Hi,   Is someone using the ECAD/MCAD collaborator tool with on EE side PADS layout and on ME side Creo?   If yes I would be more than happy if you could get in touch with me in order to know how do you set...
    created by vbaud
  • Isn't it possible to change existing objects to a new Variant Layer?

    VX2.6 provides a new super long desired feature... to add Text, Boxes etc. to Variant Layers. So we can shown Text/drawn Tables etc. just for special Variants. so far so good.   Also new is to add User Laye...
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  • Countersunk/Chamfer mounting holes

    We have a requirement for a countersunk/chamfered mounting hole for a through board connector. Does anyone have an idea how to define this with the library itself. Currently we define this detail on the fabrication ...
    created by greghall
  • pqz extractor not working

    The pqz extractor is not working. The pqz file opens in WordPad when I download a part. How do I redefine what app/tool on my PC recognizes the pqz file? I do not see PartQuest listed in the Appdata to redirect the pq...
    created by vanasse
  • PowerNET.zip

    OrCAD netlister for PADS.
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  • pad pro vx.2.6 <central-lib>.dbc keeps getting reset

    Dear Sir/Madam, Each time the <central_lib> is opened the <central_lib>.dbc file is reset. All the property values, value visible and use global symbol data from central library is cleared. Is there anywa...
    last modified by grant2019
  • What solutions are available for end of line test automation needs, for testing A2B components such as microphones, amplifiers, accels etc.?

    The powerful combination of the A2B Analyzer hardware and the A2B Analyzer Service software enables users to rapidly build custom applications, and also interface with the Analyzer through third party tools. Popular l...
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  • What third party audio testing clients are supported with the Analyzer System?

    Popular audio testing client suppliers such as Audio Precision, Listen Inc., and the NTi Audio have implemented workflows between their tools and the Mentor Analyzer System.   For more details on these solutions...
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  • xPedition Central Library -> PADS Professional

    Hello all, my question is: Does exist easy way to convert/open Xpedition CEntral Library in PADS profesional?? Many thanks Martin
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  • Import step file in Xpedition

    I have a step file need to import in to the Xpedition layout file. Anyone help me how to import the step file into the Xpedition layout.
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  • Generic CES Import

    Mentor Graphics’ Constraint Editor System has extensive capabilities for importing and exporting constraint data, as well as reusing constraint data. However, in recent discussion with customers, we’ve fou...
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  • lpp:: means

    Hi,   I am using Nitro Reference Flow, While using flow I have a doubt on the following line in the script.   lpp::create_cell_edge_constraints     Above line is not a nitro command, it is ...
    last modified by saisrinivas.pamula
  • PROBLEM - CROSS PROBING between VX.2.5 Layout Browser and VX.2.5 Designer

    Hi,   I'm having a problem with cross probing between Xpedition Designer (Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.2.5 - Update 1) and Layout Browser (Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.2.5 - Update 1). When I sele...
    last modified by saffronman
  • How to get polygon coordinate (SVRF)

    Hello,   Design Manual team has added a rule where we should check coordinates of polygon 's extent; I know I must use DFM PROPERTY but I'm stuck...I am able to get polygon's extent, I can also get small po...
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  • Is it possible to move a drawing using scripting?

    I am using Pads X.0. I have a shape that I want to relative move. The usual method of using the "SR" commend does not work as the shape "jumps" to a new location when I use the "Ctrl-E" move shortcut key. I wanted to ...
    created by kjoubert
  • Why Display Control become slow after scripts run

    Hello All,   In Xpedition VX, does anybody know why Display Control dialog become very slow to the pcb view after I have run the scripts down there? The Script is simply used for the display layer change.  ...
    last modified by ziyu.wang
  • PADS Pro License nuisance fix?

    New to PADS Professional (vx.2.6) and have encountered an annoying operation with the software and was curious if anyone has also experienced this? Has anyone found a fix or know of a way to streamline a fix?   ...
    created by ezmartin_ds
  • how to use foreach loop in calibre svrf, using tvf::commands?

    Hi,   I want to use foreach loop in calibre svrf coding. I know that it can be done using tvf. May i Know the syntax to use foreach loop in svrf coding.   Thanks, Venkatesh
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  • How much DRC warnings have your average design?

    im interested how clear are you designing.Sometimes its easier to accept DRCs then change CES/settings.
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  • Restricted Layer Rule Violation

    Using Xpedition Layout VX.2.3  Issue: Restricted Layer Rule Violation   I was designing a board to do differential pairs and adjusted the Constraint Manager but later decided to remove the restrictions I h...
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