last modified by peter_festesen
  • C-comp and output risetime

    We have discovered that with Hyperlynx 8.0 the output rising edge is dependent on the value of c_comp. From what I understand this is wrong. We are modeling an Altera Arria IIGX part (LVDS) and if we set c_comp = 0pf...
    last modified by david.royle
  • Finding Mentor compatible Symbol and Footprint

    Hi,    I am looking for mentor compatible Symbol and Footprint of ADS5404. Is there any database provided by Mentor to search and download the Package ?  
    last modified by joniengr081
  • Finding Mentor Footprint of Components

    Hi,    I am wondering how to find mentor compatible footprint or cell for the following two components ?  1- SDRAM - MT41K256M16 2- Flash - S25FL127S
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  • PartQuest Integration Utility Xpedition - How it work 

    Hi,    I have downloaded and installed PartQuest Integration Utility but no idea which file to open in C:\MentorGraphics\PartQuestTools   Is there any Video or guide which describe how to fi...
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