• Ref Des Help!

    Hello, Let me start by saying I am new to PADS. I just finished my board design and was wondering if there is an easy way to transfer the Ref Des from the electrical layer to the Silk Screen? I can't find any info o...
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  • DDRx Wizard analysis: Bad signal?

    I am trying to understand what "bad signal " means and how to fix this error?   Thank you.
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  • Mirror a decal.

    I have a decal that's drawn with "bottom view" on top layer (so it's mirror). Can you mirror the decal or move it to bottom view without flipping?
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  • Vesys 2.0 2017

    Hi, (Vesys 2.0 2017) Is it possible to create composite harness ? thank you
    created by mkus
  • Anyone using CATIA for MCAD?

    Does anyone having experience with integrating PADS and CATIA? Either by IDF, Step or by using the ECAD<>MCAD Collaborator?   We are currently using IDF format for sending data from PADS to CATIA, however...
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  • Important note: Multi-user environment and localized settings with centralized installation.

    As for bsw.ini, its local copy can be perfectly specified through HYPERLYNX_INI for each user. But what about other ini files? For example, when invoking Touchstone Viewer (File > Edit Touchstone Models), the Touch...
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  • Constraints Automation VX.2.4

    I have just read the examples in the Constraints Automation Reference VX.2.2.4 guide. Are there any more examples anywhere? Has anyone ever tried to compare constraints with Automation script, from two pcb designs? &...
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  • AATK poll

    What OS are you running?  We have had people ask to support Linux in AATK and I am not opposed to it, in fact the majority of the script should work in Linux.  We have issues with some of the menus and forms...
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  • Questa formal - synchronizing signals

    hi i'm using Questa formal tool Version 10.7b_1. my question is: is there a way to force all signals to sync with the posedge of a clock (some "netlist" or anything else)?   thanks, Gidon 
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  • Update Symbols doesn't update pin numbers

    This is something I saw in PADs 9.5 and now again in VX2.4. If you have a placed part on a schematic and you alter the library symbol such that you keep the same names but update the pin #, when you do an "Update Sym...
    created by tmiddleton
  • Netlist name small/big letter

    Recently I created schematic that have mixed small and big letter. Example:      1) Vdet_R1      2) vdet_R1   I am using Mentor Graphic DxDesigner 7.9EE to edit the sc...
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  • Hyperlynx Analog Model conversion error

    Hyperlynx Analog Model conversion error Error occurs when trying to convert PSPICE Model. Is there a way to fix the error?      
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  • Hyperlynx DDR ODT Model Selector

    I am using hyperlynx for post route analysis on a DDR4 interface. I am trying to understand the ODT model selection for the controller and memory. I believe the ODT disabled column is for reads while the ODT enabled c...
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  • efm Function "TheView.IsFormOpen" ?

    Hi there! We use meanwhile a lot of own .efm Script-Forms, for our Automation. (also when they have the complete silly editor, which loose always the syntax highlighting)   These forms have more problems. Curre...
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  • modeslim 10.5c very slow when using stand alone license

    Hi,   I have some servers at the LM_LICENSE_FILE and MGLS_LICENSE_FILE, also for continue working while I'm traveling I have a license.dat file at LM_LICENSE_FILE. When I'm at the office everything works perfec...
    created by gloustau
  • Land pattern creator not exporting to library

    Hi All,   Last week i was usuing the land pattern creator and using the wizard to export them into my pads library. Ive tr5ied again today and its complaining that powerpcb server is not running   Any tips...
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  • Modelsim licensce server error

    Hi,   last week modelsim 10.5c IntelFPGA edition had a strange behavior:  it compiled the project and when it was going to start simulating it compiled the project again and it was stuck in that never endi...
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  • Plane clearance with Via

    Hi,   can anyone explain what is happening here? (See attached image) I see a different plane clearance on GND Via. But I haven't specified any rule that should do that. For understanding this misbehaviour, I'v...
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  • Error with Calibre PEX using IBM PDK

    Hello,   This is an update from my previous message in this community: https://communities.mentor.com/thread/22601   I am now using an updated version of Cadence (1.6.7.b where b = base version) and an up...
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  • External Tools (9.5PADS to VX2.4?)

    I'm would like to make something that I did in 9.5 under the External Tools to aid with our flow. We use perforce for our revision control and I had some custom menu commands that I would like to redo in VX2.4 so that...
    created by tmiddleton