Minimize file sizes of Blocks by purging

Version 1


    When creating blocks for drawing frames or blocks (typically for Connector Graphics) it is always best to remove unused layers, plot styles, text styles, etc.  This is because when the block is inserted into a VeSys drawing it will inherit the layers, text styles that are stored in the original block, it also means that the blocks file size will be larger.



    To remove the unused objects and clean the block follow the steps below:



    1. Click the 'Purge' icon from the standard VeSys toolbar (this was added in the 2007.2 and looks like a broom) and then select 'Purge All' - this may need to be run a couple of times.



    2. It is also adviseable to resize the limits of the drawing by typing 'Limits' at the command line and then picking the area around the frame/graphic.



    3. Finally zoom so that the frame/connector graphic fills this screen - this is because the preview of the block uses the last view of the block before it was saved.  For example if you zoom right out so that the connector graphic is a dot the preview window in AutoCAD/VeSys will show it as a block.