VeSys still doesn't run after adding new licenses?

Document created by Joel_Pointon on Oct 23, 2008
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Occasionally after adding some new licenses VeSys will not run, if repeated attempts are made to add new licenses it reports 'no new licenses'.  On inspecting the license file that VeSys is using you may see the license files but it will still not be read, this may be because the Mentor/FlexLM licensing system likes to see the latest valid licenses at the top of the license file (if it finds an expired one before that it will stop looking) which VeSys should automatically do (in recent versions I think it was 2007.2 onwards?).






The easy fix for this in most cases is to rename the existing license file to something else (effectively deleting as far as VeSys is concerned), this forces VeSys to create a new license file placing only the most recent licenses at the top of the list.  If this still doesn't work you should log a Support Request.






Note:  By default the license will be C:\Program Files\VeSys Electrical Series\vesys_mentor.lic although you should check your environment variables to see an alternate location has been defined (refer to your installation guide for detailed instructions on this).