• Can we use for loop or foreach commands after "OR" command in tvf?

    Hi  Can we use  for loop or foreach commands after "OR" command in tvf?   Example: I want to implement below svrf command using tvf. MYOBJ = OR M0_DRW M1_DRW M2_DRW M3_DRW   I have tried below...
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  • How can we translate a particular text labels by its net name?

    Hi,   How can we translate a particular text labels by its net name. Example: If we want to translate the all vss labels as a calibre gdsii output, how can we implement this.   Thanks and regards Pulakanti S...
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  • Calibre LVS missing inductor (bad device detected)

    Hello All, I am new to calibre and I am facing a problem about "missing inductor" and I have been trapped for a while. At the very beginning, I was about to build a basic LC based bandpass filter layout. When I pass...
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  • In TVF/SVRF, how can I select just pins that fall on design boundary?

    Hello, I am writing some DRC code that I want to output markers for all pins that are on the boundary of the design layout. The boundary has its own layer that is a rectangle that fills the entire design, so the edge...
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  • Calibre - Check to highlight if a Gate does not connect to P-diff

    I would like a simple check to highlight nets which connect only to gate(s) (n and/or p) and only ntype S/D diffusion. I am not sure which way to address it 
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  • Cell Name is not a valid cell for part number?

    When using the packager command on DxDesigner VX 2.1, I receive the message "Cell Name 'C1210_2.7' is not a valid cell for Part Number '453564145041'". What does that mean? And what is a Cell name?   Thanks
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  • Exclude parts from placement file?

    Is there a way to automatically exclude parts (such as Mounting Holes and PCB-decals) from the placement file?    In the PADS Databook, I have set the property "Part List exclude" to value "True" for certai...
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  • Field Solver Issue

    I'm trying to select a net and run Field Solver to get the trace capacitance and delay values from each net. But I can only do that for each small segment of the entire net. Is there a way I can select the entire net ...
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  • Can events be handled outside xPCB Layout?

    We're working on an addin in c# that results in a DLL that is launched on startup. However, this requires some custom code and installation on the user's desktop.As we deploy more cloud infrastructure, our IT organiza...
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  • Counting connections in xPCB Layout?

    I'm working on a C# plugin that will count the number of connections in xPCB Layout and generate a report similar to Output -> Design Status. However, I can't seem to get the same connection count as desi...
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  • LVS Black Box with PCell

    I'm hoping to find a solution to using the LVS black box statement in Calibre with PCells in Cadence. For my application I'm making some novel test structures that LVS normally considers to look like a few transistor...
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  • Can I change the scroll speed in Xpedition Designer?

    I use Default Pan and Zoom setting, but the scroll speed is too low, so how can I make it faster? Should I change Windows scrolling settings or maybe there is an option to set scroll speed only for Xpedition Designer?
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  • Tune LVDS signal

    I am wondering how to tune one signal in LVDS pair ? The "Interactive Tune" option tune both LVDS signals while the option "Manual Saw Tune" can tune only one signal in LVDS pair with saw pattern but what I am looking...
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  • Has anyone heard about the Mentor Service Client?

    I only have a couple of screenshots but no more information about this tool. Has anyone heard of this?  
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  • Logical-physical reuse block creation

    Can anybody explain to me how create and use and where store a logical-physical reusable block in PADS Pro Flow?
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  • more spacing between crossref when it wraps around

    is there a way to get more spacing between the crossrefs when they wrap?
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  • How to connect xDM Library with Oracle Cloud?

    We are currently running Xpedition VX2.4; but not using EDM flow. We are not able to connect our DX Central library with Oracle Cloud through Oracle client. Just like connectivity in between Central Library with ...
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  • ALE 3.9.152/4 ... "open LMC" gives message "Cannot open this library type in this flow mode"

    ...... . (from task manager)..i have to kill the process in TM after this. . . . ALE will open the LMC if i open it 1st in the library manager tool and the "connect" to it with ALE.. Does this imply that ALE is...
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  • How to see every occurrence of a Calibre DRC error throughout the design using Virtuoso

    How to see every occurrence of a Calibre DRC error throughout the design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwz-jNkCq5Y   I watched your video on youtube and found these settings in my environment. However, I am ...
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  • Is there a Viewer available for PADS Pro Designer and PADS Professional Layout files?

    Is there a Viewer available for PADS Pro Designer and PADS Professional Layout files?
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