Applying text positioning from other Components, Pins or Wires

Document created by Joel_Pointon on Dec 5, 2008
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If the default positions for text on connectors or components isn't to your liking use the 'Match Properties' command (the green paint brush icon) to commonise the styling of multiple components, connectors or wires within VeSys Design.  The 'Match Properties' functionality is probably one of the most time saving features of VeSys allowing multiple entities to have the same formatting applied.  One problem with the 'Match Properties' is to make sure only the changes you need to make are applied, this can be controlled by using the 'Settings' functionality the instructions below explain how to do this:


  1. Click the 'Match Properties' icon

  2. Select the Source Object (as per the command line prompt)

  3. Press the 'S' key and then press the <RETURN> key

  4. Tick the option of what you want to match, this is commonly the Text Positions.

Note:  Any changes made to these settings will only apply while AutoCAD/VeSys is running, if VeSys/AutoCAD are closed then the settings will go back to the default of trying to match everything.