• How to add my script in to my Expedition menu

    I have some Scripts downloaded from  mentor user forums. I want  to add these scripts  in to  my expedition menu bar, and also i want to creat separate menu in Expedition user  window. i am ...
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  • IPC-D-356 File format

    Hello. Could anyone guide me how to export IPC-D-356A format from Xpedition Layout VX.2.5 or how to import IPC-D-356B into Incam software? Thanks.
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  • LMTOOLS:  About redundant license server settings

    This is a question from YAZAKI.   The customer is verifying the construction of 3 redundant license servers, and has been asked to solve the following questions.   1. About the “Start / Stop / Reread...
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  • script.ini viewdraw - document/project

    I have a script that needs to be executed every time the user opens project (only when it opens the projects not the software) I know expedition has special definition for this scenario - "Expedition PCB - Docum...
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  • Monte Carlo Analysis Help needed..

    I am facing trouble with running montecarlo analysis in Pyxis schematic entry, i am trying to do a simple experiment of a CMOS inverter dc sweep analysis. I need to perform monte carlo simulations for this test bench....
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  • Pads vx1.1 on system just upgraded from Win7 to 10 Dongle issues

    Hello Forum,   Im running Pads VX1.1 on what is now a Windows 10pc.  I got the nag window from Microsoft and ran the update earlier in the week to get out of windows 7.  I can get pads to run in demo m...
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  • Shortcut(s) to easily label nets?

    Is there a shortcut to label nets rather than tediously selecting and right-clicking each net to label them?   And is there a quick way to label nets incrementally, e.g. A1, A2, A3, etc.?   Thanks in advance.
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  • VX2.6 VM-Settings does not accept a relativ Path (against up to VX2.5)

    Against to the VX2.5, does VX2.6 not accept a relative Path in the Designer, at the Variant Manager Settings... The "EE_LIB" in the example is a Systemvariable from Windows.  This error occurs (but only in 2....
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  • Cannot insert Part Quest component from PADS Databook

    I have followed the instructions on the Mentor website for importing components directly from Part Quest directly into PADS Designer VX.2.6 and I can see the components when I do a search in PADS Databook but when I h...
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  • Advanced Decoupling Error

    Hello Experts, I am running Advanced Decoupling Analalyis, am getting a below error. Please let me know how can i resolve it? regards, SK.   Error:-   I: 01/10, 21:14:34] [INFO] Checking In License Fea...
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  • dxf file

    How can I add a dxf file to a PCB?
  • Auto-mapping option in Part Editor

    Hi,    I have multiple symbols to package with BGA cell. I don't find automatic mapping of symbol pins to BGA in part editor in VX2.4 ? I have used it in XV2.1. Is this feature removed in VX2.4 ? 
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  • NC symbol on vector pins

    I am wokring with reusable block who have same bus ports. when I place the block on my schematic, I do not need to connect all the bus and I want to add NC symbol to this bus, still keeping original bus name. I would...
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  • Is PADS Maker still available

    Is PADS Maker still available? I can't find it on Digi-Key.
    created by roger_smith
  • PADS Layout to pdf export

    Hi, is it possible to generate a pdf with the netnames visible on the pads and/or the traces from PADS Layout-Tool? During IFT this would be a real saver.  Thank a lot, kind regards, Georg
    created by gw@byk
  • xDX PADS VX2.6.2 - Special components, POWER renaming

    Hi to all, using xDX of VX2.6 I noticed a "small" problem in the NET names management of POWER symbols (special components). If I connect a POWER symbol to an existing NET and after i renaming it by dobule click on th...
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  • How to enable project file?

    I want to do forward annotation but it seems not possible due to disabled project file. Please see attached image.   Thank you.
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  • Import PCB into New Template

    I would like to use my existing Job parameters file that contain all needed info in Xpedition Layout. This new PCB Layout was a conversion and doesn't have all my standard configs.   Overall, I'd like ...
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  • How to batch setup same net via to via clearance by scripts?

    Hi, all   An anylayer PCB has so many same net clearance to set, like you see below. Is there a way to batch setup by scripts? Thanks!   
    created by ziyu.wang
  • Using VX2.6, how do we detect the height of all the SILK or SILKSCREEN used in PCB?

    I wonder if we created report writer or maybe there is an script to check the SILKSCREEN height used in the PCB.
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