Converting a 'Non Scaled' to a 'Scaled' drawing, synchronizing updates

Document created by Joel_Pointon on May 27, 2008
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Generally OEM's will draw a harness 'Not to Scale' whereas a Harness manufacturer will draw a 'Scaled' version, if both are using VeSys then this could potentially involve duplication of work when design changes are made.  Typcially an OEM will send a new drawing to the Wire Harness supplier who will stretch and rotate the harness until it fits on an assembly board this works well until a design change is made to the original drawing as it may appear that theWire Harness supplier needs to re-layout the Assembly/Form Board - this tip will help to streamline this process.



In VeSys it is possible to synchronize 2 versions of the same drawing (one that is 'Not to Scale' and one that is 'To Scale'), the instuctions below assume that the initial 'Non-scaled' has been sent to the Wire Harness supplier who has stretched/rotated this out to fit a form/assembly board. The OEM has then modified the original 'Non Scaled' drawing Adding/Deleting connectors and changing bundle lengths.


  1. Export a DSI file from the modified 'Not to Scale' drawing.

  2. Open the 'Scaled' drawing - the one that has been layed out to suit the form/assembly board.

  3. Click 'Import Harness' and select the DSI file that was exported from the 'Not to Scale' harness.


VeSys will compare the 2 drawings and as long as no major changes have been made (major bundle lengths/node names changes) the 'Scaled' bundle will be updated to reflect the new layout.  The Wire Harness supplier may be required to layout any new bundles to reposition bundles that may have extended but the harness in general should remain unchanged.