• How does Hyperlynx define "Rise Rail Overshoot"?

    In a simulation, the rise rail overshoot is nearly -2V for some signals. I am trying to understand the exact meaning of this parameter and how it correlates to the actual overshoot of this signal.   Thanks
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  • PADS Router VX2.3 pad unconnected not shown ir error

    Hello I am using PADS Layout and Router.   When verifying the routed board there is a SMD pad unconnected to AGND because is surrounded by some tracks. Is there any way to detect this kind of unconnected pad? ...
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  • Pads Professional Library Question

    I've finally got the hang of working with the Libraries for the most part, but I'm hung up on how to get rid of my duplicates. When I created this test Library, I somehow incorporated this Board1 into the mix and woul...
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  • Xpedition/xDx -> PADS Professional

    Hello all, my question is: Does exist easy way to convert/open Xpedition projects in PADS profesional?? PADS Profi include several features which an Xpedition users have to buy as an option e.g. generating PDF with...
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  • How to connect two nets with different names in Mentor PADS

    I would like to know how to connect two nets with different names in a schematic...is there a special "Net Tie" symbol? How is this imported to the PCB?
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  • Pin to Gates assignment: manually only?

    Hi everyone,   I got a problem. I'm creating a new part for an FPGA that I integrated in the design. Now, since the FPGA has 400 pins, I split it in many gates that now I'm associating to the same part. The poi...
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  • Logged into the Mentor EDM Portal

    Hi, I'm using Mentor Xpedition VX.2.6. I installed EDM Server with default configuration. But when i log into the EDM Portal with default username and password ("admin"), it had error: "Web authentic...
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  • Calibre Pex R+C+CC  extraction

    Hi All,   What is the difference between  C and CC parasitics in a Pex  R+C+CC extraction.    As far I know, CC is coupling cap. i.e capacitance between particular net to a neighbouring net ...
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  • Cannot import 3D model for part

    Hi all,   I am working on my 3D model in Xpedition. As we do not have EDM i have to add the models 'by hand'. So i select the part and add the model with "3D-->Models-->Import".    I can do this...
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  • Adobe Create

    My top layer from PADS Layout doesn't show up in the composite view. It appears fine in Top View.
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  • Component Placement Mirroring?

    If I wish to mirror a group of components in Placement Mode, I box select them, select move, right mouse click & the mirror options are greyed out.... However, if I'm in Select Mode I can perform the same actions...
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  • Where do we set the allowable grid in pcb layout?

    I tried setting the grid to 0.025 and this is the error/warning. Warning: Editor Control Warning 059: Bad parameter in section: 'Route Grids' 'Route' cannot be accurately represented by even number of .01 microns! P...
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  • Special Components Window

    How do I view it? From what I recall either the default or classic window contained the pop up "Special Symbols" window, but it's disappeared and for the life of me, I can find no documentation to lead me to how to o...
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  • Sharing library - PADS Designer

    hi, whether it is possible to share the library in Pads designer for a few users creating elements at the same time?
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  • Exporting Gerber Automation

    Is there any possibility to create a new ".gdo" layer  and assigning a particular User defined Layer to it while exporting the Gerber Output.
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  • How to add User defined Layer in Script file to generate Gerber

    Hello All, Iam creating Script file which will generate Gerber Files. But i want to add some User Layer in Gerber files but iam not able to do this. Can you please let me know how to add user-layer into Gerber scri...
  • Area DRC for tanner EDA

    Does Tanner Eda have any option to run DRC for a specific area of the cell ? At many times we only want to check drc for a specific area of the whole chip to reduce time but in tanner there does not seem to be an opti...
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  • ODT model selection????

    I am new to hyperlynx!! What is the significance of ODT model selection during DDRx batch simulation? And also ODT behavior? It will be a great help if you explain in detail.
  • HyperLynx DRC Free Version

    Where can I download the free version of HyperLynx DRC? I recently downloaded a version of the software but I only had a 30 day trial and it has recently run out. 
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  • Problem with Drag and Drop PartQuest - VX.2.7

    Hi, I am new in this forum and also new in the Mentor PADS Professional Environment, so please forgive me if I place the question about my problem in the wrong place.   I want to use the drag-and-drop from PartQ...
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