• Issue with automation and authentication on company's EDM server

    Hi all,   We use the MGC tooling & automation to execute some processing steps on some software we develop; I'm not too familiar with the MGC family of tooling and have basic knowledge of the automation. ...
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  • Disable Start Page when opening Designer from project file?

    Expedition Designer EEVX.2.5 When opening a Designer project from the PRJ, why is it necessary to show the Start Page? I already know what project I want to open. When opening a project this way, the Start Pag...
    created by nicoren
  • Numbered rippers versus names in DxDesigner

    Hey guys, I'm new to Mentor but not new to design - our team uses DxDesigner 7.9.3. When I first came onto the team, several people warned me to be careful with rippers coming off of buses, because they can inadverten...
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  • I need help with PADS VX.2.1 and ECO Compare

    I have a schematic in OrCAD 17.2, and I generate a netlist from there.  When I try to compare that netlist to the completed layout in PADS VX.2.1 it never works.  I found out yesterday that I need to manuall...
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  • How to list objects by attribute?

    This is a more general question to my previous one (how to select objects by area).  I assume that L-edit is actually a database of objects. Is there a way to list the objects by attribute?  And, then select...
    created by ezpz
  • How to select objects by area?

    I have a regular array of rectangles (that have well defined areas).  I've boolean subtracted the rectangles that are outside the edge of the wafer.  I'm left with partial rectangles at the perimeter.  ...
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  • CAM Plus

    Does anyone know how to make CAM Plus work in Batch Mode with a part.def file?
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  • PowerNET.zip

    OrCAD netlister for PADS.
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  • How can I plot the phase noise of an Oscillator?

    I have used the following code from Eldo RF User's Manual (My oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz and was running fine in .TRAN analysis)   .op * Steady-state analysis for autonomous circuit .sst oscil nharm_osc1=1...
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  • DDRx Batch-Simulation crashes when importing Setup File

    I setup a DDRx Batch-Mode Wizard and saved it as *.ddr file. When reopening the design i have to import the setup but it crashes without an error (Hyperlynx and Wizard a blured out white)   Do you know how to so...
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  • Is there a way to refresh the thermal linewidth of a via in inner layers.

    Hi, good day to everyone.   I would like to ask if there is a way to refresh the thermal linewidth of a via in inner layers. Using plane shapes in the inner layers, it automatically creates 0.5mm line width for...
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  • How can we translate a particular text labels by its net name?

    Hi,   How can we translate a particular text labels by its net name. Example: If we want to translate the all vss labels as a calibre gdsii output, how can we implement this.   Thanks and regards Pulakanti S...
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  • Field Solver Issue

    I'm trying to select a net and run Field Solver to get the trace capacitance and delay values from each net. But I can only do that for each small segment of the entire net. Is there a way I can select the entire net ...
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  • Changing CoeffAccountable parametr does not affect on results

    I want to check Net crossing gap rule. I have the next stuck up configuration: When i run this rule i have the next vialation: Why HyperLynx DRC define signal_10 as reference layer? Correct reference layer mus...
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  • Updates installation

    So when installing vx2.x from scratch, do I need to install every one of the single 37 updates or does the newest update contain all previous updates?
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  • DX Designer to Pads Logic Conversion

    Can I convert a schematic from DX Designer VX2.1 back to Pads Logic 9.5?  If so, how?
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  • common properties within border symbols and variants

    Hi there, I am using Xpedition 2.5 (update 4).   Is there a way to have the same property to appear twice on the same sheet (i.e. to have two instances on the same border symbol). A workaround we used is to us...
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  • Installation with Cloudpaging

    I wonder if Mentor Tools supports Cloudpaging as a way of distribution Tools?
    created by leif.tranell
  • Xpedition Designer VX2.4: Select all bus names on a sheet

    Hello community, I would like to change the size of all of the bus names on a sheet. Is there a possibility to select all of the bus names but not the net names?   Best regards,   Matthias.
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  • Calibre LVS missing inductor (bad device detected)

    Hello All, I am new to calibre and I am facing a problem about "missing inductor" and I have been trapped for a while. At the very beginning, I was about to build a basic LC based bandpass filter layout. When I pass...
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